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  1. I sent you a message through GC app
  2. Looking to add any personal geocoins to my collection. Anyone have any for sale or trade? also considering volunteer/reviewer coins
  3. I am looking for 3 specific unactivated lackey coins. 2011 gold, 2011 silver, and 2012 gold. Contact me if you have any available
  4. Maybe send an email directly to the reviewer to see if any more changes would be needed to proceed. Maybe it got overlooked.
  5. Maybe you could contact the EC reviewer to have them edit the titles of the images.
  6. I had to read the description several times before getting it through my skull. But it seems doable. There is no requirement that the answers be correct but I am in favor of the suggestion by funkymunkyzone. I think the geocacher should provide some type of answer even if it is wrong.
  7. I guess it would depend on when the EC was published. Rules have changed along the way and it would have meet the guidelines at the time it was published. So I would think you need to answer all the questions. Without knowing the GC#, it's hard to determine. But if you think it's a problem, you can address it with the publishing EC reviewer.
  8. I've worked with GeoAware1, GeoAware4, GeoAware6, GeoAware7, GeoAware9, GeoAwareCA, and GeoAwareEU1. All have been helpful, but one was certainly tougher and I also have my favorite (which is my local reviewer).
  9. Is there a WF Player available for download yet?
  10. I was looking at one of my Wherigo cache listings and noticed the pencil to correct the coordinates (like you can with puzzles). But not all listings of mine allow the correction. Anybody know anything about this? This is the listing where I noticed it: https://coord.info/GC4QPMP
  11. Still not able to see saved lists on a map so it's not much use right now. Ugh!
  12. Noticed somethings missing that I used quite a bit: 1. unable to add maintenance logs or archive my caches from new app 2. cannot see my personal geocache notes 3. my owned caches do not have different colors on the map (all show as green star circles) 4. saved lists do not have a map view 5. cannot save caches to offline list 6. cannot open new cache notifications in app (it goes to website instead) 7. cannot add favorite points when logging cache 8. cannot refresh geocache data 9. no setting menu to personalize (miles/km, ignore list 10. no openstreetmaps and no opencycle maps (great for showing park trails!) 11. no option to exclude users in filter 12. cannot filter premium only 13. cannot add needs maintenance log, cannot temporarily disable cache suggestions: 1. add related web page link (helpful for wherigos and puzzles) 2. solved puzzles show corrected coordinates on map 3. able to correct coordinates for letterboxes and wherigos (change to actual final location) 4. add ability to delete messages from message center (I get hundreds from my earthcache answers) 5. add ability to update coordinates for owned caches using the app
  13. While using the iPhone Facebook app, I am no longer able to click on links to geocaches. I used to be able to choose whether to open the link in the official app or on the website. It will still open on the website, but I cannot open the app from the links in Facebook. Anybody else having this issue?
  14. Why does the Statistics tab on Quick View not match the Geocaches on Public Profile for the lab caches?
  15. I was trying to load a .lua in Wherigo Builder and get an error message. I have Windows7 on 64-bit operating system.
  16. I was able to get the completion code to work after making some changes to my cartridge and saving them. I edited the final point and saved the file. During my test, I was able to get the message with a completion code and it showed up in my final inventory. Hopefully the next user will get the completion code. Thanks!
  17. I uploaded a new version but still did not get a completion code. Also the code didn't show in the inventory either. Not sure what I am doing wrong.
  18. Nobody has been able to get the completion code at the end of the Wherigo, including myself. Not sure why.
  19. Know you are busy, but sending the reminder you requested.
  20. Thanks Ranger. I was told it wouldn't show up when I ran my own cartridge on my GPS to test it. Thanks for checking it for me!
  21. I used the Ranger kit builder. I don't remember having to select it as an option for the first 2 wherigos I have done. Per the kit: Unlocking Cartridges Cartridges are automatically unlocked for players when they reach the last zone and see all messages and answer all questions. The unlock code will be shown automatically. Hi brcross95, - which builder? - how do you currently show the completion code (or do you expect it to work automatically)?
  22. I am able to progress through each stage of the Wherigo but the final stage doesn't show a completion code. Here is a link to my Wherigo cartridge. My link
  23. Any update on this occurrence?
  24. I got another notice from a Android user that the Franklin College cartridge stops navigation at the third zone. You can pull up the map and walk to the zone and it will continue. This only occurs with Android users; all iPhone users are able to complete the whole cartridge.
  25. I just tested the new cartridge and got a completion code. It was 18 characters so I assume you just type in the first 15 to unlock
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