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  1. Yes..Glenn insists on doing a re-take of the coin I've not taken a photo of the coin myself so I used a sample image he sent me. He's very picky about his work you know Please don't use his photo's for re-sale of any of the coins he's done! Thanks Glenn.
  2. Activation codes can be obtained at http://www.geocoinclub.com/code.php
  3. I'm still receiving requests for my "Prowling Panther" Geocoins, However these coins sold out in 3-4 days. I'm thinking about offering a few different metals to those who would like more coins, or those who missed the coin the first time around. This Reservation is to see if there is enough interest to have more made. It's not set in stone yet.....but I'm just throwing a hook out to see if anyone bites lol. I won't do any more black nickel (sorry but I sold the original coin in black nickel, and they are gone) I'm thinking of 3 more metals: Antique Nickel $8.50 Silver ("LE" Version) $9.50 Gold ("XLE" Version) $12.50 (All Requests have been filled) Of coarse the "LE" and "XLE" will be smaller runs. Only a handfull of "XLE" version will be sold. If I get enough requests I'll get them done. I'll be taking requests over the next week or so. When my Big Cat Series coins are finalized I'll make a decision on these. If you would like to request any Prowling Panther coins, please send me an e-mail with the info below. This info below is important to make things less confusing for me Name: GC User ID: Paypal Address: Shipping Address: Qty: Antique Nickel Qty: Silver "LE" Qty: Gold "LE" prowler53@comcast.net
  4. No problem Just for future thought I will be doing additional metals in the panther coins for those who missed out the first time around. Probably an LE and an XLE version.
  5. Coin Reservations will be ending very soon. Invoices will be sent Next week.
  6. you can activate your prowling panther geocoin at geocoinclub
  7. Actually.....since I'm going to be funding quite a few of these for myself, I only need about 50 more of each metal sold. I'll get there......even if it takes a few weeks
  8. If all 250 sets of coins are not reserved there will not be a custom prefix. 1000 coin order is required for the prefix.......We got a way to go yet
  9. Coins Remaining: 74 Sets Regular Metal 62 Sets Antique Metal Thanks for your Reservations
  10. Still have sets available in both metals but going quick
  11. More than 1/4 of the coins have been reserved in the first day. Antique sets going quicker than the regular sets. Any thoughts on why? All other things being equal, is there a general preference for the antique look? Given the choice, I put in a reservation for a regular set. Just thinking out loud. Not sure......I guess its just a personal preference.
  12. More than 1/4 of the coins have been reserved in the first day. Antique sets going quicker than the regular sets. Did you receive my email with my paypal email address and shipping address? The shipping city is Sunnyvale, CA 94085. Mahalo, David Yes Mauison.........I believe I did get your e-mail. I'll double check to be sure
  13. More than 1/4 of the coins have been reserved in the first day. Antique sets going quicker than the regular sets.
  14. Tx Russ......Send me your paypal address so I can send you an invoice when it's time
  15. Invoices will not be sent before all coins are spoken for .........Ty for your reservations
  16. Still available: 90 Regular sets 83 Antique sets Thanks for your reservations
  17. Each set of coins will be numbered 001-125 with each coin matching in the set. I'm not familiar with Crakes coin problems saso792 However....I understand if there was an error made on his/her coins, and what they must be dealing with. For those who don't know what saso792 is talking about.... my previous panther coins the sequential numbering was missing. After contacting over 50 buyers of the coins about the problem, I decided to send the coins out as is rather than wait 6 weeks to have the coins corrected. Mistakes happen.......I apologized to every single one of my buyers and offered refunds to anyone who had a problem with them not being numbered. Not one coin was returned. What more could I do than to refund your money? If for some odd reason the coins are done in error a 2nd time I would have to address it at that time. If you have one or more of my prowling panther coins the offer is still open to return them for a full refund. I have at least 50 other people who would love to have them Now that I addressed your concern to everyone, I hope this can be the end of a nightmare for me, and I can get on with the reservations for my new Big Cat Series coins. These coins are being sent to a new coin minter. Not the same minter that did the prowling panther coins. I've seen coins done by this minter and they were really really nice. Not only that......the coins arrived very fast. To everyone who sent in a reservation so far......TY and I still have quite a few left in both metals. They seem to be going pretty evenly
  18. No reason.....just figured since 2007 is not far off I would make it a 2007 coin. I'm in Auto sales, we always get our next model year cars in early lol.
  19. Gotcha.......thanks for your reservation. could you put me down for 2 sets emal for paypal is: tamis@mtaonline.net I have your reservation......TY. Still lots of both metals available!
  20. Gotcha.......thanks for your reservation.
  21. Got your reservation request Please remember to include shipping info and paypal address when reserving your coins That will make it much easier for me to sort everything out. So far there are 26 Antique sets reserved and 23 Regular sets. 99 Antique sets remaining 102 Regular sets remaining
  22. Yes.....1 Icon for the set. Trying to keep the cost down. Reservations coming in quickly. Reserve them early
  23. There will be 125 sets of each metal. 1 5/8" coins
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