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  1. there may be enough interest to do a small run of these. I'll let everyone know details when I have everything in place.
  2. I'm really starting to like this coin........However I like the falcon on the glove better IMHO. Either way I would be in for 1.
  3. I like that Idea .........Good thinking GCHound!
  4. Nooooo that's not my credit card number....lol. But you can try to order something with them and see if they work.... This was something I was just messing around with on the PC at work. Had this credit card Idea in my head and just sat there adding stuff as I went along.....lol. Who knows....If I get enough response I might have some coins done. Some Pretty good Idea's in the thread.....lol I like the Cache Miles
  5. Enough credit to fill 500 ammo cans full of coins! Everyone is APPROVED!
  6. BTW,If anyone does return your coins,we would be happy to buy more of the 1st run!!! Glad you liked them
  7. I've already written a private e-mail to Prowler53 about this whole issue, but I really need to get in one comment to the Geocoin Community. Since when is "value" so important? The value of a geocoin should be the pleasure that the owner gets in seeing the reactions of those who find it in a cache or event. I detest the whole ebay thing as a perversion of the hobby. I am not specifically attacking those who do sell their coins through ebay, but, rather, the whole concept of selling them that way. Yes, there is a distinction there. I make an exception for things like charity auctions. But I really wonder why people are so concerned about how much their geocoins will be worth in a year or five, when the whole point of them is not to be holding onto them at all. We buy geocoins to put them into caches, and occasionally to trade. We keep one of the especially-nice ones for our collection: that's about one coin out of every four or five issues that we buy. Just my 3.47 cents... More coins made, More out in the caches is the way I see it also. But there are alot of people who do keep the coins for a collection. Personally I don't see a problem with collecting coins because I've started a very small collection myself. However.....I don't look at it from a value standpoint. I started collecting them because I like them. I do understand that some people do look at it from a value stand point and I guess that is all part of collecting just about anything. Thanks for the E-mail Chaosmanor.....It's good to hear other standpoints on this issue and know that I'm not the only one who looks at things that way.
  8. Got your request.....ty. Antique Metals are sold out. Only a couple Regular metals left.
  9. All Invoices were sent out today. If you did not receive an invoice please contact me with your paypal info and reservations. Thanks
  10. Moderator......Please feel free to close this thread at any time
  11. I felt it...I dunno about anyone else....lol.
  12. I also agree that other metals in the same coin should not be minted as it will kill the value of the coin . I will tell you that Prowler53 is a good honest guy. If the mint screws up,yes you can send the coin back and wait another 4-6 weeks but who wants to wait! I have this coin & I think its great. If you don't like yours I'll buy them from you! Thanks Tim....I did what I felt was right and all I get is greif. Thanks for your kind words, and if he sends them back they are yours. After thinking this whole situation through I understand whats being said about the additional metals. That's why its not being done. I threw it out there without thinking it through and not taking into concideration the buyers who bought the first coins.
  13. You obviously are missing the point. I paid for something I didn't get and when I get what I paid for and you already have my money for, then I will return the geocoins I didn't order. I only want what you, the seller promised and if you don't come through on your promise then I guess everyone can draw their own conclusions. Also in your original coin sale like I already posted you said, "Only 150 Coins will be minted." PERIOD Nothing that says oh and later I might make 1 or 250 more. Reads ONLY 150 COINS WILL BE MINTED" If you mint more, then you misrepresented the original coin sale. Only 150 doensn't mean 151. You need to drop the additional minting of this coin and get on with something else. If you can't take the heat for what you did wrong then get out of the kitchen. Lol...I took the heat already! And I did not miss your point at all. What was done is done and I feel I did the right thing. If you don't like the product you bought, send it back.....get your money back. It's really a simple thing. I stood behind the coin I had made by offering a refund to anyone who had a problem with the numbers missing from the coin. Just about every e-mail I received from people who bought this coin said the same thing. Quote: "who cares about the numbers! I bought the coin because I liked the way it looked, Not because they were numbered". Quote: "I love your coin....with or without the numbers and I'm happy I bought one" Quote: "you did the right thing, not many are going to care about a silly number, they care about how the coin looked and the great design". These are only a few things that were said to me via E-mail. Thanks to everyone who bought that coin and had very good things to say I took the heat as far as I'm concerned. Why keep dragging a dead cat around? If you're going to keep the coins rather than send them back, then you should not be making this kind of post here in the forums. No offense to you or anyone else here, but I feel I did what I could to make the majority of the people happy. I want everyone including yourself to be happy so please send the coins back and I'll pay you back for the coins and the postage both ways. Can I do much more for you? Since this coin has created so much controvercy, maybe the value of the coin will go up Kind of like a misprint on currency! lol.
  14. As far as the error on my first coin, I think I did the right thing, and 99% of the buyers felt I did the right thing. However, There is a saying that you can't please everyone. I notified the buyers of the error and gave them the option. I knew there would be a couple buyers who were not happy but I went with the majority and offered everyone the option to return the coin. Obviously you have a problem with my first coin Since this is the 2nd time you posted your displeasure in 2 different threads, and I completely understand. But I don't agree with the repeated negative posts about an issue that was settled. The coins were mailed out and there is nothing that can be done except offer a refund to anyone who is not happy. You were also offered a refund so rather than bringing the subject up over and over, just return your coins and I will refund your money. As for the the additional coins in different metals: If you read the post you will see that these coins are not set in stone, and I was throwing it out there to get everyones opionions. Taking requests was the only way I could get an honest opionion weather to do them or not. I understand what whitebear and the others have posted on this thread about the value of the first coins. As of now I will not be doing additional metals of this coin....however sometime in the future you may see a different paw print coin that will not take away from the value of the first one. I'll keep everyones requests that I have received for future reference Honestly....I think this this is the right thing to do out of respect to the original buyers of the coin.
  15. Get rid of the logo and add a USA and Canada Map in the same colors.
  16. Love the coin.......would be in for a couple.
  17. I will take 30 More Requests on the Silver "LE" and it will be completed. Lot's of Antique Nickel Available. Gold "XLE" Requests have been filled and no longer taking requests for that coin.
  18. All requests for the "XLE Gold" have been filled. Antique Nickel- Available Silver "LE" - Available
  19. In the end, it's your call. Just giving you a POV. Take it for what it's worth. Kealia.....I appreciate your POV. Thats one of the reasons I threw this out to everyone
  20. I understand what you both are saying. However.....I don't think it will change the value of the 1st coin. Were not talking 500 or more coins here. The first run was 150 black nickel. I just threw this idea out there because it was mostly the same people who bought the coin the first time around who requested additional metals. There were a dozen or so people who missed it the first time around but most of the requests came from people who already have my first coin. This may not even happen......depending on the total number of coin requests I receive. It's just throwing a baited hook out there for now. If I get enough requests.....I'll do them. If not.......I won't
  21. Reservations are just about completed for this series. Invoices will be going out in a couple days.
  22. Only taking reservations for 8 more gold "XLE" version. Then they will be finished. Sorry....but I'm only planning on doing 25 of these coins. 20 of them to be sold and the other 5 to be kept by me Silver "LE" are still available but will be cut short also depending on the number of requests. Place your requests early so you don't get cut short. Check back here for updates
  23. I'll be sorting out the requests to determine how many of each metal to mint. So far it's pretty much even accross the board. Thanks for your interest......
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