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  1. I have Mapsend Europe and continue to be astonished by how accurate it is. For example, I live in a tiny village in rural Cambridgeshire, UK and the top of our lane, where it meets the main road bifurcates leaving a small patch of grass no bigger than 5 metres wide. Mapsend shows this bifurcation and my Meridian shows it to be spot on. Sure there are places I've been where map features seem to be a bit out (sometimes up to 50 metres) but overall I think the accuracy is pretty good for navigating by road. The latest firmware from Magellan makes switching between maps stored on card really easy. My only wish is that Magellan would get their finger out and issue an update (as promised) for Mapsend Europe that allows regions bigger than 16MB to be produced. I wish Magellan
  2. I've posted my route solver in the Files section of the Meridian Group at Yahoo http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Magellan_Meridian/files See if that works for you
  3. I haven't taken this TSP solver using Genetic Algorithms because until recently I'd had no feedback! I'm not sure why the folder on Yahoo turned private - it seems to be ok now. If anyone has problems with downloading it e-mail me and I'll try and help. I'll do a few timing tests on bigger routes and report back.
  4. I'm now really confused regarding the limitations on region/map sizes when using Mapsend with the Meridian. - I've upgraded the Meridian to ver 3.08 - I've bought a 128Mbyte SD card. Magellan claim 3.08 now supports this size of card and I have no reason to doubt them. - My version of Mapsend (2.01) won't allow me to create a region bigger than 16MBytes so with four regions, map sizes are limited to 64MBytes. Am I still stuck with using Code 92 or should I be lobbying Magellan to fix Mapsend?
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