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  1. Have you thought about sending it off to Rusty at personalgeocoins.com. He did an awsome job with our two! Thanks for the info. I never heard of Personalgeocoins.com. I'll check them out! What size coin do you think I should go with?
  2. LOL......I guess I have to put it up for a vote.
  3. Good Idea danoshimano ! I thought about that myself but I thought it would make the main part of the paw a little too busy. I'll have to do one up that way and see how it looks.
  4. Thank you I just sent it off to coins & pins and also oakcoins for a price quote.
  5. I've been working on a personal geocoin graphic and I just wanted your input on what I have so far. I'm thinking black nickel and instead of a round coin, maybe have the coin shaped around the paw print. Glowing eyes was another thought. any Input?
  6. 3 Coins Ordered I may get a couple more later
  7. was wondering if it was possible to load a latitude and longitude into the Meridian Platinum and set as a goto route. If it's not possible......how do I load the .LOC file into my GPS? Is there special software for this?
  8. Ok.....I bought a Used Magellan Meridian Platinum and added 128mb SD card and Topo Map. Now I don't understand what I'm supposed to do. I did a search here for my zipcode and found a bunch of cache posts. When I click on one of them it tells a little about the cache along with an LOC waypoint file. I downloaded the file but I don't know what I'm supposed to do with it because my PC does not recognize that file type. Then down below that file there is a litle picture of a map with a waypoint file named GCQHJA.......I'm not sure what that is or how I'm supposed to use it? Where do I get the latitude and longitude for the cache to load into my GPS? Any help with step by step instructions would be great Thanks, Prowler53
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