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  1. Recently I placed a new cache for others pleasure to find. I received a rejection because it is 302 feet from the end of a multicache. There is no way to determine any parts of a multicache after the starting coords. Potentially, multi caches can hog up multiple sites because of the multi terms but it cannot be predetermined where these sites are. I would agree that it may be wrong to place a cache within a tenth of a mile from any other posted cache but not any other multicache locations. I am discouraged enough to no longer set out caches due to my frustration with this rejection. Is there a way to change these rules?
  2. If someone wants to play baseball and doesn't have a bat and a ball, they cannot do it either. Is baseball an eletest sport? I you don't have a car to drive some place, you borrow one or take a bus, or walk. Maybe travel is eletist. I have the tools to geocache cause I wanted to geocache. I didn't get everything all at once. I don't travel nearly as light as I used to. Cause I have more than someone else (even though I've earned it) should I share my wealth with others? Sorry.
  3. I was caching near Biggs in Oregon along the Columbia River. My GPS showed the cache at the top of a high slide area. I got to the top and my GPS showed it down on the bottom. I did both twice then climbed up the slide. When I got about half way up I kinda lost my balance and grabbed a rock sticking out. It immediately came loose. It was about the size of a soccar/basketball. It hit me in the shinn, luckilly I had lifted my foot or it would have knocked me down the area, that really would have hurt. I had two large abrasions which were fairly deep and bleeding. I cleaned them up and (without a whimper, of course) spread some neosporin on them and a 4x4 dressing on each. Still have some serious scars. After I got home I went to log a DNF and found that the cache had been shut down over a year before.
  4. I don't have many caches hidden but I do have one. I put it out because I enjoy finding them. Fun family sport, of course. I didn't put it out for me, but for others to find. I haven't had any TNLNSL only responses but wouldn't care if it did say that. My enjoyment is in others finding the cache.
  5. I cache for my enjoyment and do log in the cache and on line. I have a cache out for others to find for their enjoyment. If someone chooses to feel great personally by cheating and not really visiting and finding the cache, I don't really care, I'm not in competition with anyone but am in it just for personal enjoyment. I personally don't care if someone logs or not or cheats or not.
  6. What are you trying to say about us Garmin users? I think he said something about being limited
  7. I see lots of good suggestions for stopping the itch. By far the least expensive and it works is to use a Q-tip and a bottle of Listerine. Dab the itch (most any insect bite) and the itch is almost immediately gone. I've used it frequently on mosquitoes and spider bites. The spider has had to be used a couple days in a row but the itch goes away.
  8. I keep a notebook since we generally do several in a day and sometimes on trips. My memory is poor so I write down the information as a reminder. It is also fun to go back and look at some of our finds. Some finds were really challenging and clever. If I only had their imagination. My first notebook is almost filled and am almost ready to start another notebook. My notebook tho is a hand held variety, not a 3 ring binder type.
  9. My question is who is getting cheated? I know how many FTF's I have and was the second to find one where the FTF contacted the planter to find it to get the FTF. Big deal. I see some groups of geocachers post on one name so they have thousands of finds. I don't compete against anyone, just enjoy the search.
  10. I found a cache in NE Oregon that had a rubber snake coiled on top. I didn't think it too funny at first but can laugh about it now. Almost shot it.
  11. WE did the same trip some time ago from Gresham, OR. I-84 to Boise then took the highway thru Ely south. I downloaded a bunch of caches which looked to be along the road and in and around cities which we were likely to spend the night (pulled a 5th wheel) We found a bunch of really neat areas. I'm a cowboy, Wyatt Earp fan, and like Tombstone but Pioche is a town with a couple geocaches which are not to be passed by. There was very little traffic either which made slowing down and doing the search unstressful.
  12. Without a doubt, made. We all have certain traits such as like being with nature, hiking, hide-n-seek, etc. I got into geocaching after having it shown to me by a friend. One time and I was addicted like meth. I have introduced other friends to the sport and every one I have taken out has owned a GPS within a couple days.
  13. What in the world is a weed pot? A weed pot is generally a wooden vase which will not generally hold water without ruining the vase but dried flowers are put into it for some kind of display. Did you see the photo?
  14. A coin smasher is one of those machines that you put a penny in one side and 50 cents in the other, turn the wheel and out comes an Elongated penny. You see them a lot at places like WDW or other theme parks. There are also a tonne of collectors of the elongated pennies. See www.pressedpenny.com for more info if you like. Thank you for your answer. I wrote some time ago to the guy posting the photos and never got any response.
  15. Recently, a brain surgeon and a rocket scientist took a hike to the top of Mt Hood, in the winter with a storm coming. The only bright thing was that they brought a cell phone. They got near the top and the storm hit. They were in white-out conditions and tried to dig a snow cave. They had no idea where they were when they called for help. While digging the snow cave they found a geocache which had the coordinates on it which assisted greatly to their survival.
  16. I got my wife a 600 some year or so ago. We sent it back to Magellan and did all the compass turn it slow and followed all the directions. My wife was about to toss the GPS out and get a Garmen but found in the unit itself a compass setting which she changed and her compass has been dead on since. Sorry I cannot remember what she did but play around with the settings around the compass setting area.
  17. I really like the carabiners too but my all time favorite is a pin I found in far NE Washington state it said "I'm right" Gave it to Flower she wears it all over.
  18. My grandson is really into geocaching and one member of the family is getting him his own GPS. I've been thinking of putting together a gear bag with items which would be useful while caching. Some of the things I've considered are: protective gloves, bug repellant, log book, extra logs for caches needing replacement, plastic bags, hand cleaner, 1st aid kit, cloth to dry wet caches, flashlight, etc. I would appreciate any suggestions as to what else may be considered without adding too much weight. He's 11yo but carrying 20 pounds may challenge him.
  19. Interesting that I got on the forum so I could ask a question about what to carry. My grandson is some sort of geocaching nut, 11 years old. I am trying to put together a kit for him to carry in the field such as 1st aid kit, extra baggies, etc. You have listed a bunch of stuff I could add, thanks.
  20. I like to see personal items which may be craft type things. I turn wood on my lathe and make small wooden weed pots and glue plastic flowers from Goodwill or Salvation Army. I've had positive complementary comments from all ages of geocachers. Also, I believe that there is sometype of rule to not leave sharp objects in the caches such as knives.
  21. Cannot use peanut butter jars, peanut butter sticks to my dentures. I use empty Metamucal jars.
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