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  1. I work for the City of San Jose and have some experience with dealing with this sort of thing (my department works with other agencies regarding park, transportation, and other issues, opening service requests and following through). While I would be happy to help, I am not a resident of the east bay and I don't know how much clout I would have with EBRPD. However I'd be happy to give my input or help someone else do this.
  2. I got my boys Shrinky Dinks at Toys R Us back at Christmas; have you tried there?
  3. My Nanook bug traveled 7907.1mi SW (California to Australia) and another time 9435.9mi NW (Australia to Finland). Don't know if these hops really count, though, since they were made by mail!
  4. My kid stuck a bit of styro packing peanut up his nose once (just for fun). I took him to the emergency room and it was very traumatic. If he sticks a dog up his nose, I quit!
  5. Right here... I don't think that could fit in MY nose!
  6. Nurse Dave and I are contemplating buying me a new GPSr. I've been caching with ol' yellow for well over a year now and I think it's time to upgrade to a Legend. Woo hoo! Of course, this is with my '02 refund (I was three years behind until recently). I have yet to file for '03 (but I will, I promise).
  7. Thank you. You said it much better than I tried to. I think the coins are still a great collector's item regardless of whether there is a cache at the exact coordinates. The cache that is there still commemorates the center of California and I think it still has value.
  8. Well... I'm probably not the only one who thinks this... Maybe he should have placed the cache already instead of depending on an archived cache he took over. Or maybe the Fogheads would be willing to let Bobkat put some coins in their cache. (Edited) and another thing... Whether or not there is a cache there, those coords are still the center of California. Why would he have to change the coords on the coin?
  9. I guess I am having a hard time understanding why this is a big deal. Fogheads are nice people, and they just wanted to put a cache in an interesting place. It's not like this spot is owned by anyone (well besides the park service I suppose).
  10. Happy birthday, Mope! And I think I'm gonna puke...
  11. Neat! But as GeoFerret asked... Is there any way to make this an image on my webpage? Or can it only be a link?
  12. Sigh... I know what you mean too. dadgum frustrating.
  13. I tried to organize a CITO event in the SF South Bay last year and there was no interest. So I'm not going to try again. But if anyone would like to do something like this, I'd love to participate! I can even get litter sticks, gloves, and bags from the local Anti-Litter program if we pick a San Jose location.
  14. Reviving an old, fun topic... You can make these here.
  15. That's not Ronin; it's The Score. I just started watched it the other night with Nurse Dave. It's DeNiro and Edward Norton. And they were robbing a sceptre from a Canadian Customs house (French-speaking people in it).
  16. What about this cache? It's right in front of the placer's front yard -- in the park strip. AND it's a micro that takes lots of searching. I felt so conspicuous (neighbors watching) that I didn't look long enough to find the cache or to say it was missing (so I didn't log a DNF). That being said... I have heard that over 60% of the caches here in Silicon Valley are micros, and I know that at least that percentage of the caches around here are urban ones. But some make me feel weirder than others!
  17. Check out this log. 8 cents for a geocoin! At least they made good on it (well, put it in another cache) after Nurse Dave emailed them.
  18. Okay, I need some help. On our way back from caching today (we went the long way), as we passed by the quarry out by Montebello/Stevens Canyon, I saw this creature up on the hill. What IS it??? People in #geocache have variously said goat, mountain goat, llama. It was definitely bigger than those goats at the zoo, but then, they're pygmy goats, so who knows. It was on a steep hill. Anyone have any idea?? I have a feeling I'm going to feel dumb when someone tells me...
  19. Woof! I can get Dru's nuts to him if you haven't found someone yet. We visited Dru in December and plan on going again soonish.
  20. I have cached alone... At night, too. Crazy, I know. Sometimes I just want to cache without the kids and I can't get anyone to go with me. But I've never gone anywhere remote by myself. So maybe I'm somewhat sane.
  21. I met my sweetie (Nurse Dave) in the geocaching IRC channel. He moved from Oregon to here in December to be with me, and my kids and I will be moving in with him soon! Oh and we got engaged on Dec. 19.
  22. Me caching at Calero Park. Picture taken by Nurse Dave.
  23. A friend of mine that I met in an IRC channel told me about a cache he found one day. I started looking at the geocaching site and discovered that my long-lost BBS friend Kablooey was a prolific hider and finder of geocaches, which intrigued me. So I asked my friend to take me on a cache hunt. He did, and let me use his GPS III while he used his new GPS IV. Found my first cache and was hooked. My kids had lots of fun with it too (and still do). Months later our friendship fell apart, and I ended up buying my own yellow eTrex. And the rest is history? I've gotten several friends into it myself. It's a great outdoor activity for these folks, who were already hikers/kayakers/outdoorspeople.
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