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  1. I've been notified that the tracking codes have been put into the database at geocoinclub.com. You should now be able to retrieve your activation codes.
  2. I've contacted personal geocoins about the activation problems. Give him a couple days to get that fixed. I have pictures but my camera takes really crappy photos. Maybe someone with a good camera could post them?
  3. I mailed a bunch of coins out today. I'll be sending More coins out over the next couple days. I should have them all done by the end of the week.
  4. The Big Cat Series Geocoins have arrived I'll be shipping some out each day, over the next few days. Lot's of packing and sorting to do
  5. Will be shipped USPS First Class with delivery confirmation. Standard bubble mailers....not sure on the size.
  6. After you did one with paypal you will see how easy it is. Delivery Confirmation is already included. No waiting at the post office to calculate postage. Here is what I did when I printed my packing slips, and I didn't use a postal scale. 1 coin with packing material = 2 ounces or .77 cents shipping. Add .24 cents shipping for each additional coin mailed. 1 coin = .77 2 coins = 1.01 3 coins = 1.25 4 coins = 1.49 and so on...... I did mine this way and I didn't have anything returned for postage due. Why do it thru paypal? 1. delivery confirmation included at only .14 cents 2. customer receives notice that the coins are being shipped. 3. Saves alot of time at the post office...just drop everything off. 4. self protection if someone claims not to have received the item you now have a valid tracking number. If someone files a dispute with paypal that they never received an item they paid for, you have to produce a tracking number or refund the money. That is the only proof that paypal will accept. You don't have a tracking number? Then you need to send another coin out or refund the buyer. But most people are honest arent they? I won't spend the time sending everyone tracking numbers for the package, however you have them if you need them. I usually print out the packing slips a day or two before I know the coins are arriving. That way you can have all the envelopes ready to go when you get the coins. Just stuff em' and drop em' off at the Post office.
  7. I'm expecting the coins to arrive late this week or early next week
  8. Ordered 1 copper. Received invoice for 3. Please send new invoice Thank you!
  9. Update: I'm told that the coins will be shipping out to me any day. I think I should have these in hand around Nov 6th. Check back here for updates
  10. I remember seeing a post here in the forums that had a link to a website. It had a very large list of geocoins and showed how many of each metal was minted. Anyone know what the url is?
  11. These coins are sold out! Thanks everyone for your orders. I expect shippment around the middle of November.
  12. A couple of Pirates showed up in my mailbox Nice coins!
  13. I'll donate 1 of my prowling panther coins.
  14. I'll give this a shot....Here's what I came up with.
  15. Any unactivated geocoin can become your own. Purchase one and activate it under your name. There are many geocoin sales here in the forums. Any trackable coins sold here are new unactivated coins that become your own when you buy and activate them.
  16. I don't usually ask for special numbers...however I do end up with #53 coins on occasion. I would never pay extra for a special number. However......If you're willing to pay extra for a coin you're buying from me I would gladly except the offer lol.
  17. Got your request......a couple more remaining.
  18. This is what I came up with for the front of the coin. You did say you wanted to keep it simple right? I kept the tattoo image as is and just did a little outline work to cover up your skin...lol. I think it turned out pretty good.
  19. Invoice Sent.....Thank you! 3 Antique Metal sets still available.
  20. Nice looking coin..........I hope you still have me on the list for the black nickel.
  21. Got your E-mail. Give me a few days to work on this. I'll see what I can do.
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