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  1. Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?
  2. Well, d'oh, it's too bad I haven't been keeping up with the forums. How did it go? Fun? Anything left for us to get if/when we go this week? Sounds like fun!
  3. I remember that. She also came to our wedding along with her daughter. She also wanted to get the Silicon Valley Geocachers organized and I still think that would be a good idea.
  4. Hi, Kablooey, Marky and I (and maybe others) all have T-Mobile (I think?) and a Sidekick phone of some type. Mine is a Sidekick II and it totally rocks. I get pretty good coverage all over the place so far and I've been able to look up caches and log on the fly. It's lots of fun.
  5. Oops, jeez, what a dingbat. That was me posting but it looks like ND was logged in here last. D'oh.
  6. I haven't gotten to the end of this thread yet (I review it periodically) but I haven't seen this yet: To me the benefit of having PQs for BMs is that I'd be able to see the other people's logs while I'm actually out caching. If I put the NGS info onto my Palm (using BMGPS) I only get their data, which tends to be outdated or incomplete. For instance there are some BMs around here which have been destroyed or become inaccessible and I wouldn't know this unless I could read the logs of the others around here. So I join in the chorus for benchmark PQs. As I have in the past.
  7. It's Jeremy's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
  8. Hey! I got to 600 today! Well, 602 actually. Including a little adventure during which Kablooey got FTF on a cache and I got STF on it. Now to catch up on all the housework!
  9. I'm negotiating a swap for one. I haven't even seen what they look like yet. --Marky We have 25 of them. ND forgot that he'd asked me to order some, and also ordered some. We have #4, too.
  10. It's ClayJar's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
  11. With our smashed pennies, we don't really expect them all to move, but we do like to see where they end up. I'm sure that goes for digitalfish as well. I just think it's a neat "history" of what happened to them. Okay, Andrew and I just logged some of his and the two that I have. He entered them himself, even the typing of my geocaching name!
  12. Darn it, Andrew has like 8 of these on a string in his room. He probably won't give them up but he'll be intrigued by the idea of entering them on a website. He was collecting the fish for a while til ND and I put a stop to it, reasoning that other people should have a chance to pick them up too! I have #s 326 and 327, my dad's lucky numbers, and I know ND has one in his binder too...
  13. For some reason this link takes me to a general page with headlines.
  14. I am definitely up for another event. The local SJ one we had at Fresh Choice sure was great. Can we do something like that again? Anyone?
  15. Ricky came home yesterday! He's doing fine. That's his shortest hospital stay ever at 5 days but it was not without its scary parts (for him and his parents). Thanks for everyone's kind thoughts!
  16. We wish we could have been at the picnic today but unfortunately Ricky is in the hospital and our minds and hearts are with him. He's going to be okay... He'll probably come home in a few days. We wonder if the BADGES people think we hate them! We don't, really. One of these days we'll make our way to one of the events.
  17. Yes there is. Here's the page: Silicon Valley Geocachers
  18. One more thing! I would like to archive or at least disable the wedding cache, but there are still some TBs in there. Does anyone have one or more TBs they need to grab from the event? Please do! Thanks.
  19. Yeah, what he said. We had a great time in SF the 11th-15th on our honeymoon. Now it's back to the old grind... But eek now I'm a married woman!!! It was great to see everyone. I had such a good time and I just wish I'd been able to get around to talk to everyone but it was madness there, so many people we know! I wanted to ask a favor... I would love to get hires pics from everyone who took some at the wedding... To compile an online album and maybe print some nice prints for our wedding scrapbook. You can contact me directly via email. Thanks!!!
  20. This past Monday, while on our honeymoon, Nurse Dave and I found this mark near Fisherman's Wharf (San Francisco). We took pictures of it hoping to log it when we got home by searching for the nearest marks to the coordinates. Unfortunately it's not in the database. There are two marks within .1 of the coords but they are not this one, as evidenced by the pictures cachers took of them. I see I am not the only one who has had this happen! Still interesting, though! As you can see, this mark was placed by the Bureau of Land Management, U.S. Department of the Interior. The mark number is illegible which is why we were going to search by coords.
  21. Nurse Dave and I each have signature buttons and cards, and after the wedding event cache on Saturday we will have leftover signature laser-engraved carabiners. We also have some wedding-commemorating pencils that just arrived yesterday. Would anyone like to trade comparable items?
  22. I just found this thread! Hi, all. Yes, I do get the agendas. This is definitely not as big of an issue as it was when it first came up. I think most of all we need to be aware of our actions when we are out there in EBRPD parks, and not act recklessly (bushwacking, umm, hedgetrimming (Forman!!!) etc.) so we are not attracting attention to ourselves. I personally have not found many caches in the East Bay, and I'm hoping to find many more, just as soon as I get married and have more free time.
  23. We have a happy cacher union right here in California... Nurse Dave and I met via channel #geocache and are getting married in a mere 9 days! Wishing GeoHo and Mopar and the other caching couples all the breast, err, best!
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