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  1. No clue on Caches there, but the Summerhill garden center on the Arterial road in to Basildon (You'll drive down that en-route I imagine) is fantastic. Great little cafe, fairly priced, and they have awesome bonsai trees for sale at OMGWTF prices (We drove there from Northamptonshire just for a tree)
  2. Great to hear that people are still doing the honest thing! Maybe it'll also introduce someone new to Geocaching, too. Glad to hear you got it back.
  3. I have to answer along the line of Chugglers there. Mine come from Asda's George, about 12 quid, comfy, warm, waterproof and support well. Steel toe'd, so safe to kick big rocks when you're frustrated. If you add some memory foam inner soles they're even better. I have two pairs, one for normal use and one for those occasions where you know you're gonna get filthy. Edit for typo
  4. Y'know, that's one of the most believable ideas I've heard of
  5. I remember when the post was first started and the service first provided, and I'm just wondering how it's going? Have you had many TB's returned to circulation as a result of the Amensty? Yes, this is the Tony side of TonynChelle. I'm a bloke, I love stats
  6. Thankfully we've never been discovered - yet. If(when) it happens, I expect my response will vary. If an "official" (Police, landowner etc), I'd just be honest. As for muggles, I think I'd follow in Rickardclan's ideas and get creative. Invisibility cloaks are going to be part of our caching pack soon, though, so hpefully we'll avoid any interaction.
  7. Absolutely countryside, 100%. Infact, we've avoided caches based purely on them being urban. Our own, relatively small town has a lot of not-smiley-face caches that we've no intention of doing simply because they're Urban.
  8. Snap! I got one for Xmas too. The missus had purchased one of the Garmin GPSr>Serial leads, but unfortunately I don't have a serial port on any of my PCs. Couple of quid for an adapter from the local nerdbox later I rekon!
  9. I'd put what I'd say, but this is a family forum. >.< It's infuriating how stupid and quick to assume some people are.
  10. I can see the woman in my mind, but I can't remember the char. name in the film. St Francis of Assisi and.... Argh, tip-of-tongue stuff. Claire(sp)? Don't recall her real name, but she was in the Black Beauty TV series, too.
  11. I've done the 'lost glasses' one, too. It wasn't until we got home that I even realised. Silly cache-in-a-tree grabbed 'em. Thankfully, after a 20 minute drive to the cache site, we found them in the grass. Lucky day, that.
  12. Ding! Correct! Bonus cookies for knowing the Film, the Actor and the Doctors full name. The rev. was Reverend Jim Ignatowski btw.
  13. Yeehaw! Anyway... As I'm a taxi driver, I thought I'd make this one topical... What famous Doctor is the actor who played the 'reverend' from the TV series 'Taxi' well known for? Ding-cookies available if you can name the Film in question, and both the Doctor and the Reverends full name. (Ding just for getting the right Doctor though!)
  14. Which would be why he said "apart from" those things. He's acknowledging those things are "Welshy", but nothing more was.
  15. I was going to post about you, actually, and your unpredictable timing Got a 19minute FTF from one you published a couple of days ago. The erratic nature makes it far more interesting and challenging to snag them.
  16. LOL (And hey, halli)... One of my fellow cabbies asked me a few days ago if I was in to cutting. Not sure if he was concerned or wanted a partner though :/
  17. Yep, I'm also G+... LinkyLinky I've added you other guys who posted links to your profile too.
  18. Some might argue that the original message was in fact the worst bit. The GS guidelines do state that Geocaches do not solicit for any purpose. Geocaches perceived to be posted for religious, political, charitable or social agendas are not permitted. Geocaching is intended to be a light and enjoyable family-friendly hobby, not a platform for an agenda. Indeed they do... but trackables are not geocaches. A trackable can promote a charity or whatever they want to. Ahh well i'll get off me soapbox than. Well that answers the question as to who had written the obscene addition to the message then?
  19. When unsure, quickest way to get the currency converted is Google. Do the following search 30usd in gbp And it'll convert it for you. It's not always 100% due to exchange rate fluctuations, but it'll get you pretty darn close. - Googledork.
  20. Not totally the same, but I recently had a Trackable 'flask' come to my possession. Inside it was a message written by the owner, with a 'response' written by (I assume) a less friendly cacher. Obscenities and such unsuitable-for-little-ones don't belong. A quick email to the owner and it was replaced with a clean version and sent on it's way again.
  21. Welcome! It truly is a great passtime. The missus and I have cut out trips to famous junk food outlets (Mc-coughcough) almost 100% and replaced it with Geocaching and the money saved funds our fuel costs. We're losing weight, feeling fitter and getting to know some great people along the way! We're not rich either, and with the exception of the fuel, this hobby is about as inexpensive as one can get! So welcome to the most addictive pastime available!
  22. I wish there was a 'Like' button, because your post would get a click from me. +1 to all of it.
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