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  1. We use the c:geo app also and I have had no major problems with it.
  2. We are VERY new to this and so far have found 8. 2 of those were ammo cases. We had our children with us so we have taught them that if you take something you put something back in but it has to be equal to what you take. I'm very proud of them as we found on one that did have a rather LARGE and pricey item in it. They knew they were not able to trade up for it even though for a child this electronic is something they ALL want. Everything else we found had some little trinkets in it or they were micro's. The kids enjoyed finding them but of course were a bit disappointed when they couldn't trade up anything. I don't think anyone is a crab for expecting to find swag that is appropriate and that people trading, trade appropriately. Its the fun of the game. I'm even debating on making my own cache but for a specific reason. I got a few awareness ribbon pins and I know that awareness for some illnesses are few and far between. I'm going to place a pin placed on a card w/ some facts of the illness (in this case it is Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia or CDH)and a website. Maybe someone will take that pin and learn something new. I've even thought about maybe requesting other people to place other awareness ribbon swag in it for trade if they would like. Not sure how good of an idea this is but it sounded good in my head and it seemed like a nice way to help. Okay done rambling...
  3. I just started on 4/7/2012 and downloaded an app to my phone (not the geocaching app for $9.99, a free app) and so far it has been pretty good. First day just trying to get accustomed to it was a learning experience but we figured it out. A lot of our problem was not knowing exactly what we were looking for. We found 2 or 4 our first day. The GPS got us to the general locations and in most cases to the exact spot. The two we did not find I think were because we did not know what we were looking for. In one case, we went back to it and found it our second try (only because my daughter never told me she saw something and didn't know what it was and it ended up being what we were looking for). I'm going back to the other and looking again because I think I now know where it is due to the clue since I had no idea what the acronym meaning was in the clue (now I do). Yesterday we logged 8 finds and 1 DNF. I'm still pondering the DNF. We were in the area the GPS took us and it looked like the right spot but I'm not sure where it was. The only thing we did find was a dead animal in a plastic bag I'm not a hardcore geocacher but I do think some day I will be getting a handheld GPS mainly because of the battery life but for now my android has been working out very well for me.
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