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  1. I've used 3 different smart phones to cache and all 3 had an electronic compass.
  2. I'm just curious if fulfilling a challenge cache boosts your number?
  3. The same thing happened to my boyfriend, Joe. We wound up having to use my laptop which isnt a Mac to use our GC. I'm not sure why it doesn't tend to work with Apple computers, I never read up on it or thought it was an issue until I saw this post! Try to use a non-apple and see if it works
  4. Snug as a Bug?! We found it the other day and found one TB out of I think 20 something listed, we loved the cache and little area to sit anyway. I don't thin too many muggles go there, I think it's more because it's one of the most favorited caches in NYC so it probably draws most attention to cachers and some cachers who just don't know that they HAVE to pass on TBs. Unfortunate.
  5. Happy to hear these answers--we went to an earthcache today in Central Park aand most likely didn't get one or two of the answers right--I was nervous it wouldn't count! Awesome
  6. That's what we intended. Thanks for your help
  7. Well Long Island isn't particularly big, I don't think these caches could all be done in one day so there is no use in making them a multi. They are all over the island including some near famous landmarks here. I was going to make them all individual traditional caches so cachers can do them at their leisure. Also, my reasoning behind getting them done before actually having them published is to secure the designated areas. Thanks!
  8. We want to do a series of caches "The Alphabet of Long Island" highlighting all haunted/interesting/well known areas of Long Island. Ideally we would like them to all be published around the same time, but to me this seems a little far fetched. I'm pretty sure it will take about 3 weeks to place all 26 caches at the designated areas. I'd like some opinions on whether we should place each cache asking for them to be published on a certain day, or should we just ask for them to be published after they are reviewed on different days in the span of a few weeks. I searched the forums for some answers but didn't come up with much. Also, I thought about the overwhelming amount of e-mail notifications members would get seeing that 26 caches were published on a particular day--seems a bit crazy to me. Hope this makes sense. Would love some feedback!
  9. Though one of our oldest (4/01) "First Pocono Mountain Geocache" is a fun to do cache, it doesn't connect NJ and PA. It crosses the Tobyhanna creek. Yes, I noticed. I think Joe thought he saw something in the description that he didn't see. Maybe it isn't even the right cache, but we're excited about it nonetheless!
  10. That looks really cool. Let us know how it goes. Definitely will, we have a few cool caches lined up for this little getaway!
  11. We (Joe and I) are leaving tomorrow for Pennsylvania (East Stroudsberg area zip code 18301). Joe said he saw a cache where you have to cross a suspension bridge to get to it. I can't find this cache anywhere when doing a zip code search. Half of the zip is in Jersey and half is in Pennsylvania. Does anyone know the cache I'm speaking of? We would really like to do this one! Thanks in advance!
  12. Wow! Some people are a lot more prepared than us!! We don't use a backpack, we really just store our caching stuff in Joe's car and take what we need. Plenty of flashlights, batteries, pens, hand sanitizer (liquid and wipes), bug spray, gloves, a tupperware shoebox filled with bison tubes, nanos, pads for caches, lock and locks, geocaching logs for caches we place, among some "specialty" caches we're going to place in the near future, and last but not least an air horn because for some reason Joe finds it completely necessary (we've never even come close to having to use it)
  13. Nothing really deep or mysterious. I'm just an anal-retentive perfectionist who works in law enforcement Just wondering what working in law enforcement has to do w anything?
  14. I have to be honest, I've seen some rude posts on this forum (and I think some regular posters know that I've made this known ) in general but not at all in this thread. The person using these devices definitely won't come up with the "Best coordinates ever." I'm not knocking them for the devices they use because I myself use two of them and they aren't the greatest. I think everyone here is just offering sound advice.
  15. As I already said, the CO and I despise each other. The CO got mad because I suggested it was irresponsible to place a cache a million miles away that could not be maintained. I did not know about the "old" vacation cache rules. CO deleted my DNF, I reposted it, and on and on it went. Childish, rude, nasty emails have been exchanged. CO has posted false finds to my caches, accompanied by logs that say, "This cache was stupid and I hated it." Obviously, I deleted those. I am just trying to post a real DNF, not a false find. Other than our mutual hatred of each other, I cannot understand why the CO won't allow a simple DNF. Why despise someone you don't even know based on one cache. Like knowschad said before--it's kind of making you remember your vacation in a not so pleasant way--I'm pretty sure caching is supposed to be fun--not stressful. Instead of doing what you feel is necessary by posting the DNF, let it go like others have said. You aren't losing or gaining anything by doing this (and neither is the CO). Neither party is really "right" here. Let it go and remember Haiti for the good times you had rather than not being able to log a DNF :/
  16. This is getting old. I think you should re-evaluate your "perfect-ness". That makes two of us then I've learned this isn't the most welcoming place to post questions. Some of the people here are really nice and some can be downright rude especially if you're a newbie. Some people here are extremely informative but if you feel you're being talked down to, you aren't alone--I actually see it a lot on here. Most of these people have been doing this for a long time and clearly have no patience for someone who is new and not completely understanding of ALL of the rules. I've learned to just do my best to find the answer on my own.
  17. A lot of the time (from what I've noticed) people don't bother taking pictures of the travel bug. I take a picture of each cache I do for my own personal memories and usually include a picture when I drop the TB off somewhere!
  18. Extremely annoying. I like to take my time for most caches we find and write a nice log about the adventure even if it IS a P&G. I don't really like when I see someone found one of our caches and they don't write anything :/ I don't even mind a TFTC..but NOTHING?! So annoying. Whew that felt good to get out
  19. We do most of our geocaching at night since Joe doesn't get home from work until 7:45 P.M. It adds to the hunt, making it a bit more difficult. It's definitely an uneasy feeling--we did one on private property at 9:00 p.m.--literally in someone's front yard. It felt even more crazy! Good luck, but there's nothing to be scared of, enjoy it and bring good flashlights []
  20. Yes which is weird because you think they would be. well... no. Their purpose is to contain sharp objects in such a way that a person cannot hurt themselves. Keeping the sharps dry does not factor into this. They are also intended to be cheap. Also to contain the sharp objects in a way that a person is not exposed to diseased blood. If water gets in there and comes out again theres a chance that the water has the contaminated blood just saying.
  21. I like your posters and it seems everyone here is being hypercritical of a kid who is trying to do something productive with his time rather than do things kids get themselves into trouble with. Most people on here are making some valid points, but some are just nit picking. I read a thread about how kids shouldn't be allowed to post here, clearly adults are just as bad as kids--I think he came here for some feedback, not to be torn apart for calling them mugglers. These forums are leaving a bad taste in my mouth.
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