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  1. Yup....got your order and I have the engraving request. TY
  2. Order Received PaRacers......TY Coins went well the first day. Thanks everyone for your orders and complements on the design. All metals are still available and there are about 20 Gold "LE" sets remaining. If you order an "LE" and would like the engraving please add a note along with your payment. If it won't let you add a note, just e-mail me with your name and the engraving requested (10 Characters Max)
  3. That's an great design........I'm in
  4. Sorry Cruiserdude.......That happened to me not long ago with the credit card geocoin. Whats the chance of 2 people working on the same Idea? Your graphic is completely different from mine and I think everyone would still buy yours. I must say......IT"S A GREAT IDEA
  5. Thanks everyone for the complements. I think these coins are going to look really nice and they seem to be selling pretty quick. Please check back here for any updates
  6. I've also added an e-mail link at the top of the page to request invoices for those who might have trouble with the checkout page.
  7. If no request was sent to me for engraving they will be left blank. If you can't leave a note with the payment just e-mail me with your request for engraving. Shipping should be $2.50 for the first set. $1.00 for each additional set. Credit will be given to those who overpaid on shipping.
  8. There seems to be some issues with the checkout and I can't seem to figure out why it's not billing correctly. So Untill I can figure it out Just go ahead and place your orders and I will send an invoice to you for any remaining balance due. It seems to be a problem with multiple coin orders as I had a few come thru with the wrong amounts. I've sent additional invoices for those up to this point. I would suggest trying seperate orders for each metal untill I get this fixed. Or you can send me an e-mail with your paypal address and order request, and I'll send you an invoice. Thanks to everyone who placed orders!
  9. They are regular metals....Silver, Nickel, Copper, Black Nickel and Gold "LE"
  10. The order page seems to be working fine on my end. I checked each metal and the price comes up correct. If you seem to have a problem with the checkout you can e-mail me at prowler53@comcast.net with your paypal address and order request. I'll send you an invoice
  11. I selected black nickle and the order summary page said $10.50 USD and $2.50 shipping - shouldn't it say $18 rather than $10.50 for the coin set? Beauty coin BTW. Thanks...And yes it should say $18.00 I'll check on that. Thanks for the info. Also...It will not allow me to charge a different shipping amount for international orders. So If you are international you can go ahead and order as is....I'll send an invoice later for additional shipping.
  12. I just ran a check on the website checkout.....seemed to work fine for me? Try again and if you have a problem just e-mail me and I'll send you an invoice for the silver set.
  13. Not a problem with the engraving.....if you didn't request it you will receive a blank one. I'll check the website, I did a test on it before I posted the sale and it seemed to work ok.
  14. Arrowhead Geocoin Set Both coins feature 1.75” Diameter Custom Arrowhead Shape 3.5mm Thickness 2D Both Sides Glow in the dark features on front of coins Hole Cut-out at top of the coin Geocaching.com Tracking number Plus: Raised Blank Metal Area on the rear for Engraving the coin and making it your own personal geocoin. Coin #1 – Land of the free Glow in the dark Sun Coin #2 - Home of the brave Glow in the dark Moon & Tent Opening With Indian Head Metals available: Silver Nickel Black Nickel Copper *Gold “LE” - Includes Engraving up to 10 Characters.* Maximum of 50 Sets Minted. Cut off date for engraved orders is 11/30/06. If you want your "LE" set engraved you must order before this date! All metals include raised blank area for custom engraving. Gold “LE” will be the only coin that can be engraved at the mint. (Optional but included in price) Not available for more than 10 Characters! IMPORTANT: Please add a note with your payment that you want the coin engraved along with the name/userID that you would like on the coin Estimated Shipping date will be 12/30/06 The Checkout for the coins seems to be having issues that I can't explain. If the amounts are incorrect with your payment I will submit an invoice to you for any remaining balance. I would suggest you do each metal as a seperate transaction......This seems to take care of the problem. Thanks ORDER HERE Problem with the checkout? You can request an invoice prowler53@comcast.net
  15. I'm happy to say that the Icon problem has been taken care of Thank you!
  16. Fixed. Sorry for the trouble. Thank you
  17. My Big Cats Geocoin should have a custom Icon. However.....it's showing up as a generic geocoin icon. I've E-mailed Groundspeak but I'm sure they are overloaded with mail. Who can I contact that can take care of this problem?
  18. I've contacted Groundspeak again this morning....Hopefully this will be fixed sometime soon???????
  19. Prowler53

    Holy cow!

    I ship all my international orders via Flat Rate Global Priority.
  20. First you need to read up on the subject here in the forums. Try this link Geocoin Minting Then you can contact any of the coin companies listed in that topic. Any of them will help you with the design and pricing.
  21. The last batch of coins were mailed out on Saturday 11/11/06.
  22. Groundspeak has been contacted about the icon problem. I'm sure it will be straightened out soon.
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