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  1. The time is here I worked hard on keeping the price down to make these affordable for everyone. 3D Graphic Custom Icon Numbered sets Trackable on geocaching.com Custom Prefix Reserve your Big Cats Today! Custom Icon to be determined. Regular Metal Set $27.50 Antique Metal Set $30.00 Shipping: $2.00 for the first set. $1.00 for each additional set. International shipping: $5.25 Flat Rate. Please include your paypal address and shipping address with your request. Invoices will be sent when all coins are spoken for. Coins will arrive 4 weeks after Order is placed. Reserve today prowler53@comcast.net
  2. glad we traded before they were gone I love my dragon.
  3. Glad she's ok..........great news
  4. Actually I was just thinking that the panther Icon would be a good one to use with the panther paw coins when I do another metal. hmmmmmm........gotta think about this one. Maybe since the Lion is king of the cats I should use that?? Suggestions anyone
  5. This is the Icon I'm planning on using
  6. Thanks.....I think they will look really nice in 3D. I'll be taking reservations in a few days and should have a firm price for everyone. So far I have about 71 sets reserved for people requesting them. I'll most likely take everyones reservations untill the coin orders are filled before I start sending invoices out.
  7. 3.5mm is fine if you are not using a 3d image. Otherwise I would go with a 4mm thickness. Thats what I'm being told anyway
  8. I'm glad you like the coin However this set will not be paw shaped. I am thinking about doing another metal in the prowling panther coin in the near future.
  9. Sweetlife......My Panther coins were sold out, however I seen a few on e-bay for sale. However the first 2 I seen go off at $33 and $34. There are a few more on e-bay as we speak or you can see if you can work a trade out with someone who bought extras
  10. The 4 cats will be: African Lion Mountain Lion Bengal Tiger Jaguar MEEEEOOOOOOOOWWWW!
  11. Well it looks like I'll be doing these In 3D as planned from the start......I'll be posting the changes by early next week and I'll begin taking reservations
  12. Sent payment for 1 copper and 1 brass. Nice coin!
  13. Good Idea.....I'll have to think about that one
  14. I'm not saying its your fault at all LOL,,My mail is slower then anything !! I waited on a coin from Georgia 1 state away it took 13 days to get here , then one from Englad arrived in 4 days so indeed go figure , No hurry no worrie,,Glenn You should have panther tracks at your mailbox monday..........ummm maybe tuesday????? lol
  15. Good news.......I received the coins today and I managed to get them all shipped back out on the same day. The coins are really really nice and I'm very happy with how the coins turned out. However there was an error in the minting process. The coin mint did not put the sequential numbers on the coin. I figured most of you would not want to wait another 6 weeks to have the coin corrected for the sake of the numbering. I contacted rusty about this error and he sent me a copy of the die art that clearly shows the coins with the numbers. He is going to get in touch with the mint to see if there is anything that can be done. Check back here in a couple days and I'll let everyone know whats going on. Here is a copy of the die art that clearly shows the sequential numbering. I have 3 coins ordered, can't wait to get them!! Is the mint going to make new coins with the numbers, and if so, are we going to get first chance to but them again, since these weren't quite right? I would love to get the corrected ones to go with these in my collection. I told them not to bother.....they would have repeated the same tracking codes on the new coins and that would have really messed things up. .
  16. Have yet to get my Panther coins, Then again my mail is always slow to arrive. When I recieve my coins we can always trade I'll hep you get one back On the Cat series I also have to vote no on the full photo inlay. The finest of detail can be done 3D. The 2006 Alaska coins have to agree have wonderfull detail that bring them to life and have outstanding features. I will post some photos of them soon on my photo thread. Still count me in on these love nature themed coins and the Cats are beautiful renderings . Glenn Glenn........The USPS is funny. I sent each and every order out all together on the same day (monday) afternoon around 1:30pm here in Pennsylvania. On wed I received notice that one of my coins arrived to a buyer in Michigan. There were some Pennsylvania buyers who did not get their coins till Yesterday.......go figure ??????
  17. I have no idea how much it cost, but check out Lakersfan559's California 2006 coin for 2d color graphics. Very, nicely detailed color paintings I also really like GeocacheAlaska's 2006 coin's 3d relief of a wolf. No colors but finely detailed paintings and drawings. Whatever you decide, please count me in for at least one set! I checked out Lakersfan559's coin and I actually had something like that in mind. I'm waiting on price quotes on several different types of coins. Of coarse price is going to be a big factor because a 4 coin set could get pretty costly, and I want to make this affordable for everyone. I spend alot of time on the computer doing the graphics and when I'm finished I would like the coin to look as close to the graphic as possible. If I could get a nice colored graphic that looks very close to the graphic I did without making it look too much like a cartoon it would be awesome. I was able to do my panther paw coin in that manner and I think it turned out really nice. I'm getting lot's of good feedback from folks who received the coins. I will probably post the cost of these sets sometime next week when I get the rest of the quotes back.
  18. I would vote against the photo inlay on these, if I had a vote Line drawings could be very attractive; check out the Alaska coins and others like it as examples. If color just won't work, then drawings (which would be etchings on the coins) could be the way to go. I really like the basic idea of this set, and I think you have a great foursome of subjects. BTW: got my Prowlers today: very nice! Thanks Chaosmanor....I'm glad you liked it. I think they turned out really well and I'm really happy with them. I just wish I had more made
  19. You can get your activation number for my Panther coin at: www.geocoinclub.com/code.php
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