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  1. Great Job! But the color of corrected coördinates for a multi-cache is also blue... Maybe change it to orange?
  2. Use the list to create a Pocket Query which you can then download and send to your GPS. Ok. I created a Pocket Query. But how do I download all 100 caches? I can check 20 per page and download is as loc file. Can't find the option to send all caches direct to the garmin.
  3. I like this new feature. But it is not possible to upload a shared list!!! I try to upload https://www.geocaching.com/bookmarks/view.aspx?guid=121568de-49df-49c7-bdec-e9493b34ae8b but it isnt mine so it dont work.
  4. Much better Groundspeak! Thanks.... I like the big icons on zoomlevel 2km. And if I could choose my personal mapvieuw (for me "open street map default", hide my finds and zoomlevel 2km) it would be great. Maybe under the button "set map preferences"?
  5. I Always zoomed to 2km so I get the nice large icons. Now its not posibble anymore Now I need to zoom to 500m but then is the map to small. What I still miss is a personal default mapview. I Always switch to "openstreetmap default", zoomlevel 2km and turn found caches off. I need to do this each time.... And maybe then is possible to set on what zoomlevel you see the large icons.
  6. Ok, thanks for the answers. Hope if he becomes a premium member he think about the cache again (I dont solicit for fav points but worked a half year at a puzzel / cache...)
  7. Hello, Afther 2 weeks my new cache had 14 fav-points from premium members (100%) and 1 log from a basic member. What if this basic member becomes a premium member? Do I still have 100%?
  8. If I go on the site to "Play" "view geocache map", I always have to click "Filter caches - My finds" and "open street map default". Thats te way I always like to view the map. Is it possible to set a personal default view? Thanx
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