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  1. Day 9 background picture I would love to take the coin to Rosenborg casle, it's where the danish crown jewels are. So a great fit for the coin;-) [Pictures from here: http://www.google.dk/imgres?q=rosenborg+slot&um=1&hl=da&sa=N&rlz=1G1ACPW_DADK396&biw=1463&bih=709&tbm=isch&tbnid=UG8O4stDETyF8M:&imgrefurl=http://www.kongehuset.dk/publish.php%3Fdogtag%3Dk_dk_samlinger_rosen&docid=aHiuZKP4PTxZ2M&imgurl=http://i6.c.dk/pics/6/5/9/28956/org.jpg&w=192&h=268&ei=_8nKTpDpMM744QTX5Nkm&zoom=1&iact=rc&dur=256&sig=113306109756844812969&page=1&tbnh=150&tbnw=107&start=0&ndsp=19&ved=1t:429,r:0,s:0&tx=55&ty=68 and here: http://jensendk.blogspot.com/2011/01/rosenborg-slot.html]
  2. Day 8 background picture This is found in the center of copenhagen. Great place to sit in the summer and get some icecream. It's beautiful in the winter too. I would love to take a picture here. [Picture from here: http://www.denstoredanske.dk/Kunst_og_kultur/Billedkunst/Billedkunst,_Danmark_generelt/Storkespringvandet]
  3. Done for today, I hope my friend liked her birthday surprise:-)
  4. Day 7 background picture The Round Tower, Copenhagen - Denmark. I think this would make a great picture with the coin:-) [Find more about it here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rundet%C3%A5rn]
  5. Wow thank you so much for this opportunity. I only have one coin at the moment and since it is my first I have a hard time letting go of it. At the same time one of my dreams is to own a coin that travels around in the big beautiful world. It would mean a lot to me to adopt one of the coins, so if you want a coin to Denmark I would love to accept it! :-)
  6. Great coins, I have the first two on my wishlist:-)
  7. Day 6 background picture I love walking in "Frederiksberg have" both in the summer and winther. It would be great to take a picture here. (Foto from here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Frederiksberg_Have_2006.jpg)
  8. Day 5 background picture Tivoli Nimb Building Copenhagen Denmark: Tivoli Amusement Park Copenhagen Denmark. Tivoli is one of the greatest attraction in Scandinavia and one of the world's best known amusement parks. Nimb Hotel, or simply the Nimb, is a five-star boutique hotel in the Tivoli Gardens. The hotel is located in a historic building from 1909. (Fotos from here: and here: http://www.photosight.org/photo.php?photoid=94208)
  9. I have done a big one for today and wow did it do wonders for my mood:-D Great day!
  10. Day 4 background picture I would like to take this beautiful coin to a danish beloved statue "The Little Mermaid". She could use some company:-) Here is a picture (This is not mine):
  11. Day 3 background picture There's not really that long until Christmas and I think it would be great to take a picture of the coin and our christmas tree. This is the tree from last year but it will look something like this:-) I'm still dealing with the resize problem, sorry.
  12. It looks to me like the above cachers have all cached less than a year and their collections are very small. Soooo for entering this cointest I will send you a consolation prize. I have a nontrackable seasonal Michigan coin I'd like to send each of you if you send me your address. I hope that I haven't missed any other newbie in this thread. I remember when your Mom brought you home and showed us your picture. I thank you for the fun of gotcha but tell your mom to sell the coin to help pay for the vet bill. It is the season of being thankful and I am thankful you were adopted by such a nice family, your mom, Molly and Riley. Hope this will help her pay down the bill and you all have a wonderful holiday season. Thanks so much! You are a doll and a true friend. I send you virtual hugs and Layla sends her puppy dog kisses and slobber. Thanks everyone for entering and telling us something about yourself!!!! But I still don't know how to post a screenshot. Thank you for a great cointest and I would love a seasonal Michigan coin, that would be amazing! Email sent:-D
  13. Thanks for the cointest and congratulations to the winner. That is a fine coin:-)
  14. Day 2 background picture I would like to take a picture with this flower as the background. I gave this to my father as a present and he loves flowers and use a lot of time taking care of it. A beautiful and family binding moment:-) (I sorry I don't know how to make the picture smaller.) Have a wonderful day.
  15. Email sent:-) Love the design and GOD JUL also means Merry Christmas in Danish:-)
  16. Signed up: Sunday 6 November Name received: Monday 14 November Package sent: Package received:
  17. Beautiful coins. What are the first two called? I really like the design:-)
  18. I love this coin it's very personal and beautiful at the same time. I would like to take a picture of the coin and family who are standing before a background where someone is about to find/place a cache. I really like to go out geocaching with my family. It's a great thing to do for both kids and adults. So it would be a symbol of two of the things that matters a lot to me. Thank you for the cointest! :-)
  19. 4. What great geocaching story do ya “got”? I found a geocache in the woods but I hadn't been there before and when I had to get back, I had forgotten which way to go. Luckily I had my dog with me and I said to her "Can you find the car?" Suddently she took off (if I got to far behind she would stop and wait for me). After about 10 min. I was save inside the car again. "Bonita" (my dog) is now with me on a lot of my geo-adventures.
  20. 3. What “gotcha” into geocoins? I have always had this desire to collect coins. I love looking at them and watch my collection gets bigger. When I found my first geocaching coin in a cache and saw that I could buy coins, I could sent out into the world and track at geocaching.com I knew I was sold. I only have one coin at the moment, but you have to start somewhere right?
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