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  1. Some mild Manitoba caching during a wilderness cache quest.
  2. As of today the Manitoba Geocaching Association now has a new discussion area here. Much of the old active board discussion was transferred over.
  3. Is there any place that those stats are archived so you can see how it's changed over time? It would also be interesting to see how many are in various countries, states, provinces.
  4. I've worked as a GIS tech/specialist for 10 years in Parks Canada. Have used Spans, PCI Geomatica, ArcView, ArcGIS, and MapInfo Professional. Haven't used Manifold yet, but have heard many good things about it and I'm contemplating buying it for home. I won a free copy of ArcGIS Desktop at a user group meeting and gave it away, so that gives some insight into what I think of ArcGIS. It is an industry standard powerful tool, but it is a resource hog and would have killed my home machine. ArcView 3.3 is not pretty, comparatively, but it runs on anything and the scripts and extensions available for it make it useful. Google Earth is a decent GIS product if you dig into the database features. It is way more impressive in many ways than ArcGlobe. I know of a few other GISers who have turned cachers that haven't posted here yet, and have met a few cachers who are GIS users or professionals so there may be some affinity.
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