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  1. People incessantly complaining about iPhone loggers. I was not as good about writing thorough logs when I started as I am today. However, I do all of my caching from the iPhone as well as my logging. I try to VERY rarely write a simple log or a tftc as my log. Sometimes though, I look at a cache and there is little to say other than, "hey... Thanks for putting that there I guess... " Furthermore, I think I am more likely to write a long log when I am there in the heat of the moment really appreciating the cache. I'm just saying that if you get a whole ton of tftcs, rather than coming to the forums and whining about iPhone loggers, take a long hard look at your cache and ask yourself, is there much more to say? Sent from my iPhone.
  2. Sometimes a business will let you stash one behind the front desk or on the premises and you can hide bigger in those situations. Like the one on the roof of the skyscraper in NOLA. That was a fun one.
  3. We did one recently where all the caches were part of a series and independent cache listings, but each container had a code that if you found them all gave you the coords for the final puzzle cache. It was a great series that took us all over town and kind of a fun take on a traditional multi.
  4. I actually have been faced with this problem recently. I went out and bought a garmen Oregon 450 fought with the maps the mini SD ect. Then decided to look more closely at the iPhone app, which I'm more used to, and made this realization. If I do some big PQs and save for offline use with the maps ect. It had just as good functionality as the Garmen even with cellular data and wifi off. I'm sort of lost as to why I decided I needed the garmen and think I'm going to return it. Am I missing something that people can enlighten me on? The only reasons I've seen are battery life and durability, neither of these matter much to me since I have a solar charger and a life proof case.
  5. Sadly we have been spoiled by the iPhone app, but we are heading out of the country for a few weeks and caching is extremely important to us while we are gone. Getting a data roaming plan seems to be cost prohibitive and probably very spotty. We are thinking about getting the Magellan explorist GC since it seems to be the closest to caching with the iPhone and is very cheap. Is this the right course of action for spoiled iPhone cachers or am I missing a better option?
  6. Congratulations! Sounds like quite the epic journey. You have had us all enthralled for days!
  7. Yeah really want to clarify here. I'm not talking about a powertrail here in any way. I'm talking about a series of caches 25-50 sponsored by local government spread out in interesting areas of historical or natural significance. Not 500+ film canisters on the side of the road.
  8. Thanks Pup Patrol! I have no idea how that managed to evade my googling! I wasn't talking a power trail I was talking about setting up a regionally interesting set of sponsored caches.
  9. Hi folks, I was wondering if any one has any experience with setting up one if the regional geotrails out there. We did the AGT a couple years ago and had just about one of the best times of our lives doing it. We live just a couple hours south in pittsburgh and have been discussing how we would do one for the city or the county, but quite a few questions remain. It seems like they are mostly sponsored by local chambers of commerce, how did you approach them? We're there objections? It seems to me like a successful must do geotrail requires a geocoin as a reward, was there resistance to funding this by the chamber? Who designed the coin? How did you get it minted? There is a pretty avid caching community here in pittsburgh so I'm thinking getting help from other cachers in supporting, maintaining, and setting this up should not be difficult. What else should I know? What are the potential pitfalls of doing this? What am I not thinking of? And why doesn't every major city have one?
  10. It's funny, we have never had much trouble with muggles and we are not particularly subtle. What seems to be becoming popular in pittsburgh are cache owners putting caches in their front yards. Last week we twice had cache owners watch us find their caches. One guy came out and swapped caching stories with us for 20min. The other sent us an email laughing about how much we confused their Verizon installer.
  11. Haven't really had any dangerous animal experiences, but this one afternoon we were going for a cache in Audubon Park in New Orleans and had the oddest thing happened. I was sure that the cache was hidden in some plants near the water and Mrs. Mundie wasn't so sure. So we were having a discussion about this when this really tattooed guy comes strolling by (and I'm talking like prison tats with tear drop tattoos and all) with a phone out and a back pack. He didn't look like a geocacher, but he was really behaving like one. I'm trying not to watch him, but I sort of am and Mrs. Mundie is trying to get me to give up till he goes away. I kept saying to her "I think he is a geocacher, I mean geocachers come from all sorts of walks of life, so he could be?" Well then the guy goes right over to the plants I was looking at. At this point I'm sure he is a geocacher, and he pulls on a string I must have missed and pulls this Tupperware container out of the water. He then cuts the string, puts it in his bag, looks at me and smiles a gold toothed smile and walks away. I know what you are thinking! Guy just stole the cache! That's what I thought too! Except Mrs. Mundie found the cache as we were heading back to examine the area.
  12. We started caching about 2 months ago and have found nearly 200 caches in 13 states often with out phone signal using nothing more the the paid iPhone app. It is great, some time I wish I had a traditional GPS to make the game harder lol.
  13. http://coord.info/GCF1C8 If memory serves that one might be big enough. http://coord.info/GC2A4B6 Scrooge certainly is big enough and part of a fun little trail of caches, drawback is there are a lot of things in that cache and it might get overlooked.
  14. We totally understand how that goes. Neither of us particularly like where we are working, and sometimes down right loathe it. So to cheer our selves up and make sure we don't bring the negativity home we go and grab at least one cache on the way home from work. That normally works great, except last night. We were not having particularly bad days, but not particularly good. Just as we got off work the sky decided to open up and rain on us. We thought we could at least grab an easy P&G on the way home. Problem is we have grabbed all of the easy P&Gs on the way home. We ended up spending 2 hours looking for 3 caches that I'm sure would have been easy not in the dark and not in the rain. We didn't find any of them, we broke our current streak of 28 days with a cache, and ended up at home more depressed and crestfallen than when we had left work. But on the upside today starts our new streak of most consecutive days.
  15. It was HOT this weekend in Pittsburgh. I had this fantasy of finishing out all of the caches in the 3 big nearby local parks. Frick, Highland, and Schenley. The better half of my team said oh no! It was deemed to be a park and grab weekend, which turned out to be pretty cool. Got a nice virtual we didn't know was near by. And the Mrs. had a point that next weekend would be a pretty intense weekend of caching since we are trying to finish out the AGT before it ends in August. We are currently at 6 of 10 counties and are going for finishing four this weekend, which means a lot of driving, hiking, and camping. Perfect!
  16. We use an iPhone and the GPS is notoriously spotty for it, not sure how much better the Droid is. What we do for placing a cache is we pull up a near by cache and set up to view on a satellite map. Then make a new waypoint for where the phone thinks we are. Then we use terrain or structural points that are visible around us on the map to tweak until we are sure the waypoint is where we put the cache and then we record those coordinates. It is a little labor intensive, but we are poor and can't afford the GPS unit we would like, so it is the best we can do. So far each of our caches have been found with no mention on coords being off.
  17. Both halves of Themundies have served our country in AmeriCorps. We teach immigrants and underserved urban populations skills and language to better their positions in life. We have even taught the joys of geocaching to a student or two. We like to think we have done just as much good and "served" our country just as much as anyone who has picked up a gun. But we usually get bombarded with jeers of being communists and then get a lecture about how the foreigners are taking all those desirable jobs picking fruit or cleaning toilets or any other disgusting job you wouldn't want.... Sigh. This was not meant as a slight to our troups. We have many a friend that are combat veterans, it is just rough when they get recognition ad we get slighted.
  18. I think you do still have to pay the $10, but $40 initial set up and $30 a year after is a pretty darn cheap hobby.
  19. We are newbies to geocaching, but came across one today that was in dire need of maintenance. The last few logs had all said the same thing; container falling apart, spiders living inside, log soaked beyond use. I thought this was really sad since it was the oldest cache we had come across (9 year old hide) so we contacted the CO and got permission to replace the container and log and will be going back out on Saturday to do so. I think that if you come across one that is in real need of maintenance and you get permission from the CO, the nice thing to do is to take care of it yourself so that others may enjoy it in the future.
  20. Hi folks! The Mundies are going on a road trip. We are going from Pittsburgh to Ocala Florida, Foley Alabama, and New Orleans. We are looking for easyish caches that won't eat up a ton of time getting to, but are in very cool places that if we weren't looking for a cache we might miss. If you are a local cacher in any of those areas or anywhere in-between, please tell us your can't miss caches!
  21. If the droid app is at all similar to the iPhone app, when you have that list of nearby caches you can hit the map button (in the upper right hand corner on iPhone) and all the caches you have pulled up in that list will appear on a map.
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