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  1. Awesome! Thanks for the help. Email was sent!
  2. How do I go about changing my screen name without going through and starting a new name and redoing all my finds? I don't have a ton of finds but of my 122 finds like 39 of them have been archived so wouldn't get credit for those finds. I know I changed my screen name in the past, but for some reason can't find out how to do it now. I went to the "edit my profile" page and the option to change it isn't there. Any help is appreciated! Thanks!
  3. I love telling the story of my first find. I had a Garmin 12 with absolutely no mapping capabilities and didn't have a way to load the waypoints into the GPSr either. What I did was look at the map and found a place to park and I had written down the coords on a piece of scrap paper. I then went and watched the numbers go up and down as I walked in order to get the numbers to match. About a year ago, I got a girl I was seeing interested in geocaching and decided to take her out. We laid out a set of caches and headed out. Her first cache would be the cache that was my first cache as well. We got there that day and realized the day we were there was 1 day before the 5th anniversary of my 1st cache find. Welcome to the "game"!
  4. There are a couple caches locally that are located on public land that is VERY hilly and is a very steep walk. Crosses a couple of creeks and up and down several hills. The terrain rating is a 3. It wasn't that difficult for me to find, but I'm used to hiking hills like this so it wasn't bad. A couch potato might have rated the cache a 5+. It is all in the cache placers interpretation. We had a new guy put a cache out with some SUPER tough terrain. Very long walk, bush whacking was mandatory, no trail at all and some hills and the guy listed the cache as a 1.5/1.5.
  5. Another thing to consider is who is approving the caches. It seems the guy who approves the caches for our area can be rather strict and will reject anything he isn't sure of. I know I've had at least 4 caches turned down by him so I've stopped trying for a while. I had set up a multi-cache one time where it took you inside Cabela's to get the number off the neck band of a goose right inside the door and the cache was rejected because it would cause people to have to go inside a retail store and might direct business to the store. I saw one cache that he approved that took you to some "farm" that was only open certain times of the year and of course the people sold like crafts, fruit and other stuff. So why does one get rejected and the other approved?
  6. That was absolutely so simple! I was just going off of what I read where it said to leave everything else set as default. Quick and easy fix. Thanks ClydeE! I have another question for ya, but I'll send a PM to ya rather than post it up here. Thanks again!
  7. I have tried this over and over and can't figure it out. I only have 2 databases in GSAK; one is my found caches and the other is my unfound caches. I don't know how to leave the "Placed Caches database" empty.
  8. I tried FirstStatGen3, but I get an error. The error says, "No placed caches found for this database." Is this only for placed caches? I'd like to get a stat page like that for the caches I've found. I currently don't have any active placed caches. Can I still use the FirstStatGen3 macro to create a data page for found caches? If so, what should my settings be so it looks for more than just my placed caches?
  9. I went from the Legend to the iFinder Hunt to the 76Cx and back to the iFinder Hunt. I didn't have the EC on the 76Cx and missed it a lot. The EC was almost invaluable to me on cache hunts. After being away from it I had to sell the 76 and go back to it. Of course I also use a stand alone compass for backup.
  10. The electronic compass will move when you move. For example, if you are facing north and standing in the same location you turn around and face south, the compass will show you are facing south. Without an electronic compass, you have to actually move in that direction in order for it to show that you are facing that direction. Also, if you are facing south and move north (backward) the electronic compass will show you as facing south while the unit without the electronic compass will show you as facing north.
  11. I tried those steps with the 500 that I had and it did not work. I solved the problem the easy way, I took the unit back and exchanged it for a Lowrance iFinder Hunt. I thought the 500 was a nice unit. Too bad the experience didn't work out better.
  12. I've looked at GPXView to view caches on a PPC, but I'd like to check out others before I settle on one program. Can someone fill me in on some other free programs out there that I can check out?
  13. Do you have all the original equipment that came with the unit? City Select DVD? Windshield mount/charger? I'm interested!
  14. I just purchased an eXplorist 500 from the bargain cave at Cabela's. Item was in perfect shape. I get it home and I'm having the same problem you described so I'm guessing that is why it was returned. I'll call Thales and see what they tell me. I'm just kind of ticked off that I can't connect it to load up waypoints to go out geocaching tomorrow. I guess I'll have to hand load them in so I don't miss the trip!
  15. I've owned the Lowrance before and sold it to go to the 76 Cx. Now that I have the 76 I'm ready to go back! I realized I don't need the color and for what I use it for, I like the Lowrance much better. The antenna always worked better for me and I like the electronic compass on the Hunt. Not to mention it comes with the power cable and the topo software. I already have $400 in the 76 and would need to spend another $100+ for software. I have tried both units so its not like I'm talking out of my rear orifice here. The only downfall to the Hunt is that you have to remove the back, batteries and SD card to load waypoints or maps onto the card. I decided I can live with that aspect for the benefits that the unit provides.
  16. I'm headed to Cabela's here in just a little bit to pick up a Lowrance iFinder Hunt. I've had this unit before and swapped it out for a Garmin 76 Cx and now I'm ready to go back! I'd like to pick up a back-up unit for the iFinder and would like to know what to get. I'm not familiar with the entire Lowrance line, but would kind of like something where I can use the MapCreate maps that come with the iFinder. I could go with like a Garmin Legend or something, but I would prefer to have only one software. Can anyone give me some quick info on a good back-up unit to buy? Oh yeah...I'm getting the iFinder Hunt Plus at a steal! Cabela's says they will match prices. I used Froogle and found a Plus for $275 and their retail is $349.99. I'm excited about that!!!!
  17. I don't have any software for it. All I was using for it was an older version of Topo that I had used for my Legend. Email returned wyohunter!
  18. Any interest in this unit? Any offers? I will add this, I got the power/data cable out of the drawer tonight and remembered that the cigarette lighter plug is broken on it. I'll throw this cable in if you want it, but it would need a replacement plug to get power to the unit.
  19. I have a Garmin 76 Cx that I'm looking to sell. The unit works great with no problems, but I'm just looking to go back to a Lowrance unit. I'm wanting to sell for $300 shipped or would trade for certain Lowrance units. If you want insurance on the shipping that is up to you. I'm pretty sure I still have the box and all the manuals and stuff for it. The unit is still in awesome shape and has no scratches on the screen. I can only find 2 small scuffs on the case which are barely noticeable. I also have a power/data (serial) cable for it. I typically only used this as a power cable when I didn't have my laptop to keep it plugged in to.
  20. That is one heck of an expensive spare, but I know what you mean. Thanks for the advice. I just wish somehow I could get a hold of one of those people who are going to walk into a retail store and drop the $450 for a unit within the next week or two. Oh well....life goes on!
  21. I guess people aren't up for buying these nicer units right now. What about if I drop the price down to $350 + shipping? Anyone interested in that offer? I'm taking a heck of a cut on the unit, but I'd just prefer to go with something else right now.
  22. And of course I wasn't able to get the rebate on this unit or I would pass that savings on to help it sell better. Maybe I'll just have to go to eBay if no interest.
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