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  1. MotorBug and others, I know I am late on this but in my opinion, a FTF can be shared. ND and I have found several caches together and both counted them as FTF. I believe I've found a cache or two with Kablooey that was FTF for both of us as well. If it's found at the same time by two people, why can't they both have FTF? How would you figure out who would get it, if not both? JMHO.
  2. Hope you don't get crowded out by all of the people out there caching on the Cesar Chavez holiday! ha, ha. (I'm just bitter because it's a City holiday and I'm stuck working anyway!)
  3. Very good points and ideas. I think a website, maybe with forums, might be a good idea. Also -- have we considered having the local group be called something besides BADGES? Wasn't BADGES started as a dining/get-together organization? Maybe there could be an affiliated group (Silicon Valley Geocachers, for instance? or Bay Area Geocachers?) that deals with other stuff? Just throwing out ideas. Let me know if I can help. I can do some web design as well.
  4. Yes, and yes! I think it's shameful that the Bay Area, with its cache and cacher density, does not yet have an official representative group. A website will be great. But maybe we need to do MORE.
  5. I'm sure Boulter could help with that! I hear he has clippers for that PO...
  6. So what's going on with these coins? And Kealia which company are you going with? We used KV Coins for ours and they did a good job (took a while though).
  7. I guess I have a bit of a different attitude than most cachers around here (I had an interesting conversation with WoW about trying to clear out all caches within x radius of home... I have no hope of this, living in San Jose and all!)... But the way I see it is that I just do as many as I can and don't worry about completeness. I'd go crazy if I tried to find ALL of the caches around here. So on the weekends when ND's working, the boys and I go out and try to find the clusters (say, Los Gatos Creek Trail, or a certain park). When ND's off, we head for a part of the Bay Area we haven't cached in before (recent trips include Santa Cruz, Pacifica, Alameda, Fremont, Pleasanton, Livermore) and find a bunch of caches. I figure if I can't hope to find ALL of the caches, I might as well find the bunches that I can. So go to Alum Rock Park.
  8. Congrats to Mauison, Marky & Joani, and Nazgul on your milestones! (And anyone else I missed!)
  9. Jeez, why throw them a bone when none of them (well, except ProTech -- finally!) bothered to make it out to QS on Sunday?
  10. As I suspected, the "G" was just teasing me. Still no internet or email. I'm on the phone with T-Mobile right now getting my credit. Every indication is that this is a Danger problem, not T-Mobile, but at least they're doing right by customers by giving that credit. Only one credit per month, though. So if this continues, or happens next week, no luck... The other night at a birthday party Ricky went to, I checked out his friend's mom's Treo. It looked pretty nice, but she said that the web is really slow (no big shock there) and she can't see pictures. If this keeps happening, I might look at some other alternative, though...
  11. Yeah, I heard that in the forums over at hiptop.com. I didn't know you had a Sidekick also. Mine finally came up this morning but the internet still doesn't seem to be functional. So we're coming up on almost 2 days.
  12. Hey, I used to get it for free! It's called... Being a consultant. (Wanna buy some Tupperware?)
  13. Nahh, nobody around here has worked on that cache at all! Yeah, a few people in the Bay Area have been umm, pursuing that cache.
  14. Hey, how cool is that! They're famous! I've been refreshing the front page for weeks trying to get us to show up
  15. True dat. But then again, some people think parking lots are great places for caches too. Hey, the boys and I found a good parking lot cache yesterday -- thanks, Bykenut!
  16. 140 caches placed just for an event??? That's nuts! ....no, that's San Diego... N.U.T.S. is in Chico I think ha ha ha! By the way, I think we have your flashlight.
  17. I hadn't planned on it (there are two bags in there already for Snuva) but you are welcome to add another if you like, just be sure to label it well for the people that haven't been following the forums and/or cache log notes. Another option might be to just put the TB in a cache close to Marky since he's definitely going and I'm not sure I can make it yet. Congrats in advance on #700. Tell ya what, unless I hear otherwise, I'll just collect bugs myself and get them to Marky somehow. He lives very close to me. Just wanted to check. And thanks for the congrats.
  18. 140 caches placed just for an event??? That's nuts!
  19. We are planning a family trip to Oregon the first week of July (the week that Independence Day falls), with a side trip up to the APE cache. So we'd be able to go up with anyone who wants to go then... Or can't go in May...
  20. It's a small milestone compared to the rest of you, but I'm trying to get to #700 this weekend.
  21. I have collected some bugs that want to go to various parts of Europe, Tasmania, and possibly the South Pacific. Is there going to be a bag for TravelingViking (headed for Europe) in the QS TB cache? Or should I give those European-bound bugs to Marky or someone else going on the 13th? I'll try to get the bugs I have into the Quicksilver TB cache tomorrow or Sunday (pending weather conditions). I'm excited to help the bugs along on their journeys and the bugs' owners have expressed their appreciation as well!
  22. Shoot, I just realized that that's a Sunday (school night) so it's not going to work for us that late. However, if I discover any bugs trying to get across the pond I'll get them to someone who's going (cachers local to me include WoW, Nazgul, Semi-Hex, and you, Marky). Again -- have fun.
  23. Heh, the event is already a done deal, on the evening of the 12th. --Marky Ya, I know, but I didn't know when I posted this reply cause it wasn't mentioned here that there was already an event scheduled. I looked after the fact! Oh well, ya'all have fun!
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