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  1. boy do I feel silly... I spent 20 minutes trying to figure it out, then finally break down and post for help. I clicked back to the other screen and now see the "download waypoint file" down at the bottom left of the screen.

    So never mind that question...


    But if anyone has any good suggestions for an automated way to mark all my benchmark finds as found in GSAK I would love any suggestions.

  2. I was trying to find an "easy" semi automated way to update my GSAK database and mark my benchmark finds.


    Anyone have any suggestions?


    My plan was to simply download the .loc file and then when I open it have it flag them. However, when you search for benchmarks by user the "download all results to *loc file" button is missing. I have the d/l boxes, but checking them does no good without a buttom to download them...


    Any suggestions?

  3. When I create a route with mapsource and save it then open it in GSAK as a polygon 99% of the time it will have waypoints from the route repeated and the polygon will not work right.


    After playing with it for a while I think the problem is that Some of the waypoints from the route also show up in the waypoint tab and that is why they show up twice in GSAK. If I delete the waypoints in the waypoint tab this also removes them from the route which is just as bad as having them show up in GSAK twice.


    Anyone have any ideas why some route waypoints show up under the waypoint tab as well?


    Is there a way to save just the route?

  4. Ok Im still having some trouble.


    I was able to download it and save as a gpx file. the problem now is the the points do not show up as waypoints when I open the .gpx file in the geocaching.com route search or in GSAK. I have tried both a track and a route.


    Next I will try just creating a bunch of waypoints along the route. But is there some easier way to make the track or route points into waypoints?


    In MapSource pick the route you want by using either the Route tool or the Track Draw tool, and save the files as a .gpx. If you have waypoints already, connect the dots to make a track. I like the Track Draw tool myself.


    Wow Im lost! I have mapsource USA version 4.09

    I dont have a Track Draw tool

    My route tool will let me save as a .mps file or export as .txt or .dpx


    What am I missing?

  6. Can anyone tell me how to create a KML or GPX file from a custom set of waypoints I create? Specifically a route created with mapsource, or TOPO.


    I know how to do the Google KML files, the problem with that is when I want to do a route on backroads that I select.


    This is for using the caches along a route pquery.


    Any help is very appreciated!!!

  7. A coworker of mine just purchased a Garmin Vista Cx and Mapsource.


    I am GSAK user and not familiar with MapSource so I am hoping someone here can help.


    We tried to load an .LOC file of waypoints. The waypoints all showed up with the GC# in the waypoint field and Cache name in the Description field.


    What I am wondering is how to modify that. I am sure there is a preference somewhere in mapsource but I was not able to find it.


    1-How can we modify the waypoint name to be the first 14 letters of Cache Name?


    2-How can we modify the description field to show as much of the cache description as possible. And/or the cache size, difficulty and terrain?

  8. I could write a book on crappy, lame, and unsafe placements. But they happen with "veteran" cachers to.

    I know one thing that could help. Your idea of "peer reviewers" but have them review existing caches. If they see something not up to par they can check it out and archive it if need be. See the cache linked below.


    You would think that a cacher with over 100 hides would come up with something original to say, or at least give a hint. Instead the entire cache page is a cut and paste that reads


    "A (insert city name) City Park Cache for your enjoyment.

    BYOP (Bring Your Own Pen/Pencil)


    And of course there is no hint on any of them, and the coords are often quite a way off.


    Here is a prime example of their quality caches:

    http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...b7-5f1343055d20 .


    My nose will scared for life because of veteran cachers lack of common sense. As it turns out he cache was hidden in the bar that feel on my nose. Not cool at all...


    I will stop right there and just say


    "no changes"

  9. Here are the dates I came up with for Colorado:


    As of June 29 2006


    CO1 Jan-1-00 to Apr 20 2003 (499)


    CO2 Apr 21 2003 to May 25 2004 (499)


    CO3 May 26 2004 to Feb 12 2005 (493)


    CO4 Feb 13 2005 to July 26 2005 (499)


    CO5 July 27 2005 to Jan 13 2006 (497)


    CO6 Jan 14 2006 to May 6 2006 (488)


    CO7 May 7 2006 to Dec 31 2009 (286)


    I am still after Nevada, if someone ahs those dates I would appreciate it. it will save me some time.

  10. Forgive me if there is already a thread here about this but I couldnt find it.


    Is there anyone willing to share with me the dates they use for their pocket queries to keep their Colorado and Nevada GSAK database up to date.


    What I am talking about is running pocket queries based on the date the cache was placed so that each querie yields just under the max of 500 caches.


    Colorado has 3236 caches so it should take 7 queries to get them all.

    Nevada has 2902 so it should take 6 queries.


    For Example Here are the dates for Utah

    As of June 27 2006

    UT1 Jan 1, 2000-Jul 1, 2002

    UT2 Jul 2, 2002-Mar 25, 2003

    UT3 Mar 26, 2003-Aug 31, 2003

    UT4 Sept 1, 2003-Apr 13, 2004

    UT5 Apr 14, 2004-Aug 12, 2004

    UT6 Aug 13, 2004-Mar 5, 2005

    UT7 Mar 6, 2005-Jun 25, 2005

    UT8 Jun 26, 2005-Sep 13, 2005

    UT9 Sep 14, 2005-Dec 18, 2005

    UT10 Dec 19, 2005-Mar 3, 2006

    UT11 Mar 4, 2006-Apr 29, 2006

    UT12 Apr 30, 2006-Jun 17, 2006

    UT13 June 18, 2006- Dec 21 2009


    and here are the dates for Idaho

    As of 6-27-06

    ID 1 Jan 1 2000 to Mar 1 2003 (497)

    ID 2 Mar 2 2003 to oct 26 2003 (497)

    ID 3 Oct 27 2003 to Jul 23 2004 (498)

    ID 4 Jul 24 2004 to Feb 12 2005 (499)

    ID 5 Feb 14 2005 to Jun 11 2005 (499)

    ID 6 Jun 12 2005 to Oct 14 2005 (493)

    ID 7 oct 15 2005 to may 5 2006 (497)

    ID 8 May 6 2006 to Dec 31 2009 (259)


    We're looking for feedback, so have at it!


    Maybe this has already been brought up since I have not read all the posts.


    It would be nice to be able to set the distance from the route to something less than 1 mile. 1/10ths of a mile would be realy nice.

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