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  1. Yes I sent you an invoice 28 Coins Remaining
  2. Ok.....Everyone who ordered should have received an invoice. If you ordered and you have not received an invoice please e-mail me. Only 35 more coins available!
  3. I will have a few that I plan on trading. I'll have to see after the coins are ordered and what I have promised out already. Drop me an e-mail and I'll put you on the list for a possible trade.
  4. 65 coins remaining. All requests have been invoiced
  5. Thanks for the orders! Don't worry if you don't get an invoice right away. I'll be sending them out here and there each day.
  6. Prowling Panther Black Nickel Geocoin Pre-Sale A double sided photo inlay coin! Coin Specs: All coins in Black Nickel Only 150 Coins will be minted. 1.75” Diameter Coin with custom shape. 4mm Thickness will have nice weight. Photo Inlay Graphics on Both Sides Paw Pads in Raised Black Nickel Metal surrounded by white. Hard Epoxy Coating Coin front will be numbered 001-150 Coin Tracking on Geocaching.Com Cost: $ 8.50 USA Shipping: $1.25 for 1st Coin and .25 cents for each additional Coin. (5 Coin Maximum per order) International Shipping available at extra cost. E-mail to reserve your coin(s) prowler53@comcast.net Please Include Quantity and shipping info. An Invoice will be created and sent to you.
  7. Yeap! GlennK, your coins went out today priority mail. I actually had to drop it off at the post office because it's over 16oz. Do you want your CD #? I guess I opened a can of worms here......lol. I think I'll stick with including the DC in the postage fee.
  8. How can you get a replacement coin for one that was lost in the mail at no charge? The way I see it, If a coin is lost, stolen, or claimed to have never been received by the buyer then I'm going to have to refund or replace the coin at my cost. I know it don't happen much but let's say someone orders 5 coins at $10 Shipped and it gets lost or stollen. Where is the $50 clams gonna come from to refund them? I think .14 cents is a great deal for DC and it also gives me peace of mind and the buyer gets to see where his package is at during the shipping process.
  9. Thanks for the help........I found it on paypal and you are correct. It's only .14 DC using paypal pre-paid postage with thick envelope. I think that will work if I stuff some bubble wrap in with the coin to boost the hight of the envelope to 3/4".
  10. I was just checking USPS website to figure shipping charges for a small bubble mailer for geocoins. It won't give me the option for delivery convirmation for a 2 oz letter sending parcel post. What does everyone else do for shipping coins? If I pay shipping using paypal and print the shipping label, is delivery confirmation added?
  11. I should have pricing in a day or two......It takes a little longer for price quotes because of the photo inlay on both sides but I think this was the right way to go. I don't think a 3d design would have looked as nice. As soon as I get pricing I will begin a pre-sale on the coin.
  12. The graphic has been submitted and I'm just waiting on a price quote. I'm planning to use a photo for the graphic rather than a 3d design.
  13. The white will be white just as it is shown. I'm still not decided on the Blue or Yellow text. Blue is my favorite color but it does look nice in yellow
  14. Thanks for the suggestions everyone! I took a few great Ideas and suggestions and put them to use. Heres what I have so far and I think it looks pretty good as is. Here is the coin graphic on a dark background so you can see the coin edge.
  15. The edge will most likely be just outside of the paw print all the way around so it will have a white edge . I think I will have the claws notched out slightly rather than have the coin edge rounded off on the top. I'm getting some good Ideas from everyone here Right now I'm working on getting the text inside the main part of the paw without covering any of the panther graphic. I'm just about finished and I'll post the pics to see what everyone thinks. Then It's decision time on what will look best on the coin.
  16. Was thinking 1.75 or 2" I guess it's going to depend on the price.
  17. Thanks.....Everyones opinion helps! I did try putting the text on the main part of the paw as you can see from the front graphic. The rear of the coin was the hard part. I tried to squeeze it on without taking away from the picture but no matter how I did it...It just didn't look right. I still have another Idea I'm going to work on later but so far I think the 2nd graphic will work out best as far as the text size.
  18. Ok.......after hearing suggestions that the text size may not be big enough on the actuall coin, I began doing some work on it. This is another option that I came up with. I still like the first graphic better myself but if the text is going to be too small I guess I'll have to go with my second option. Making the text larger and putting it on the main part of the paw print just didn't look right so I came up with an Idea to change the text color so It would stand out better on the white background, and then put part of the text on the paw print and part of it just below the paw print. How do you think this would look on a coin?
  19. If you're considering doing another run if they go well, be sure to say that up front when you're selling them. Some people take the minted numbers into account when they purchase and don't like it if more get minted later (since it reduces the demand for trades, etc.). Some people just do second mintings in a different metal to preserve the original numbers, but since black nickel is a rather unique metal colour that might not be an easy option for this coin. Good Thinking......I think I'll keep it at 100 total coins.
  20. I think it would look best in a picture but I'll see what the coin company comes up with for ideas. I would like to keep the coin looking as close to the graphic as possible. I think pics would be best as well., very cool. im also very interested in seeing proofs. I'll be posting the proofs as soon as I get them. I just sent requests out for prices today and I'm not sure how long it takes to get the quotes. The graphics have been sent to coins & pins, Oakcoins and Personalgeocoins.com
  21. I think it would look best in a picture but I'll see what the coin company comes up with for ideas. I would like to keep the coin looking as close to the graphic as possible.
  22. I'm figuring on getting 100 coins for the first run to see how they go. I'll probably pre-sell 75-80 and keep the rest for trades and to send a few in caches. I'm thinking about getting the first set numbered. If I knew they would take off really well I would get more made but since this is my first try at this I wanted to see how it went first.
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