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  1. Wow, we didn't even know there was an event in Danville this weekend. Can't make it, but we'll be going to the Fresh event tonight in San Jose. Congrats to DavidT21&Fisherwoman and to Team Alamo! Rumor has it that the Ventura Kids (marathon cachers from SoCal) will be blazing through here again in September for our wedding. Maybe we should have a multi-thousand event of some kind around that time... What IS the guideline for caches being close together in time or location? There are at least two this weekend in the Bay Area, but I thought that was turned down before?
  2. Oh, now that people know I only appear in three scenes, maybe they won't be so afraid of watching it. Three? I only saw you in one. Where else do I look for you? Please, anything to distract me from GI Joel's burping!
  3. It's not the movies, but "The Amazing Race" last night had contestants on camels using Gekos to get to a destination. Man those people are morons!
  4. Hey Kablooey, we watched this the other night and you are only in it for a couple of seconds! We were hoping for a Blu-O-Rama! Oh well, still an interesting movie. Thanks for letting us know about it!
  5. Lookit this one: cheap eTrex Legend It seems to be reconditioned or something... But 100% functional. Not sure if this is good or not!?
  6. I'm surprised that no one has yet mentioned the large crowd of geocachers that parked along Montebello Rd. when we were all up there looking for the Magellan treasure on 7/11/03. I was the first geocacher to find it; unfortunately two OTHER people got there before me (non-cachers from what I gather) but at least I got that darn hat! It was a regular geocacher Who's Who there that day... And yes, Kablooey was the only one who went to get a parking permit and ended up getting there later than the rest of us... But at least he was legal!
  7. ND has this one all set to TiVo. I suggest the rest of you DVR people do the same!
  8. Maybe it's because all of the parks are already full of micros? Okay, probably not really. Speaking for myself, I've been out of town/too busy planning a wedding to cache much lately, which correlates to not placing any either. I could have cached this past weekend but honestly I was so busy doing laundry and wedding planning that I ran out of time. The weekend before, ND and I were at a conference in Redwood City and cached up there. ND did place some new caches down in Gilroy that have very few finders so far. So if anyone is willing to travel... Today, he's doing his best to log all the caches in Montebello!
  9. I found Nurse Dave's spider! I never thought it would work, but by doing a simple search for "yellow and black spider" on Google I found it. Black and Yellow Garden Spider Dave's spider: Spider on that website: I find it ironic that he had to move from Oregon to California to find a spider that I found on an Oregon website!
  10. OK, I'm confused. So can we put caches in Post to Park areas? I ask because the Marin Headlands are in one of those areas and I was clearly told by several approvers that I could not put a cache there. In fact there are only virts there at this time, at least last time I checked.
  11. Update: Hotel information for out-of-town visitors. I thought it'd be neat to find a place where all the geocachers from out of town could stay that's nice at a GREAT rate (way lower than it would usually be). So... Here goes... The wedding, as you may recall, is Sept. 11. The hotel rate for Sept. 8-9 is $120/night and Friday and Saturday (Sept. 10 and 11) nights are $79/night. This is pretty good for this area. The hotel is Cupertino Inn and their number is 408-996-7700. Ask for block #100701 or the Davis-Sprecher wedding. Let me know if you have any questions!
  12. Or maybe a different admin (the new one?) approved it? I was kind of wondering about this myself... Well, the wedding sounds a little more important. Congratulations -- soon you will be someone's father-in-law.
  13. Heya, ND and I met ProTechCC and ChucklesDA up at Mars Cache (the one up by Mt. Umuhnum). That was back when they first started caching. Nice guys! I hope they make it to an event or two soon. We had fun in Reno but I'm sad we didn't make it to the un-gathering. As previously stated I would love to help put together an event in this area (Cambrian, San Jose, ??) sometime.
  14. Marky, We really enjoyed hunting for these caches on the 4th. Of course, ND had already found a lot of them, but the boyz and I were new to it. I think the interval was just right for someone caching with kids. I think the .25 you're talking about for the next trail would be okay too though. This trail was ideal for our group because it is mostly flat (or gently sloped) which works for me with my bum knee and the boyz, who tend to bitch about having to climb hills! Thanks a bunch for placing these!
  15. Hi there. I'd been meaning for some time to reply to your message and hadn't gotten around to it. Nurse Dave and I are in the Cambrian area as well (it sounds like lots of us are). I'd be willing to organize a pizza event for the locals (well, or anyone else who wanted to join us). I'm no good at organizing games, though, so I'd need someone's help with that. (hmm, not sure what I think of these frogs) Looking at the calendar I was thinking perhaps Saturday, July 24... I have a Round Table Pizza in mind that is very conveniently located and would let us reserve their back room. It's at Camden and Union at Cambrian Plaza. I was thinking that if we do this in July, it would not interfere with the BADGES event in August (which unfortunately I'll not be able to attend). Thoughts? Let me know!!
  16. I am pretty sure that Nurse Dave is out there today.
  17. Hi there, Nurse Dave has the Map Send software. He also upgraded his Magellan with an SD card that allows him to put several PQs on it at once. I should tell him what we're discussing in this thread so he can get on here and put in his $.02. Anyway, it sounds like you have made a wise decision. If I had it to do all over again, I'd've gone from yellow eTrex to Magellan something instead of to eTrex Legend. I love the map resolution and some of the other features on the Legend, but the sat lock SUCKS unfortunately. Hope your new GPSr arrives by the weekend!!
  18. Lefty, If you ARE going to stick with Garmin, I want to mention that I like my eTrex Legend -- I upgraded from yellow eTrex to that in February (Valentine's Day present). It has the features you mention plus you can add maps. The only problems with Garmins in general and eTrexes in particular is the crummy antennas. Nurse Dave has a basic Magellan and it has the great quad-helix antenna that the upper level ($300+) Garmin units have. Plus maps etc. The resolution isn't all that wonderful but you really can't beat the price (~$100) and the lock that puppy can keep, even in heavy tree cover, that neither of my eTrexes can. Garmin has a neat comparison chart on their site, and I think Magellan has something similar on theirs. I've found that the best prices come from Amazon, and though you'll have to wait a little longer to get your unit, at least the shipping is usually free. About GPSes disappearing in a household with kids... I had that happen with the original GPSr that I was using when I started geocaching, a Garmin III (very nice external antenna, by the way, but they don't sell them anymore). It was borrowed from someone, and I felt really badly about misplacing it. For several MONTHS I went without geocaching before I finally sprang for a yellow. I still haven't found that III and I have moved twice. I think probably the kids took it and left it somewhere (!?). Anyway good luck with your shopping. Hope the geocaching withdrawal is not too bad.
  19. I had previously posted this here and it got moved to West/Southwest... After some dialogue with a forum mod I'm reposting it here (after closing the other thread) so that our friends around the country and around the world will have the opportunity to see it so they might travel to the event if at all possible! Nurse Dave and I met on #geocache in IRC. We have many friends through that channel and through the forums whom we would love to have at our wedding... So we made it an event cache (though there will also be "normal" people there!)... Wedding of Beckerbuns & Nurse Dave Please let us know if you can join us!
  20. To me it sounds like you found something other than the cache. The people right before you seem to have really found it. Maybe you should change your find to a note?
  21. Hey all, Clay Jar should be getting into Lathrop early this afternoon if I am calculating correctly. If any of you would like to catch up with him in Lathrop, and would like to be notified by me when I hear from him, you can call my cell phone at 408-429-0221 (and then please promptly lose the number ) ! ClayJar's AlaskaQuest 2004 Should be fun!
  22. I live in San Jose, California. One of our sister cities is Dublin, Ireland. Would anyone in Dublin be willing to work on this locationless with me? It sounds like fun... Sisters Please email me through the site.
  23. Could a forum moderator please move this thread back to Geocaching Topics? I already mentioned the wedding event cache in the Bay Area thread. I was trying to get the word out to the greater geocaching community, those who know us from the forums and IRC who are not in the West and Southwest. Thanks.
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