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  1. 1) What country do you live in? A) United Arab Emirates What culture do you consider yourself to be part of? A) American


    2) Why do you geocache? A) It is a great way to get out in the open, and see things you would perhaps have not noticed before. And a good way to get a little more activity and blood flowing.


    3) What are some of the risks (danger) of geocaching in your country? For example, the

    law may forbid you do in some places, terrain, weather conditions etc... A) The weather is a bit of a challenge during the summer (hot) and the winter (rain). Terrain is a little of an issue, traveling with others is a must if headed in the empty areas of the desert.


    4) Tell us something that might be different about geocaching in your country compared to Canada. A) Hmmm...the heat and the fact that it is a desert.

  2. Anyone know how we get our own admin? Someone who understands the region, and the challenges related to caching here - such as 45 degree summers when few people cache, and the ever changing population, and the huge amount of construction changing the landscape daily.


    Seems the current admin is in the US - not sure how he confirms the locations, etc. and follows up.


    There are a lot of good candidates - such as cincol or Carbon Hunter - active cachers who get around the region.


    Any ideas, or is it a bad idea?



  3. Hi, as notices do not go out when caches come online after being disabled I thought I would post that I finally got around to replacing and enabling my cache - A View of the Burj Al Arab.


    A nice little cache if you have not found it yet, and a great spot for some pictures of the 3 very nice landmarks.



  4. Since I have so much free time on my hands :unsure: (not really) I collected the numbers of finds for the most popular caches in the UAE and calculated the average number of finds per week based on number of finds and length of time the cache has been in place.


    Placed Years Name No of Finds Finds / Week

    3-Nov-02 6.31 Jebel Hafit 56 0.1708

    4-Jan-05 4.13 Al Karama 112 0.5210

    11-Apr-06 2.87 Ghantot 51 0.3418

    2-Feb-07 2.06 High Tech 70 0.6547

    10-Mar-07 1.96 Tiny Cache 41 0.4028

    17-Mar-07 1.94 In the Shadow of the Burj Al Arab 2 121 1.2004

    25-Mar-07 1.92 Amazin' Abu Dhabi 66 0.6623

    6-Aug-07 1.55 Dubai Marina 57 0.7074

    17-Nov-07 1.27 Dubai Treasure - Forgotten Bridge 38 0.5765

    18-Nov-07 1.26 Dubai Treasure - Hotel 35 0.5321

    27-Nov-07 1.24 UAE GeoBank 48 0.7443

    1-Jan-08 1.14 A View of the Burj Al Arab 63 1.0586

    4-May-08 0.80 Dubai Promenade 56 1.3379

    2-Oct-08 0.39 Legend of the Cobra! 18 0.8841


    Funny enough, my 3 caches are right up there in numbers, though Legend is low in number of finds.


    Anyone else with numbers to share?


    Lucky Stars

  5. I have tried to search off from the home page by entering a postal code in the UK, and I keep coming up with results in Germany.


    No offense to Germany, but its not quite what I was looking for.


    Is this a bug? Or is something cached in my browser perhaps? The same happens when I try to use Hide and Seek a Cache. Depending on how I enter the Postal Code, I am taken to Australia or China. Perhaps the site does not work with UK postal codes any more?




    Lucky Stars

  6. Greetings, I am traveling to Saudi for business in the last week of August, or first week of September, if anyone in the UAE wants to send any TBs or GCs to the Kingdom, and of course, if anyone in Saudi wants to send any TBs or GCs out and has not had a chance to. With the weather on the verge of cooling its time to get caching again!


    You can email me at richmaclaren@hotmail.com.



    Lucky Stars

  7. Hi!


    Just wondering if there is anyway to have statistics including in Pocket Queries, or if this is something planned (or not) for Premium members in the future - for example, number of finds, DNFs, Placed Date, Date of First Find, Date of Last Find, and so on...





    Lucky Stars


  8. Hi!


    Liveonce, a cacher in the UAE, has had some trackables for sale in the past. Not sure if she still does, but you can contact her through the site.


    Have fun caching, the UAE is great because of the variety of caches here!


    Lucky Stars

  9. After a mere 5 1/2 years, the Lucky Stars team has finally hit 100! :lol:


    We wanted to thank all of the people who ave placed so many caches in the UAE, without that we would still be waiting for someone to donate a 4x4.


    My wife has strongly encouraged me to set a goal of placing 3 to 5 caches in the UAE. So, we're off on a new adventure.


    Here's to the next century and the next generation of cachers - my son, Oliver! :laughing::blink:


    Thanks for all of the Caches!


    Lucky Stars

  10. Is it possible to adjust the logs of my TB so the mileage is tracked accurately. My TB lost a couple thousand miles when he traversed the Atlantic and the end point cache wasn't entered.




    Lucky Stars

  11. Evening CADs,


    Lucky Stars would LOVE to join the race. We will send off a TB specially designed for speed! Let us know if we can still get in on the fun and where to send the TB.


    Lucky Stars


    PS Considering my mother-in-law seems to spend more time in Florida than in Solihull, I may have an advantage!

  12. Greetings from the UAE,


    I will be in the UK later this month and was wondering if anyone is aware of any shops in London or Birmingham selling Geocache 'kit' such as stickers, coins, etc. I have difficulty getting things shipped to the UAE for a reasonable rate and would like to stock up while in the UK.





    Lucky Stars

  13. Not so much a story about Law Enforcement, the UAE has primarily Private Security, and the police are less seen than in other countries I have been in.


    Anyway, my wife and I were seeking The Beach near the Jebel Ali Hotel and Resort. As we were perusing the rocks the security guard who guards the border between the public beach and the hotel beach came up and asked "You are playing the game"? To which we responded yes, and if he knew where it was.


    In a sly way he said "No, but maybe it is somewhere here" pointing in the general direction of some rocks we had not gotten to yet.


    Eventually we found it and passed on some of our geocache kit to him as a thank you. I look forward to seeing the posts of future cachers to this one.




    Lucky Stars

  14. Just wanting to get some opinions. There are two geocaches in the UAE which are both located just off from Sheik Zayed Road. For those of you who do not know, SZR is a 8-lane highway between Dubai and Abu Dhabi and is very heavily traveled. Both of these caches would potentially require an individual to park on the hard shoulder to conduct the search. At least one of them would require an individual to definitely park on the hard shoulder.


    Should these caches be archived, or in the words of another goecacher - "Some caches are not for everyone"?



  15. Jerry,


    Where do you need to send the TB? I am in the UAE and have the perfect cache for it.


    Connect with me through my email on geocaching.com website.





    ;) Ooer this would appear to be just a little bit like cheating.



    I'm in southern California and I have a TB in a race with our local caching group. My original TB has vanished, but I'd like to reissue it to stay in the race. I know I have no chance of winning for most miles and most caches, but there is a category for logging TB into farthest cache from here. I'd like to mail my re-issued TB to you (actually, it'd have to be my son mailing it since he is not in the race) in July when they visit here. I'd like it placed in any cache in that part of the world. I don't care if it ever moves from there, but if you want to mail it back after it is logged (for more milage), I'll pay that postage also.






    Well, it's only cheating if it's against the rules established for our race - and it's not. Other TB's have already been to Japan and Australia and back in the same manner. I figure you can't get any farther from here than the Arabian Peninsula. The closer to 63 degrees East longitude the better!!

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