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  1. Hi i have found a new problem regarding to the local time zone problem: If I change the log date at the web site, do I get the souvenir at my online profile, but this souvenir is not transferred to my android geocaching application. I then made an additional log yesterday with the android application, but still no souvenir for the 3. of August at my phone. BR. gbjensen / Lars
  2. Hi, I have the same problem here in Europe / Denmark where we are 9 hours ahead of USA West coast time zone (UTC -8) It should not be difficult to know where the finds are located in which time zone and then use the correct local time and date for the logging. Ps. You can you manually change the date, I have done it for some logs made this morning logged with the 2. of august and changed them to the 3. of August, and thereby got the souvenir. BR. Lars Jensen
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