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  1. A fellow cacher and I are hosting a caching event in a few weeks. We think we may have put the listing out too early because we haven't had as much response as we had hoped so far and with the event coming up soon we want to remind those who may have read it and put it aside. We decided to send a message to all the other local cachers we know (about 40 of them) to invite them to re-visit the event listing and log a 'will attend'. When I click on "send message" it only gives me the option to select one username. I need to know if it's possible to send a message to multiple user names at once. That would save me a lot of time over sending out 40 separate messages. Thanks.
  2. Thanks for the help. Based on the suggestions of stinnhommes I changed all the information for one of the listings to another cache that we got approval for at a state park. And by ngrrfan's suggestion I changed the coordinates on the other listing to the middle of a local lake.
  3. I set up two cache listings for caches in a local park in anticipation of receiving permission to place them. Today, after 2 weeks and multiple emails back and forth with the Parks and Rec department I found out that their placement requirements were not what I had in mind (long story) so I let them know that I would not bother to place caches there. I went into my 'unpublished disabled caches' and wanted to delete the listings but I don't see that option. Since I never enabled them, I didn't think it was appropriate to archive them. How do I delete listings that were never enabled?
  4. For the last hour We had been viewing listings and making notes in the comment sections of puzzle caches we had solved and it was going ok until the last one. When I clicked on "save" for the comment box I got an error message that told me to 'refresh'. When I did it said the page was not available. I tried re-opening that listing and got the same message. Then I tried opening other listings and all said "this page is unavailable. So I closed my browser and re-opened geocaching.com and found I was logged out. I tried logging in several times and kept getting error messages. Just checking in here to see if it was us or if everyone was having this issue. Seems it's a widespread problem at this point. Hope it's fixed soon. We are planning a caching trip tomorrow and still need to load our caches.
  5. Thanks so much for both responses. With your information I was able to get my picture set as my background.
  6. I am putting together a listing for a new cache. I took a picture of the area near the cache spot and want it to be the background photo for the cache listing page like I've seen so many other cachers have. I see from the "Edit Cache Page" the space to add a background image but it specifies a URL. My photo is one I took, uploaded and saved to my computer so it's not a URL. So that doesn't seem to be what I want. I see from the finished (but not enabled) listing page that there is a link to "upload images". So I selected that and chose my file. But that just adds a link to the photo on the bottom of the listing. How do I make that uploaded photo the background? Thanks.
  7. Agreed. Since there was no advance notice of the changes made to the icons or colors, the first day I logged in and saw the new grey icons I thought it meant that these features were now disabled.
  8. I've read all of the posts on this subject. I've seen a few people mention the red star / blue star issue for the D/T ratings but I didn't see an answer as to what that is all about. Do the different colors mean something different? Or are they all transitioning to blue but some red ones are still showing up?
  9. Agreed. I find that it can take days for a reviewer to respond to a new listing or a question or a NA log. If they were asked to intervene in a logging dispute and had to get both sides before making a decision about deleting or not deleting it could be very time-consuming.
  10. That seems like a complete overreaction by the CO to the situation. But now those spots are open for cachers in your area to place new caches that will be maintained.
  11. I don't think it was unreasonable of you to post a NA at all. I have posted several of them. But like you, I don't just post it because I couldn't find the cache myself. I post it after seeing a multitude of DNFs over a long period of time and no response from the CO. And I too check to make sure the CO is still active. If they are, I will post a NM first with a suggestion that the CO verify that the cache is still there before others attempt to find it. If they are not active, I go ahead and post a NA with the explanation in my log that the cache hasn't been found in x number of months and there have been x number of DNFs or NMs and the CO doesn't appear to be active anymore. Only once has the CO actually taken action and fixed the cache. All the other times the reveiwer has disabled them and once the month has passed, archives them.
  12. If you mean popular as in number and frequency of finds then, based on our experience around here, it would have to be a park and grab in a busy area like a light post cover in a parking lot. Not too exciting and you're not ever likely to get a favorite point for one of those but you might get the numbers. But If you mean popular as in a good quality, well thought-out cache in a great area that would gain some favorite points then you should consider getting some more experience searching for caches (I see you only have 23 finds as of now and already 3 hides) and seeing what others are doing that are drawing cachers to find them. As you start logging more finds, other cachers in your area will recognize your name and may be interested to see what you have hidden. If it's something fun and different they may be more likely to seek out other caches that you hide in the future. When we see one of our favorite cache hiders has a new listing we head right out to find it. If we know it's someone who only hides LPCs (ligh post covers) or GRs (guard rails) we don't bother to look for it until a time when we would be in the area anyway. Another limitation might be where you live and the number of cachers in your area. My dad is a cacher but where he lives there are only a couple of other active cachers. And because it's in a rural area there also aren't many people travelling from out of town to cache. So there aren't many people around to get high find numbers. He has hidden 26 caches and some get visited only once every few months.
  13. I wonder if the CO deleted the log not because he/she found it offensive or as a complaint but because it clearly gave away the type of container. Maybe they deleted the log so that it wouldn't give away the surprise to future seekers. By rewriting the the post in almost the same words you are still giving away the cache. I think it would have been better to have re-logged "tftc" and left it at that. I too hate nanos because the logs are impossible to put back in but I don't think the cache log post is an appropriate place to air greivances about them. Did the CO state in his listing not to give away any hints in the logs? There was a new cache published in my area recently where the CO added to his listing a request to not post any hints or any photos of the cache in the logs. If they were posted, he said outright that the log would be deleted. As to COs having the access to delete logs, I think it's a good idea. Yes... contacting the poster would be a nice option but there are cases when I could see when an instant deletion might be necessary. I haven't had to delete any logs yet on any of my cache hides but I think that if someone posted a log that gave away the location of the cache or a photo of the cache, or if there was inappropriate language on the log I would want to delete it immediately so it's not sitting out there for everyone to see until the poster has had a chance to get my email and take action. If they do at all.
  14. Doesn't look like I have that option available since I'm not the CO of this particular cache. But I will write to the CO and see if he/she will do it so the tracking number is not visible.
  15. Thanks all for your help. I think hubby had to accept that his TB is probably gone. As to contacting GC directly... I half thought of that before posting to this forum but then realized that they would not likely bother for one missing TB. There must be thousands and thousands of missing TBs on the planet. It's not a special circumstance.
  16. Thanks Pup Patrol and palmetto for your responses. Hopefully I won't run into this problem but if I do I know what options I have.
  17. I have no objection to doing this and it would be my preference but if the cacher doesn't repsond right away to delete the photo himself then the photo stays available for viewing until he takes care of it which might be days or weeks. That is the main reason I would want to know how to do it myself - if he doesn't respond right away. And by the way... we are on friendly terms with this cacher. I just object to his posting photos of the caches he finds because it takes away from the experience of others finding it themselves and the work the CO put into making a creative container or special hiding place.
  18. Yes... I went back and looked at some of the logs for the four caches they showed finds for. They are very odd. Made me wonder who is monitoring this person when they are on the computer.
  19. We have a couple of cachers near our area who love to take photos of themselves with the caches they find and post them with their logs. I don't think this is always appropriate because it gives away the type/size of the container for those who might be going out to seek the cache. I've learned not to open these cacher's images before I look for one of the caches they have found previously because it ruins the surprise of looking for the cache. But now they have found one of our caches and have posted a photo of it. I wanted to contact them and ask them to delete the photo from their logs but my husband said to let it go because it wasnt a big deal. It bothers me but I agreed. But now we are getting ready to place some new caches that have some unique containers and/or locations and I don't want anyone to post photos of the cache. I've state that in the listings (which aren't yet enabled) but there is always someone who doesn't read that part. So as the CO, I know I can delete someone's log if I find it incorrect/inappropriate. And I know I could write and ask someone who posted a photo to take it down but that could take time before they responded and I don't want others viewing the log photos before that happened. So can I delete just the photo from a log?
  20. While visiting New England in August we dropped one of our travel bugs in a cache in Rhode Island. After a month of sitting there, it was logged as being picked up. The cacher who logged that he found our trackable originally stated that he found it before we even dropped it (looks like he has changed that now though)and wrote something else odd in his log too so we wanted to contact him to find out what was going on. When we went to his profile page his status was listed as "Not Validated Member" and under email address it says "The "send message" feature is disabled because this email address has not been validated by the user." Since he is only listed as having 6 finds (though I only see 4 caches that listed as found) we thought he might be such a newbie that he had not had a chance to validate so we waited for a few weeks before checking in again. But his profile page status still remains the same and we have no way to contact him to find out what he has done with our trackable. We saw that he took a photo of our trackable and posted it in his "found" log. And he knew enough to log it into the trackables page though his comment there made it sound like he traded it for swag he dropped. My husband is kind of bummed about this because it's his first trackable and it's the first cache he dropped it in and it dissappeared right away. So my question is: Is there a way to contact someone who isn't validated?
  21. We used to just mention in our log that we found no trackables but then we realized that unless the owner of the trackable had a watch on that cache listing that their trackable was supposed to be in that they probably wouldn't get the message. So now if we see that a trackable is MIA we go to the trackable's home page and post a note that it was not found in the inventory it was listed in. This way the owner gets an email that a note was posted and they can see what's going on.
  22. I have an Etrex 20. The manual is not very helpful when it comes to deleting caches. The only way I have discovered is to hook it up to my computer and display the contents (e.g., in Windows Explorer). The Garmin will appear as an extra drive. Go to the folder "Garmin", subfolder "GPX". You'll need to know the GC code for the cache you want to delete, but just select that file and delete it. This is bascially what I do except once I plug in the usb from the GPSr to the computer I open the appropriate drive under "my computer". Find the "Garmin" folder then the "GPX" folder. Within this folder are your stored cache listing files. But there also may be files in the "current" and "archive" subfolders so check there if you want to get rid of all the files on your GPSr. Like any other computer file, highlight the name and delete it. This is the fastest way if you want to get rid of all the caches on your GPS. If you want to get rid of individual caches though you have to know their GC number since that is how they are listed - not by cache title.
  23. I just went back to my profile page and now I see that heading and the cache listing. It wasn't there before. I guess I just had to refresh the page for it to show up. Whew! Glad it didn't get lost in cyberspace. Thanks so much for your quick response!
  24. I just completed the "Report New Listing" geocache submission form for a new cache. I did not select to enable it yet. I clicked on "report new listing" and got a message that since I was placing a multi-cache that I had to add my waypoints. I did that then clicked on something and the page closed. I didn't have a chance to get the GC number or save the listing so I can go back and review/edit/enable it. I tried to search for it under our profile and "our geocaches" but it's not listed there. I tried to do a search of it by both title and coordinates but both came up null - I guess because it's not enabled yet. I know as the CO I can see the page before it's enabled because I've done it with all my other caches. But I can't figure out how to find this one. Can someone tell me how to locate a page I just submitted but is not enabled? Thanks.
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