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  1. Can a company (small, privately owned) register their name as a member and create caches?
  2. I just received my copy of Pocket Topo and am having difficulty configuring the device to handshake with the software. Does anyone have any experience in using the M5 with Pocket Topo? I seem to get some activity on com2 when testing for the gps device, but there is no reading. Unfortunately Pocket Topo does not provide my model under the Garmin list, so I can only choose 'Other'. The satellites are locked in with the Que software, but Topo doesn't read 'em. I also am trying to figure out how to load maps onto an SD card instead of the main memory (which is not listed as a destination option). Anyone have any ideas? Thanks- OldFrenchy
  3. I just ordered a Garmin M5 and want to download Topo! (National Geographic) maps into it. Are these maps compatible with the M5? It would only be for locating my position when driving off-road, not to route with. Anybody have some experience and good advice on this model? Thanks- OldFrenchy
  4. OK guys- I just figured it out. I had to find another driver for the cable as XP installed a default Microsoft driver that didn't work.
  5. I recently upgraded my computer and am now faced with a dillema: I have only one serial (com) port, and it is being used by a pda cradle. My Garmin Etrex Summit needs to be attached to a com port in order to download/upload info from Topo maps, so I purchased a serial-to-usb cable thinking I could get around the issue that way. However, the cable is seen by the computer as a USB device and Topo does not pick it up. Does anyone have an idea how I might connect my Summit t the computer without a serial cable? Any suggestions would be appreciated! OldFrenchy
  6. I've been using the '?' symbol, but after reading the above posts I may start using the skull-and-crossbones! OldFrenchy
  7. Where have the Rino 120's been on sale? Any volume discounts available anywhere? The unit seems to be adequate for its purposes and I am interested! Thanks! OldFrenchy
  8. I have asked this question before, and was given the correct answer, but the response is now archived and edited, SO! Can anyone tell me how to make a list for my new cache site? I have to enclose each listed item with a certain mark to list it one after another , but I have forgotten what they are. Can anyone help? Thanks!
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