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  1. I tried the new map and only an empty white screen is displayed. Where is the improvement ??? I want to use the old map again. But I have no option to switch back as there is only this empty white screen. Currently I'm very unsatisfied because this is no improvment for me at all and I can't plan my next Gerocaching tour as I urgently need the map for the planing. I want the old map back and I want to keep it as long as possible. How can I switch back ?
  2. I'm not happy with this change. The new icons look more or less simular and it's very hard to differ between the sympol on the map. Disables Caches in light grey colour have no contrast against the grey map. Also the blue earthcaches have no real contrast on lakes or rivers on the map. I hoped to see an icon for a solved mystery but this is still on open issue here on the geocacing map. So I will still use other tools were I can the the solved mysteries with own, special symbpol on the solved koordinates. Why is there no way to keep the previous map and symbol seetings in the map.
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