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  1. Hi folks,

    The original promotional trackable tag is intended to be placed inside a geocache within 2-weeks of receiving one, not a proxy. Promotional tags want to engage with as many geocachers as possible and make new friends along the way. 


    If you purchase a trackable tag, you are allowed to release a proxy in the case that the original has gone missing.


    If you have questions regarding promotional tags like TMNT, please email promotions@geocaching.com.





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  2. On 9/30/2019 at 12:20 PM, mamabear said:

    Hi kunarion, thanks for bringing this to our attention. Unfortunately, the App cannot display the interactive trackable map due to Apple/Android guidelines. However, the TB promotional text should appear in App - we are looking into resolving that now. If you see anything else, please don't hesitate to reach out at promotions@geocaching.com. Thank you, Katie DiJulio 

    To followup we found a solution to the interactive map, which is now displayed in-app! Working on finding a fix for the promotional marketing on trackable details pages.

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  3. 19 hours ago, kunarion said:

    In the App, view a promotional trackable such as the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle tag, and while the goal and description is accessible, the promotional text doesn't appear.  In the case of TMNT, the link to the world map of such tags is not available, and the main promotion goals are not in view, such as sharing stories on social media, and information about the TMNT show series and videos. 


    The TMNT promotion, separate from the individual tags, is in view in the user's profile.  But no links to either neither map.  The web site has maps of TMNT Events, and of tags in caches worldwide.


    If there's a way to access this within the App, aside from opening a web browser, I couldn't find it.


    In the App, all of this is missing:




    Hi kunarion, thanks for bringing this to our attention. Unfortunately, the App cannot display the interactive trackable map due to Apple/Android guidelines. However, the TB promotional text should appear in App - we are looking into resolving that now. If you see anything else, please don't hesitate to reach out at promotions@geocaching.com. Thank you, Katie DiJulio 

  4. Hi igator201 - We love your interest in Lab Caches and appreciate your feedback. We are still testing and developing the product along with a lot of other initiatives across the company so it has taken a while, but we are still working on Lab Caches as a product. Thank you for your input!

  5. Hi Zor,


    There have been a few updates made to the Adventure (Lab Cache) Builder Tool this week, they include the following:


    • On the Geocache Edit Page: A drop-down with trigger options (QR Code, iBeacon, Photo)

    • On the Geocache Edit Page: "question to answer" following the trigger options

    • On the Adventure Edit Page: Do you want to make your adventure playable offline

    These updates are improvements and enhancements for future planning and will have no affect on the current Adventure you are building. In fact, you do not need to select anything or input any information in any of the three fields.


    Regarding the "test snapshot", I reproduced a test snapshot this morning and did not run into any problems. You may have experienced issues with the testing due to two reasons:


    • We rolled out new updates yesterday, and if you tried to test during that period you may have experienced error messages.

    • The older test snapshot should be deleted before creating a new one.


    I've searched our general HelpCenter inbox for your email and haven't seen it, I'll keep an eye out for it and follow-up with you through email.

  6. Hi sjclimber - we aren't ready to roll Lab Caches out for the public just yet, but we agree we've been given a lot of time to asses the product and gather awesome feedback. We are working on grooming the feedback to enhance and make further improvements on the product. Thanks, Katie

  7. Hi pli, thanks for the feedback from the FAD 2014 mega. At the moment we are granting event hosts with 10 geocache locations as that seems to be the best user experience for Lab Caches at Mega Events. We'll continue to make adjustments and modifications to the tool while we improve the product over time. Thanks again for the feedback!

  8. Hi Die Nemos,


    While the Lab Caches product is still in beta we don't have the functionality for other players to see logged lab caches on other accounts at this time. We hope this is a feature we can implement in the future as Lab Caches continue to mature in their life-cycle.





  9. There is now a way to check for deleted Lab Cache logs! Follow the steps below:


    1. Log into geocaching.com

    2. Go to your Public Profile (geocaching.com/profile)

    3. Click the tab "geocaches"

    4. Click on Lab Caches underneath Geocaches Found


    5. Scroll to the very bottom of the page and click the link "Show Deleted Logs" (this link will not appear if you haven't deleted any logs)


    6. Scroll up and down your list to find the deleted logs and then select the ones you want un-deleted

  10. The purpose of Lab Caches is to create an engaging and educational experience for the geocaching community by using a temporary series of geocaches that are unique and achievable for all participants. We have created this forum to help Lab Cache builders share their ideas and tips for creating the best experience for others. Show off your photos, insights, and stories here!


    Frequently asked questions:


    What are Lab Caches? A Lab Cache is an experimental and extremely rare geocache type. These geocaches are a way for Geocaching HQ to innovate and test new ideas to make geocaching even better. By building a great experience you are helping us shape the future of Geocaching!


    How does a Lab Cache work? These mostly work the same as regular geocaches: navigate (using the web-based app) to the location, find the cache and sign the logbook, solve the riddle, or answer the question. However, these differ in that you must use the find code in order to mark the geocache as found. The URL for Lab Caches should be shared by event hosts with participants ahead of time.


    Does a Lab Cache have to involve a container? A container is preferred, but not necessary. It can even be indoors. The finder just needs to discover a code to unlock the find. At a large event, it is better to have a crowd-friendly geocache. Have fun and be creative, these are temporary hides with a lifespan as long as the mega event.


    Are Lab Caches reviewed by a reviewer? No. The general geocaching guidelines do not apply to Lab Caches and the caches do not go through a formal review process. We assume you are using your expert local judgement for locations and ensuring the player will have the best experience. Geocaching HQ is happy to skim through the Lab Caches before your event. Approval may be withheld if Geocaching HQ deems the series to be inappropriate.


    Are Lab Caches replacing virtual geocaches? No, because there are no special logging requirements other than entering the find code.


    For more frequently asked questions visit this link.

  11. I have not done a geotour but I came across your listings while investigating what they are and how they work.

    This passage on one cache page caught my attention:


    "Due to the complexity of this cache and for the CO's sanity you must send an email within 24 hours of your logged find giving a detailed description of how you went about retrieving the log. If you fail to do this your log will be deleted. This is to ensure that all parts of this cache are replaced properly for the next geocacher."


    Have geotour caches been granted an exemption from the ALR ban?


    Hi Michaelcycle! Thanks for bringing this up. Can you provide the GC code for the cache you are referring to so we can look into it further? Thanks!

  12. To answer your questions:


    1. There will not be food served at the Block Party. There are several restaurants in the area that cater to all taste buds!


    2. Upon arrival you will learn how you can do this with your iphone.....it's a surprise!


    3. To make the most out of the Block Party experience I suggest participating in as much as you can; dunk tank, geocaching courses, challenges, and more! Geocachers in general are very social, you should not have a problem striking up a conversation with anyone. There will also be a meet and greet booth where you will have the chance to meet geocachers from all over the world.

  13. The cache page shows that there will be a series of classes, but I haven't seen a schedule or any sort of curricular overview for these classes. When will this be available?


    Do you mean the "geocaching courses"? If so, those are physical courses (in the sense of a ropes course) set up around the office.


    There will not be any geocaching classes or seminars, but we look forward to seeing you at the geocaching courses!

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