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  1. Yeah, I rather thought this was the money shot.
  2. Aww, I was hoping to meet you. Wondered why I didn't bump into you, TAR! Maybe next year?
  3. I started a Flickr group for pics from GWVI. It's here: http://www.flickr.com/groups/geowoodstockvi/ I'm adding mine in a moment and I hope to see everyone else's!
  4. Thank you! It is one of my favorites.
  5. Added one more trackable. Iowa 2005
  6. YAHOO!!!!! Nurse Dave (and I) were hit by the bug a few days ago. Took me a while to find this thread to say THANK YOU!!!!!!! to our benefactor. How exciting!!!
  7. Isn't there a payment system through Google?
  8. A coin I mailed from here (San Jose, CA) to San Francisco, CA (about 50 miles) took three weeks to arrive. How was it shipped, by turtle? Anyway, luckily the customer was patient and thought it was pretty funny. He saw my postmark and knew that I mailed it when I said I did...
  9. Heh, I have sent the wrong coin before (had two large coins and sent the wrong one) and when the buyer contacted me, I told her to keep the one she got and I'd send her the right one. She sure was happy and I got that positive feedback! "Customer is always right" or something.
  10. Glad I stumbled across this post. I sell tons of geocoins on eBay, and I have only ever had one not arrive. Luckily, at that time I was automatically insuring all packages, so I got the $60 (yeah, coins went for a lot more back then) back and sent it to the buyer. If it happened to an uninsured coin, I would likely not refund the person's money or send a replacement coin; if they choose not to insure the shipment, I cannot be held responsible. I've been thinking that I ought to put that in the auction descriptions. I think this is a pretty standard attitude. I package everything very well, with extra tape around the ends of the envelopes so coins don't fall out. (Nurse Dave and I used to run a coin-buying Yahoogroup, and we had some coins lost in the mail that simply fell out of the end of packages, as the plastic edges of the coin envelopes cut through the paper of the envelopes.) I have also started using those plasticky envelopes whenever possible as they're harder to rip through. So I guess I don't REALLY have answers, but I wanted to share some of my experiences.
  11. And here are some more... Colorado 2005 North Carolina 2006 Geocachers of West Tennessee (GOWT) Pennsylvania 2005 Finland 2006 As usual, my shipping rates are very reasonable (including discounts for multiple coins). I ship anywhere in the world, and I always ship within two days. All of the above coins are trackable, uncirculated, and unactivated.
  12. You are still a member...it's just been a while since we have done a coin, but you are current witht the coins we have made. Thank you! Nurse Dave is pretty far out of the coin scene; can you change the membership (is there an email list?) to me at beckerbuns at gmail dot com? Thanks...
  13. I dunno, but I'd be happy to post there if someone would Markwell me. I just started this thread back in August because I saw others doing it.
  14. How much for the Wisconsin coin? Heh, don't remember, I sold it back in August (see original post date) but I can list another one starting at $7.99 if you are interested.
  15. Yeah, I'm a dork. It's actually not SWAGS, I typoed. We're members of that group too (or were? haven't heard anything in a long time). It's just a serenity prayer coin. I have added to the description of the auction to clarify that, and edited my post here.
  16. Just posted a bunch more trackables. All are brand new, uncirculated, and unactivated. Some of them are difficult to find. Prague 2006 Georgia micro Signal March 2006 Wyoming 2006 Serenity prayer 2006 Delaware 2005 Maryland 2005 Signal February 2006 Nebraska 2006 "geocorn" Temecula Valley 2006 (unique shape) Signal CITO 2006 Geocoin Club April 2006 Czech 2006 Geocacher University CVC/RCGDS "Breaking Down the Walls" 2006 ALL COINS starting at $7.99. I'll be listing more tonight and I'll post again then.
  17. I'm selling off some more... CVC/RCGDS Breaking Down the Walls 2006 Iowa 2005 Thanks...
  18. I'm selling off more of our (mine and Nurse Dave's) geocoins. The trackables are as follows... Wisconsin 2006 North Carolina 2006 Wyoming 2006 New Mexico 2005 Delaware 2005 Finland 2006 Colorado 2005 It's worth mentioning that I don't overcharge for shipping and do combine auctions for reduced shipping. AND I am totally willing to ship internationally. I will be adding more coins on a regular basis.
  19. It's a great organization. I try to help them whenever I can.
  20. Hey all. I've been selling off spare geocoins (including some old and rare ones) for a long time, ever since I was pregnant with Super Tute. Well now I thought I'd throw a few onto eBay that benefit charity. The charity I've picked is Make a Child Smile, one that is very close to my heart because my oldest child was once a featured MACS child. So, without further ado, here is the link to my auctions (including one for our personal coin), in case any of you are interested in gaining a coin (or coins) for your collection. FYI there are a few others I am selling that are not for charity. The ones that are for charity say CHARITY in the auction title and have the little Mission Fish ribbon next to the title: Beckerbuns' geocoin auctions And here of course is the obligatory cute baby photo: Thanks for looking! Beckerbuns
  21. An article is in this month's Stanford Magazine: http://www.stanfordalumni.org/news/magazin...t/geocache.html It mentions Nurse Dave and myself, as well as other San Francisco Bay Area cachers. I thought the masses might be interested.
  22. Found out how to recover Deleware activation info here: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...dpost&p=2041740 So I'm closing this topic.
  23. Thank you, yes I'm an idiot, I knew that Maine was not trackable. I did find this page http://www.tsbsales.com/geocache/coincode.htm that says Kansas coins can be activated via GeoCoinClub.... Guess that's wrong!
  24. OK, I sold some coins on eBay and now I am trying to figure out how to activate the above coins... I know that Delaware comes with an activation code, but the coin in question did not have the activation # attached to the plastic envelope. Can I retrieve it somehow? The other two -- Kansas and Maine -- do I go to geocoinclub.com?
  25. Ordering closed back in December (though we left the link up 'til January). You can get them on eBay and/or we might put them up for sale again. Stay tuned.
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