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  1. 996966_688176841205909_1949694256_n.jpg


    Lost Dog in the New Forest can anyone geocaching in the area please keep a lookout




    Black With Flecks Of Grey Male Lurcher (Age: Adult)


    Missing from Shave wood/Clay Hill area near Minstead - Seen heading towards ensclosure , SO40 area, (South East) on Saturday, 16th November 2013 still missing 21 nov 2013


    He is a black rough coated lurcher with flecks of grey. He is microchipped and his collar has a ID tag



    There is a REWARD for ALIBI's safe return.



    CONTACT: 07766 108238


    Help us find ALIBI - print this poster from http://www.doglost.co.uk/poster.php?dogId=60053

  2. I would like the opportunity to create my own Ignore lists


    Or the opportunity to create lists and have the option to use the ignore feature on them.


    There are caches which are to high for me to get too


    Some puzzles I just cant solve, so I may want to re access these.


    Challenges that are going to take me forever to achieve


    Or some caches might be in areas that just don't appeal to me, as I cache mainly to enjoy lovely walks with my geodogs.


    It would be great to unclutter the map, but have different list reasons for why something is on a certain Ignore lists.


    Does anyone else think this would be a good idea

  3. I don't do it myself, but I think this is how (if not try asking on the cachesense forums at http://www.zitafarm.com/forum/ )


    • open the cache details page
    • choose field notes from the dropdown menu
    • in the field notes menu choose "log trackable"
    • fill in all the options (there's a dropdown for retrieve/discover/drop/visit etc)
    • enter the TB number in the box by overtyping the "Tracking Number" which is slightly greyed out.


    Thank you, I did go oline and print a manual but it didn't have a bit on trackables, but this is great, thank you so much, I love helping trackables on their way.

  4. I ran CacheSense on my Blackberry Curve 9300 and to be honest, I thought it was pretty good. Having upgraded to a Blackberry Q10, I downloaded CacheSense for that and it was total garbage.... I couldn't understand it or get it to work properly at all. I've just visited the CacheSense forum and discovered that they've had so much trouble with it that it's been dropped... maybe permanently!

    I now use the c:geo app and while it takes a bit of getting used to, it does at least do what it says on the tin.


    thanks haven't heard of c:geo and yes agree cache sense works great on my old blackberry, especially now I can log trackables :)

  5. Has anyone worked out how to log trackables on cache sense for the blackberry I just cant figure out how to drop the them off, pick them up or anything else on my phone, which was a nightmare when on a 2 week holiday with no pc, my blackberry internet connection is useless, did try that way but didn't work. Is there a way to do this through cache sense please

  6. I had a TB out of circulation as someone had it for months they put it back in circulation and said sorry they had been really ill, I said thanks for returning it now hope you are better, these things happen. I wish you could log TB's on cache sense though on the blackberry, not having this feature makes it really hard while on holiday.


    How many TB's have you had now ?

  7. SD card storage will allow you to load more maps. It will not increase the geocaching gpx storage. Any unit on the market will be a huge improvement on the Etrex H software wise. Reception wise, pretty much equal. I would get a Oregon 450 over a Dakota 20, in fact it's cheaper right now on A****n. Etrex 20 for most people (not me) is also a solid geocaching unit, however with my Etrex 20, the odometer and moving mph were so off, I returned it and got an Etrex 10 which solved that problem for me.


    Thank you very helpful

  8. I have owned the Dakota 10 and 20, and the etrex 10, 20, and 30. Right now, I use an etrex 20 and 30. Any etrex or dakota you buy will be better than the old legend, simply because it has paperless geocaching, and a standard USB cord connects them to your PC. Personally, I like the etrex's toggle switch versus the dakota touchscreen because the etrex screen is brighter, and I always got the dakota screen smudged up with my dirty fingers. Now if you can afford $50 more to get a dakota 20 or etrex 20, go for it. The micro SD memory card capability in both of them really open up possibilities for you. For example, you can add lots of geocaches, and upload detailed maps onto the card. If you are patient and look around for a used model on ebay, I think you can get a Dakota 20 or etrex 20 for about $150. You really won't be disappointed with either GPSr. Their batteries last a long time, they are very accurate, and they're small and easy to carry. Hope this helps.


    Thank you very helpful

  9. Hi,


    I have been using a Garmen Etrex H to geocache for a few years, but the button seem to be giving up on it(all the manual enteries as I don't have a lead to connect it to the pc), so I think I will need to upgrade soon, and thought going paperless would be good idea,

    anyone got any opinions on the Garmen Dakota 10


    is it a better option than the etrex 10

  10. Just upgraded to premium membership so now my blackberry curve 8520 sends me an email when new caches are published in our area, but alas this is useless to me as it does not give co-ordinates to put into my garmen Etrex H, anyone got any tips to help.


    Is there an option to get the text from the cache page sent to you in an email. I never have enough network coverage to get on the site, so would have to drive home and sign onto the PC to get the details. Was hoping to be able to cache on the move while out and about.


    Any help much appreciated.

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