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  1. Thanks for talking me down, I just wanted people to understand the gravity of the situation. I didn't want to launch another controversy.
  2. The swag in the moon caches sure has degenerated. There's nothing worse than packing up the family, including all their clothes, toiletries and that crappy dried space food, finding a kennel for the dog for a week, bringing activities for the kids to stay amused in the space capsule, finally landing and finding your first cache, and the only thing inside is a broken silly band and a faded pokemon card. Or worse, moon rocks. Come on folks, let's be a little more considerate and trade up.
  3. Congrats on the name change. Love it!
  4. What a great looking dog! Congrats to you and to her. Poor thing has had a rough start in life, but it sounds like you will more than make up for that. As for Geocaching related names, I'm not feeling especially inspired this morning so all I can think of is Swag. Keep us updated! She's a cutie. ;-)
  5. Yep, the brim can be made wider. Just keep adding rows until you are happy with it. The yarn I use is 100% cotton and completely washable. But, I understand your point. I think the color makes this one look like a special occasion hat. We were wondering which part of the team made the hat. Great job the hat it's very nice. I'll take one in cammo colors. I'm making one for myself now in camo green - I bought the Attack Camo patch that I'll put on when it is finished. Should have photos of that one in a day or so.
  6. Thanks all! My wife taught me to crochet last November and I have been "hooked" ever since! And, I too have a big head with lots of hair, so I can adapt it by adding rows where needed.
  7. I made one of these as a give-away at one of our local events in a different color and got a custom order from one of the attendees. You will definitely be able to see her out on the trails!
  8. We don't need more rules. We need more common sense from both hiders and seekers.
  9. There's nukes in Rhode Island? I've only seen the movie, but there is a copy of the book in the house, that maybe I'll get to during what is an upcoming long weekend for me. I can see NYC being the in the lost district, and Rhode Island only being a stones throw away. This is supposed to be North America? I don't see where Canada is represented anywhere though. That's like Most of North America, you know. Man, why didn't I think of this idea? I'll combine 1984, The Running Man, and Survivor, and be a multi-millionaire. If I'm not mistaken, I think the book mentions the fact that the West and East coasts as we know them are gone, so there probably is no longer a Rhode Island (or many other states, in fact). Though the OP probably realized that if she stuck to that, it would significantly cut down on the pool of cachers who could help with the series. Has anyone heard from her yet? I say we band together and get the rest of them published, perhaps start a new thread in a call for more people to hide caches in the missing districts. She had a great idea but it sounds like life got in the way of the implementation. -Cindy of Team LegoMINI
  10. Team Pixos - I don't have a list of all the caches that the OP gave out, so I've only been able to add the ones who have posted links in this thread or found through a search. yawpy - it was my understanding that the OP was going to create a challenge with all the caches listed, but I know she had some personal illness issues at one point and may just have become overwhelmed when this all came together. I'd love to see the rest of them finished, but even if they aren't it was fun while it lasted....
  11. yawppy, I just added The Lost District to the public bookmark list my husband created earlier.
  12. I've already started a public bookmark and am adding caches as they become active.
  13. I don't suppose my car would work since it is not really made of LEGOs. But, it is trackable!
  14. So..... did the movie live up to everyone's expectations? I can say that all members of Team LegoMINI were blown away. The casting was incredible, especially Katniss, and the costumes didn't disappoint. Storyline followed the book better than expected. Looking forward to Catching Fire and Mockingjay when they come out.
  15. I've been to Groundspeak HQ and seen what they do there. Keeping this site up and running and making it easy for us to enjoy such a rewarding hobby is well worth the cost of a premium membership to me.
  16. Based on my experience this morning, the reviewers have a tool which allows them to set a future date and time to publish the cache and make it visible. I don't know this for sure, but since my reviewer promised that mine would be active at 8:00 AM today, and it was at exactly 8:00 AM, I am assuming he was able to set it rather than logging in at that exact moment to make it happen. So, if you have an event or something planned, just tell the reviewer exactly when you want it visible.
  17. Seed ticks are the worst this time of year. We went out a couple of weekends ago and I had a couple of me that night. We had noticed a dark spot on my three year olds eye lid when she went to bed that night, but didn't think anything about it since she often marks herself with markers and pens. The next morning, I woke up and it hit me that it could have been a tick. Sure enough, I went and checked and she had a seed tick attached to her lower eyelid. Let me tell you - pulling a tick off a three year old's eyelid with tweasers is no easy task!
  18. We have a backpack that is loaded with swag, first aid items, bug spray, plastic grocery bags, pens, extra log sheets, etc. What I wear depends on whether we are going in the woods or doing more urban caches, but I love my shorts and t-shirt even though I have to deal with scrapes and bites down here in the South. I am going to start taking a pair of baseball gloves this year as they are nice and form fitting. I also crocheted myself a trail hat that has the ammo geocache patch and a trackable patch on it. I'll post some pictures of it in a separate thread when I get a chance.
  19. The reviewers for District 11 and District 12 were obviously more lenient than ours. He would not let us promote the movie as much as you guys did. He wanted it more about the cache and the location we were placing it than THG. But, we were able to blend it together into something we were happy with.
  20. So, when is someone going to create a ?-Challenge cache to see who can find all of the District and related ancilliary caches we have created out there? That is an FTF I would love to claim! I've started a bookmark list already.
  21. The Arena - an ancilliary cache, is published. It has been sitting in the woods for ten days, so the undergrowth should be nice and challenging! We've got our movie tickets for later tonight!
  22. Just curious - you are letting the area age, but you will have to go back to fill it with swag and add the log book, right? Won't that disturb the aging you are waiting for? Anyway, that was just an observation. To answer your question, the caches I have placed so far (two) were activated inside of 12 hours from when I enabled them. I have a third coming out today that I specifically asked my reviewer to activate at 8:00 AM EST. So, if you have a date and time in mind that you want to activate your cache, at least some reviewers will work with you.
  23. Personally, I don't claim it unless I am the first to lay hands on it -- even if I am with a group of others who happen to be looking at the same time. I know a lot of people do claim co-FTFs, but I just choose not too. There is no right or wrong answer - everybody plays the game the way they want to play it. It is more satisfying for me to recognize the few where I am able to make it out and find a new cache before anyone else.
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