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  1. We have been hauling out trash since our first find. I use a white tall kitchen bag tucked under my belt. We have been known to fill it to the brim. What bothers me is that at some geocache meets I notice that my team seems to be the only ones doing it. We use these trails and parks for our sport. I think we should ALL help keep them the way we want to find them. Walt
  2. Thanks for posting this notice. Even though this event is called a NY - CT event, we are hoping many of you will come from our neighboring states. We already have a few from MA signed up. The park has room for LOTS of teams. We are looking forward to a fantastic event. Cache you all there. (GCD7EC) Walt
  3. Besides the trading items that I have, I aslo bring what I call a Cache First Aid Kit. We all generally take care of each others caches, and sometimes I notice that people just post a note when they find a damaged cache. I bring along an extra Tupperware container, batteries for camera flashes, zip-lock baggies, extra pencils and sharpeners, 2 log books, and paper towels for cleaning up dirty or wet caches. Walt
  4. I am currently working on a Geocache Meet for NY and CT to held in May at Pound Ridge Reservation (southeast NY) It will be posted soon. You are welcome to come or send anyone there to discuss the organization if you want to. I will push it for you and give you some time. Walt Walt
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