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  1. Thank you niraD and Gitchee-Gummee for your responses.
  2. Good morning. I'm very new to my latest addiction. Yesterday I came across a log that was soaked and unusable. I didn't have a replacement on me, which leads me to my question. Do any of you have preferences of types of log to keep with you? I see there are some you buy that you roll up with a key-looking thing like the one that used to come on a sardine can. I see there are some made of a special paper. Do any of you print you own at home? In order to help keep it dry in the future, would you recommend a certain size zip lock bag to put it in? Any suggestions are appreciated.
  3. Hello. I hope this hasn't been asked and answered, but here goes. I have a Magellan Explorist 100. My question is that when I am going to save coordinates, how close should the accuracy be before I actually click "mark"? I noticed this afternoon when I was playing around that the accuracy varied anywhere from 36' to 108'. In the past I've never paid a lot of attention to it. As long as I had a 3D fix, I'd just click mark. When I've generated maps from the coordinates, they appear to be accurate. If I hide a cache in the future, I want to make sure I'm as accurate as possible for those who might choose to look for it. Thank you in advance for your help!
  4. Thanks Gitchee-Gummee. That's wonderful! It's bookmarked.
  5. I'm a newbie and I have a question about logging a found cache, but also about the log found in a cache. As far as logging a found cache is concerned, are there any specific things that the cache owner might like to know, like an inventory, the condition of the log (in the event it got wet), and that sort of thing? As far as signing and dating a log found in the cache is concerned, should I use my nick, or my real name or is that just a personal preference? I don't mind using either personally. Thanks!
  6. Thanks BlueDeuce! I appreciate your info and your thoughts. I have another addictive hobby finding cemeteries and headstones, and taking pictures of them. I have a notion the two might work well together.
  7. Once you log the bug (Retrieve, Grab, or Discover) you'll immediately get an option to [upload image]. If you have already logged the bug, visit the bug page and next to your log you'll see the option to [visit log]. Click that and in there is the [upload image] option. I'm a newbie. I found my first cache this morning. I'm reading this topic in hopes of not doing something really silly. Does the option to upload an image of the travel bug after logging it mean I should take a picture of it if I find one? Thanks!
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