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  1. I have a Jeep TB where I'm listed as the owner. I activated it then gave it to a cacher I didn't know well and lost track of. I've tried to find him, but he seems to be off everyone's radar. He never logged the Jeep so I'm still listed as the owner. Is there a way for me to list it as missing? Or delete my name from ownership?
  2. I was looking at DeLorme's software and comparing it to National Geographic's. Problem is that NG has several programs that don't look all that different! There's the individual state series ($100 per state!) then the Back Roads Explorer for the whole US ($50) that looks pretty good, or the GPS Waypoint Manager and Trip Planner... They all sound good to me!
  3. Ok, I found one but not as good as Cloudwalker! Do you have other formats???
  4. Good info, I'm looking for an updated program too. I have Mapsend now, and like it but it's 4 years old. If you have recommendations for me: need streets, topos, use with GSAK, under $100 if possible!
  5. "Right click" on the image and select "save image as" Once it has been saved to your hard drive, go to the image and right click onto the file name and open using Internet Explorer or what ever browser you are using. Or, you can view it with Windows picture and fax viewer. Ah, that would be the problem! Powerpoint needs a WMV, AVI, or MPG file! Do you have that clip in any of those formats?
  6. Both are good, don't know which one I'll use but cloudwalker's is nice! Dumb question: if I right click on the clip and choose save image it just saves it as an image! What am I doing wrong???
  7. Does anyone know where I can get a short video (either real or "cartoon") of satellites orbiting earth? I need it for a Powerpoint presentation. I've found a couple online, but they wanted actual money - the nerve!!
  8. Yes, I love the ignore option also! The reason for my post was to see if anyone had a theory as to why he's created a new identity for placing his micros. I wasn't denigrating those who have placed a lot of caches, I just found his behavior strange. Off Topic: Yes, Keystone, I guessed that moderators could probably tell who I really am. And as stated by CoyoteRed, the flaming can get pretty harsh for the mildest of reasons. Some time ago I posted what I thought was an innocent question, but at the next local event a local cacher took exception to my question. He accosted me (physically I might add) and demanded to know who I thought I was. I removed his hand from my arm and backed away. I suggested we discuss it calmly, and he alarmingly said "I know where you work". So you may hate sockpuppets, but at least I'm still alive and unharmed!! If you'd like to discuss this further, you have my email address.
  9. There's a guy who lives 30 miles away who has placed over 300 caches in his & my area. Now he's using another username and as that person he owns another 80. He told me that the 2 handles are both his, and while he may be lying I don't see why he would! But I'm wondering why he's using 2 handles? Is there a limit on how many caches one person can own? Almost all of his are film cans, and the cachers in my area hate him! They call him the "car window cacher" meaning that it seems like he drives down the road tossing film cans out the car window, and calls them caches! On his first (oldest) handle he has found almost 1500 caches in a year, and on his second handle he has found one. I just don't get this!!
  10. But let's be clear - there are no rattlers on the Wet Side (west of the Cascades in WA and OR). Oh yes we do! In western Oregon there are some near Junction City, and lots in southern Oregon! Been there avoided that...
  11. Dear Husband, or Darling Husband. I cache alone sometimes, but I take my big dog with me. Be careful, be aware of who's around you, and if something doesn't feel right, leave! Like the time I parked at a trailhead to cache and saw a lone guy in a pickup just sitting there. So I sat there for 5 minutes while he kept glancing at me. I took off!!
  12. Sorry that happened to you! It happened to us several years ago. Since there wasn't anything in the car to steal they did as much damage to the vehicle as possible. May they all be infested with syphilitic lice...
  13. I'm shocked - SHOCKED, that Geowoodstock hasn't been held in geocaching's home state yet!!
  14. Just in case Sunrise ID is reading this thread: Fleece vest More colors in tees, polos, & shirts - purple, med or dark green, teal, royal blue, red... Tank tops (not the "wife beater" type, classier like Land's End type) Visor Dog collar/leash
  15. They've been reading our forums. If they're reading our forums, we're in a LOT of trouble...
  16. Maybe not the best in this thread, but I got a chuckle out of Peckerview Cache!!
  17. That's a pretty cool-looking cache page, but I BEG all to remember that some cachers use paper all the time, and even for those of us who only print cache pages sometimes, your 13 pages of cache info is just a pain in the a**! PLEASE if you must have 13 pages of info, add it as a link to your own website and don't make me print a novel. Thank you
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