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  1. Hello, I have a cache idea that has a twist on cache design and did not find guidance in the regular cache FAQ. I am not sure if this will work, so let me ask the question in a generic way to see if it fits Geocaching. "I have this friend, who knows about a niche cultural non-profit that has a fund-raiser underway. The fund-raise features commemorative bricks that will be placed outdoors on their property. I think, er, my friend thinks, it would be neat to donate a brick as a Geocache. But I haven't figured out a clean way to include a box/log book locally. So it would be kind of like Waymarking, but the challenge wouldn't be just to see the historic building on the grounds, but to find the specific brick. So I am asking you seasoned veterans and guiding lights if this idea is appropriate for the sport. If it is appropriate, I would also appreciate guidance on coordinating getting the cache listed with getting the brick made. Not that it would be awhile before the brick would actually be on display -- the process is to raise the money to repair the building, then place the bricks after the big heavy work trucks have gone away. thanks, GB
  2. how about: http://www.bytethebullet.com/geocaching/re...ing_antenna.htm and http://www.gartrip.de/antenna.htm
  3. Responses so far are correct, as also discussed at: http://garminoregon.wikispaces.com/message/view/home/4967883 http://garminoregon.wikispaces.com/message...w/home/10590340
  4. I have a relatively large percentage of DNFs. I attribute it to: I tend to have only a little time to hunt geocaches as part of a larger event. I'm rather new so I am still learning the thought behind the hide. Some caches are in sensitive ecosystems so I avoid "bushwacking" the area. Some caches are in rather open areas and I try to not attract too much attention. I log each attempt as part of the "dialog" with the cache-owner, letting them know how well their cache is working. If I'm the only one to report a DNF, I would assume it is me. If there are multiple DNFs the owner has the data to suggest they change things. I do mention the conditions under which I did not find the cache. One of my first caches, and a "spectacular" DNF was on Matia Island, WA. In a secluded area, I had the luxury of really snooping about, checking every possible crevase according to the hint. I even did a little rock-climbing to the point of worrying about falling off. I didn't get a reply from the cache-report and checking the area for updates this year, I see that cache has vaporized. Hmm, was it ever really there?
  5. I only have a little time to GeoCache in conjunction with other activities so I appreciate the GeoCache.com filters to find caches local to the time and place available. I read through the descriptions, select a handful of interesting ones. I print the description page and download the waypoint into the GPS (ETrex - not too fancy so the printed page is nice for the text description, place to put notes, etc). As a GeoNewbie, I appreciate the bonus clues to help be respectful to the environment (and the property managers that will see the evidence of trampling around trying to spot the exact location) and minimize eyebrow-raising snooping about. My recent trip to San Juan island-caches was great with four places to check out. I'm overwhelmed where to start with the abundant number of caches around Anacortes, WA. How do you sort through a hundred closely spaced caches in an area you are just visiting for a few days?
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