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  1. I wonder if she is one of my customers. What's her name on eBay?
  2. Hey all this discussion happened without me. Glad to see the situation resolved, and I got my coins this morning. I'm closing the topic.
  3. I saw a thread on this but it was closed by the person who started it, and I'm not sure why as we didn't really get an answer. Is the sale going to be rescheduled? I realize the Groundspeak folks probably have the day off... Maybe they can look into it on Tuesday.
  4. Well, that may be, but I've been selling off my spare geocoins for months now and I've never had one go unsold. And they all go for more than I paid for them.
  5. I'll host a few auctions directly. Of course this only works if the trust fund is set up on eBay as a charity -- is it? Let me know the name (PM, email, or on here) and I'll list the next few auctions for the cause.
  6. Elias, I belatedly thank you for your response. We appreciate your efforts.
  7. I don't give ND a hard time about caching. It's how we met, after all.
  8. Is anyone at Groundspeak going to address this issue? I'm able, for the first time in 6 weeks, to go caching today, and two PQs from almost 12 hours ago, as well as one this morning, say they have run but they have not arrived. It's not my ISP; I've already checked on this. I also added the PQ email address to my address book and non-spam list just in case.
  9. What thread did you see something about this? I ran two queries last night and it says they were generated. And one today, same thing. Thus far I have received zilch.
  10. Does this mean my webcam cache is destined to move over to the new site?
  11. This category would include buildings that are of the unusual, one-of-a-kind, or award-winning variety. (Incidentally why are we suggesting these if suggestions are not being taken?)
  12. These already have their own site. Have you seen www.markeroni.com?
  13. Might I point you over to www.markeroni.com? It's a great site for historical markers...
  14. Yep, we made it, and had a lot of fun! Now we're in our hotel in Seattle recovering. I am glad I was able to meet all of you new folks. The Seattle area crowd is very friendly! Thanks for feeding us and keeping us company. That's quite a hike! (I logged today's caches from my Sidekick II phone. I love that thing. Maybe I'll let ND use the laptop now to log them.)
  15. Hi al!!! ND got me a laptop for my birthday (today) and I wanted to pop in and say how excited I am to get to meet you all tomorrow! Do we have a current list of who is coming?
  16. Markwell Let us know if you hook up!
  17. Heya Damenace, could you please share the link? I'm looking for it too! Thanks!
  18. Yeah, I used to keep track of my FTFs on my profile page but I got out of the practice a while back and got behind, and then finally took them off. I've found that it's exciting when it happens but after that I start to care less... And no one else much cares which FTFs I've gotten anyway.
  19. Wait, I forgot this part. I like to think that I lead by example. When I can find a decent place to put a cache around here (getting more and more difficult), I try to put a full-sized cache out, or if it's a micro, it's there for a good reason (like my Jake's Play Lot cache, which shows the finder a nice memorial playground, and has no good place to put a full-sized cache). As most of you know, I was putting out micros at libraries, but I finally did archive the ones that were left because I was not interested in maintaining micros. ND and I have endeavored to put out good quality regular and large size caches, which I believe creates more excitement for new cachers and gives all finders a better sense of satisfaction in the find. And I know I can filter out micros, or people who hide micros... But as I said in my original reply, I don't find ALL micros to be bad. I just wish they were more inventive around here and not so prolific "just because they can be"... Also, no offense to anyone. After all if we were not all out there hiding caches, there wouldn't be any.
  20. Well, thank you, Marky & WoW... But I wasn't trying to push my opinion on everyone else. I was saying that these repetitive micros are getting tiresome TO ME... And I saw that someone else brought up the fact that newbies would have trouble finding a place to place a cache, what with the cache density around here. That's still something to consider...
  21. I'm one of those chicks, and I found me one of those big dudes and married him!
  22. You've hit the nail on the head there. I can't even begin to describe how weary I am of light pole caches and caches stuck under picnic tables and park benches. It may have been funny or innovative the first several times I saw it, but now it's just annoying and irritating. It's also frustrating to find nothing but micros in a huge parkland that could support full-sized or at least small-sized caches. Don't get me wrong, micros have their place... And I especially appreciate the micro and small caches by such people as TPS, WoW, and sometimes Marky & Joani that are innovative -- even unusual. I think we really need to evaluate what's important in a geocache. Just sticking a keyholder or film can any old place is easy to do. What's harder to do is to place a cache that's challenging, innovative, and fun. My $.02. And PS... We have been going on weekend trips a lot lately to other areas and have found that the micro-saturation is MUCH MUCH less. There are even big caches in urban areas.
  23. This is pretty funny. We've had a cache saturation issue for a couple of years now.
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