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  1. Is that per 100 calendar days from start from date started caching or is it per 100 days when caches were actually found? I have been caching for about 6 years now so I should have around 20 odd flags. :rolleyes::unsure:


    I believe it is per 100 days on which a cache was found.

  2. Thanks for the info brianhfox. The macro wouldn't run when I deleted the mileage restriction but when I changed it to 20000 it worked like a bomb. This was all very new and technical for me!! :unsure: Using Dropbox for the pic was another big learning curve. :ph34r::PB)




    Picture won't show but when yoou click above it does!! ????


    Nice - yours certainly jumps around a lot!


    As far as displaying the picture goes I think this is because you used the "share" link on Dropbox which contains the link to the full html page on the Dropbox website rather than just the image itself. There are several ways to get the link to the image itself. The easiest is to click "Copy Public Link" when the item is highlighted in the folder view on Dropbox. Or you can right-click the item as well to get the menu with that option. Also, if you're using Windows then you can right-click the item in Windows Explorer and then under the Dropbox sub-menu you should see the same option again. If you don't see these options then perhaps your picture is not in the Public folder?


    Interesting - but if you have 1000 finds - why only 3 flags (or are those for 333 finds)?


    The "flags" are placed for every 100 caching days not finds.

  3. Would be fun to plot a "moving centroid" (as i travel a fair bit and stayed in the Middle East my centroid was on the Kenyan/Ethiopian border a while back - probably closer to Tanzania or burundi now.


    I always liked this idea but never did anything about it... Don't know why I didn't think of this before but I just did a quick search on the GSAK Macros list and found a macro that does exactly that :D Check out CentroidTrack. I had some problems with it initially because there is a restriction in the macro that filters to only caches that are less than 10000km from home (not sure why!?!?!). Anyway, this will only affect those folks that have travelled a long way from home and if you remove the distance restriction from the SQL (line 67 of the macro) then things work correctly. Here is what mine looks like now...




    As you'll see I am now well over the equator and having spent quite a while in the DRC I'm about to break out into CAR and/or South Sudan. The blue markers represent 100 caching days.

  4. Seems like milestones are flying by unnoticed these days... Just spotted a couple new milestones whilst checking out my friends list so a big congrats to:


    terunkie on hitting "their" 1500

    Zambesiboy on his 1800


    Congrats to you both... :anitongue: :anitongue: :anitongue:

  5. Been watching my centroid very closely since I started caching overseas earlier this year. By the time I got back to SA in July it was sitting a fair way off shore from Durban. During my time in SA it returned to the mainland and now, since I've moved to Sweden it's been heading north quite rapidly... Soon I'm going to break into Zim - S23 01.657, E30 27.861

  6. Congrats to skollie-p, adilawson and Danie. :D


    On a personal note, seeing as there is a general lack of caches around Indonesia I've had to focus on other things... To that end, I've finally managed to get my first earthcache published. :) The review process was a much longer, more tedious process than initially expected - took just over a month of back and forth to eventually get it published - but a good learning experience nonetheless. And thus I can now present to the world Geothermal SCUBA (GC3DP13). As far as I can tell this is only the 3rd earthcache in the world which actually requires the user to go diving (there are a few others that have a SCUBA attribute but the questions can be answered without doing any diving). :D

  7. A HUGE congratulations to AndyT1 on completing his matrix!!!!! A South African 1st I believe. :D :D :D


    Looks like you and all the guys had quite the roadtrip... Am only sad I wasn't around to join in the fun :)

  8. Wow - you don't show your face around here for a month and look what happens! Congrats to Henzz, Zambesiboy, MnCo, Tomtwogates, Paddawan and Terunkie (and that's just the last page!?!?!). Oh and mr panda on 700 earlier this month too!


    Thanks also for the congrats sent my way. Been having a ball over here but the numbers are definitely going to start slowing down now. For those who may want to up their daily record without hitting the GPS I'd highly recommend Bangkok... Managed to grab 33 caches in the space of 2 hours on a bicycle - could easily have cracked my personal best of 50 if I'd known that beforehand and if we'd gone for a whole day out on the bikes instead.

  9. Congrats to AndyT1 on your new Dive series caches along the False Bay coast - I can just imagine the frantic action of the FTF hounds deciding which way to go to get the maximum benefit!


    Congrats indeed! Wish I had been there to join the hounds.


    I do think though that this post is probably more suited to the Milestones forum though... With 900+ finds your 1st hide is a huge milestone!!! ;-)

  10. BLAST! The cache has been logged - well done Brian - this puzzle is not that easy or else more than 2 people would have solved it!


    Well I guess there will soon be talk of how to do it or perhaps a clue from Zen!




    Both ticks are from me btw... Wanted to look at geochecker again on site. Anyway... If you think you know where it is, then it's probably there... Play with the east on your answer.


    As for Article 360... based on the conversation you were having with others on Facebook, I'd say you have all the information required to solve it.


    And Magnum... Well now that seems to be the big stickler in the Cape. Haven't seen a cache go unlogged on the peninsula for that long... ever.

  11. I'd be happy to put it off another week for Dec 10, but I wouldn't mind going to two events in a weekend either. What does the community think?


    I'm easy... either date works for me although I am leaning towards the 3rd (and 2 events in a weekend).

  12. Perhaps some brave soul that’s just done the walk would volunteer to lead us some time in the not too distant future ...


    Yes please, postulated brave soul that's just done the walk, I'd like that too... so that makes three of us!


    I'd been watching from the wings, wanting to join the group, but couldn't be there today, more's the pity. But at times through the day, I'd look up at the mountain in this gorgeous sunshine, and wonder how the Extravanatics were doing, imagining the awesomeness. Hope it all went well!


    Ah... FTR... Your name popped up a couple times today. Wondered where you might be as this really was right up your alley. Sorry you couldn't join us. Same goes for you speedstripe and of course, Zambesiboy. If I were hanging around long enough I would most certainly offer my services as a guide however a little birdie told me that Ralph1dc might just be taking Zambesiboy up in the not too distant future...


    As for today... All I can say is what a hike!!! Certainly not a route for your novice hiker but without a doubt the best hike I've ever done on Table Mountain [:D]. The weather played along beautifully - cool on the way up, somewhat cloudy for the first section of the traverse (but perhaps that can be seen as a poositive thing as it masks the precipitous drop right next to you) turning into a beautiful warm spring day. Oh yes and we all made it down alive and without any injuries thankfully. Many thanks to all who made it today and a very special thanks to chicken for offering up his expertise and showing us that one can actually continue along the infamous Traverse despite it looking very much otherwise. Wow, wow, wow!!! I'm sure some photos will surface soon enough. Oh and thanks D'bob for making this happen - definitely a few favourite points headed your way after today. [:)]

  13. Well folks, I've been holding my thumbs all week but sadly it seems like the weatherman got it right this time round and the weather gods are not playing the game at the moment. The mountain is currently under a blanket of cloud and the forecast for the weekend is not looking great. Tomorrow is forecast to be much the same with light rain and a fairly stiff westerly wind. Sunday definitely looks like the better day starting off overcast with virtually no wind and then clearing over the course of the day. So, in chatting to Andre and based on the forecast we've decided to postpone until Sunday. The plan is to meet at the parking area next to the circle at the top of the nek at 7am on Sunday morning - we'll head off down the pipe track from there. Hopefully everyone can still make it. My apologies to those who may not be able to make Sunday - sadly there's not much we can do about the weather unfortunately. :sad:

  14. Since everyone that has responded so far seems to be available both days let's fix the date as Sat 5th - gives us the option of postponing to the Sunday if the weather isn't playing the game. Details on times/parking/etc to come a little closer to the time.


    Looking forward to it :)


    Watching the weather forecasts and unfortunately it's not looking great at the moment - rain on Saturday but expected to clear on Sunday. Still some time to go and we all know how things can change so hold thumbs. Not sure how everyone would feel about going Sunday if it has rained on Saturday and there's water on the mountain?

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