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  1. jho135....your coins went out yesterday. Some coins were shipped friday morning. A bunch went out Monday Morning and I have a final batch going out this morning. It took a bit with sorting out the engraved orders and such. All coins should be shipped out as of today so everyone should have them shortly
  2. Goudacat, I'm not sure why you could not see the post? I know I am very very close to being out of coins all together. I will know exactly where I'm at with orders this weekend. If I can't fill your order I'll refund you. I should have all the sold orders packed up on sunday and ready to ship Monday Morning. Then I will know exactly what I have available. I will be taking reservations for a second batch of coins. So if you miss this first run you can always order for the second batch. Engravings are finished and not available any longer. Engravings were only done on the GOLD LE sets which are sold out for good.
  3. All coins are Sold out. However if I get enough requests for additional coins I may order additional sets. Gold LE's However cannot be ordered......They are Sold out for good. If I can get another 25 sets or more reserved I will order a 2nd batch. You can reserve your coins by sending me an e-mail with the metal you would like and the quantity. Also don't forget to include your paypal e-mail address so I can send an invoice when I'm ready to order them. send e-mail requests to: Prowler53@comcast.net
  4. THE COINS ARE IN They really turned out awesome if I must say so myself! The Glow features on the Indian coin look cool also....I put one under a light for a few seconds and cupped it in my hand, and you can see the outline of the indian head......really cool stuff. I'll be shipping a bunch of these out in the morning and the rest on Monday morning. I think you're going to like them
  5. I received word from personal geocoins that the coins are shipping out to me today. Everyone should have the coins shortly.
  6. Can I still pay for the set I have as "seeking" on coin tracking? Yes AG.......I have a set put aside for you.
  7. I'm expecting the coins around the end of the month. I'm hoping they are as nice as I think they will be
  8. Yes.......The last batch of coins went out November 11th. Drop me an e-mail with your paypal address and I'll check your shippment. Thanks
  9. Moderator....you can close this thread. TY
  10. And the winner is....................................#1 Submitted by jho135. #2 was a close second. jho135 wins a set of Gold "LE" Arrowhead geocoins plus another metal set of choice. I will need a 16x16 and 32x32 version of the icon sent to my e-mail. prowler53@comcast.net Also I will need to know what other metal set you want. Black Nickel, Silver, Nickel or Copper. Congrats!!!!!
  11. We have a tie with #1 and #2 so far. I'll be accepting votes to Midnight Eastern Time. In case of a Tie........My 3 year old will pick the one he likes
  12. Thank you bluprizm.....I spent a few weeks making changes to this design before I sent it out to the coin company. So far the coins have done really well, and I think they are going to be really nice when finished. GOLD "LE" COINS ARE NOW SOLD OUT! If you have not enclosed a note or sent me an e-mail with your engraving request, your gold "LE" will be shipped blank. I'll be going over the list today and writing up the engravings for the mint. So if you have not done so.....please contact me before 5:00 pm eastern today. There are a few others who sent payments but did not specify what metals they wanted. I've been trying to contact them via e-mail but the e-mails have been getting rejected. I guess they will get a Mistery bag.....lol.
  13. I have 4 LE Gold Remaining. Today will be the last day for engraving requests on the Gold "LE" Coins will be ordered December 2nd and all engraving requests must go along with the order. Coins should arrive around the end of the month.
  14. Here are the 4 Icons we will vote on. Votes will be accepted to 12/5/06 Place your votes
  15. lol......ok 11/30/06 is last day. I will narrow it down to 4 and then we will vote on those.
  16. Some of you have requested single coins to set free into the wild. Up to this point they have been sold in sets, however I will make singles available for anyone interested. Gold "LE" coins are not available in singles. Any of the other regular metals will be available. Drop me an E-mail if you are interested in single coins with the following info: 1. paypal address 2. Coin Desired (eagle or indian) 3. Metal desired I'll send out an invoice for your request. If you already ordered coins the shipping charge will be .50 cents per single. Otherwise shipping charge will be $2.00 International shipping is $5.25
  17. Got my Walnut today Nice coin! Mine is PC prefix
  18. I'm told they may be able to squeeze a maximum of 12 characters but the text would be smaller. Some people requested 11 and 12 and I'm sending them through that way. Hopefully they will squeeze them all in there.
  19. All good designs Cutoff is 11/31/06. Post your Idea before that date. It's gonna be a hard choice. I think I'll have to put it to a vote!
  20. You can get activation codes at Http://www.geocoinclub.com
  21. I'm not sure what kind of design I should use for an Icon for these coins. It will be a single Icon for all metals. Sooooo......I figured I would throw this out to everyone to see if someone could come up with a good design If your Icon is used........I'll send you a set of Gold "LE" and another set of metals (your choice) Sound Fair?
  22. I forgot to mention an important bit of info.....These coins will have a custom Icon. I'm going to have a little contest for the best icon design since I don't know what to use. I'll put that in another post
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