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  1. now THAT is the definition of not getting permission for private property!
  2. Let's face it: we've all found a cache that makes you wonder what the CO was thinking when they hid it. Whether it's an ammo can in a high-density muggle area, or a micro on a train track (however that could get approved is beyond me), they just make you wonder why in the heck somebody would hide that cache there. Time to spill the beans: where would you never, ever hide a cache? What is the worst-placed cache you have ever found? Have YOU ever placed a cache in a bad place?
  3. we've alawys had tons of Nalgene bottles over the years, and none of them have ever been injured from the dishwasher! maybe we're just lucky
  4. well, I'm TeamFosberg. I check the forums a 2-5 times a week, and usually just just lurk about. if the topic's good enough, I may post, but like someone else said, once you get past around 50 posts, the topic has usually been covered...though it is interesting to read the debates that go on.
  5. Yeah, the electric heat dry cycle can be a bit much for many plastics. That's why they tell you top rack only. Problem is, with the newer dishwashers, even the water gets hot enough to do that, so nowhere is safe. It probably won't do to well as a waterbottle or a cache now; the mouth of the bottle is probably too deformed for the seal to work properly. Call it 'custom geo-art' and sell it to some rich person for a mint. Good idea to use as geoart. thankfully, the lid and opening still work perfectly fine!
  6. delete the log. stupid cachers who ruin other caches don't deserve an FTF (or a log at all).
  7. So, I recieved an "Official Geocache" water bottle for Christmas. I wasn't sure whether to place it as a new cache, or use it as an actual water bottle. I read on the piece of paper it came with that you should never wash it in the dish washer. Well, my mother put it in the dish washer, and about ten minutes ago when we were emptying it out, she said "Hey, look! An official geocache!" I couldn't believe my eyes! Am I imagining things?! I turned around and she was holding the water bottle, except it was shorter, skinnier, and had a strange bump around the middle of it! She looked at me, confused. "Is there something wrong with it?" she asked. "Yeah, it wasn't supposed to go in the dishwasher!" we both burst out laughing. :laughing: :lol: I showed it to my dad, and all he could say was "What the hell?!" I couldn't stop myself from laughing at his face; it was so surprised! I am in utter shock by what has happened to it, but it's just so funny at the same time! Anyone else had these kind of expirences with these bottles or similar kinds? How well do these fair as geocaches? TFRTT (thanks for responding to this) and HC!
  8. a ripped open condom wrapper (thankfully the condom wasn't with it), and a small, empty baggie that smelled of marijuana.
  9. +1 +2 Why not just log:"thanks for the magnetic hide on yet another guardrail in an unremarkable location? Then log TFTC +10,000,000
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