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  1. Here is the Die Art. Coins are expected around the middle of November.
  2. If you can't find anyone....send me the graphics and I'll see what I can do. prowler53@comcast.net
  3. there are some really neat coins out there that are not geocaching related. If I see a cool coin that I like I buy it. If every geocoin made had a geocaching logo I think the coins would get boring pretty quickly. Some of the best coins I've seen don't have a geocaching theme...just a geocachers user name. Why? because there different from the rest. I'm not saying that everyone should get away from the geocache theme because thats what the coins are for....I'm just saying that it's nice to see a coin that's different from the rest once in a while, and I won't put them on my X-list just because it don't have a gps, compass, or some other graphic related to geocaching. Just my .02 worth
  4. Just 4 Antique sets still remaining and this series will be sold out.
  5. Way Cool.......I would be interested in this coin.
  6. Coins have been ordered. Expect shipping around the middle of November. There are still some Antique Metal sets available for sale/trade. Keep checking back here for updates!
  7. What about designing it for 2007 and minting it after the 1st of the year? Just a thought. yes, I was thinking that also. I'm just wondering how many would be interested in a geocoin that will need to be engraved. Some folks don't have the ability to engrave themselves so they would have to take it to an engraver to have them done. I think it's a good idea myself. That way it really makes the coin more personal to the buyer. What would an engraver charge for something like that would be another question?
  8. count me in..........let me know when they are available!
  9. I had sent one off to the Geocoin store about 5 weeks ago. As of right now however it is not being done, which is fine by me, I have enough other designs being looked at! It is a VERY good idea! Yes......I knew there was a third party that was thinking about the same idea. I guess we should have gotten together and made it a joint effort. Anyway........there are alot of ideas floating around in my little head also I'm going to think about it for a few days and then I'll decide if I want to do this coin or not. I may end up with a whole new plan. Since I've done 2 personal coins already I wanted to do a generic coin that everyone could enjoy and make it there own.
  10. I need to think about it. I was thinking about doing the blank space for everyone to engrave their user name on the coin. So it would be a little different. I don't think I would do enough for an Icon though....It would be a small run of maybe 100-200 coins. I need a few days to think about it.
  11. hmmm.....I thought I was the only one who had coin problems. Now I don't feel so bad
  12. I like the design.....Keeping my eyes open for this one
  13. BLANK Are the 2 coins yours and Team Jsam a combined effort? Not at all.....check his thread.
  14. Yea it looks like at least 3 of us were working on the same idea, I stared the art for this coin about 3 weeks before Prowler53's thread. Another cacher also stated that they have been working on the same idea. I was going to offer this coin before my United We Cache coin but decided to do the United one first. Great minds think alike Iguess. It looks like a nice coin
  15. Not a problem........I'll think of something else to do.
  16. BLANK Well it looks like someone took the credit card idea and put it up for pre-sale today. I guess I should not post my Idea's before I'm ready to run with them. good luck with your coin team_jsam.
  17. Regular Metal Sets have been SOLD OUT. I have a few Antique Metals left and I expect them to be gone today. If you want an Antique Metal Set you can e-mail me with your reservation request and Paypal address.
  18. Anymore of these coins available?
  19. I'm estimating by the 1st or 2nd week of November
  20. Ok......I'm keeping a tally so far: 1 vote for blank coin 0 votes for "Bugs B. Biting" LOL
  21. Should I leave it blank where the name goes as shown, so everyone can engrave their user name on the coin? Or should I keep the name "Bugs B. Biting" on the coin as shown in the original graphic? Taking votes
  22. 8 Regular Metal sets Remaining. Only a few Antique Metals Left. Should be sold out by the weekend!
  23. The top photo is the front and the bottom photo is the rear
  24. Markus, Send me your paypal address and I'll send you an invoice Thanks!
  25. There are now 10 Sets of Antique Metals made available And 9 Sets of Regular Metals still available. Once these are gone the sets will be sold out.
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