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  1. A geocoin has been produced for this event. It is now on sale for $7 ea plus shipping, but will be on sale at the event for a reduced price for those attending.
  2. Hey! Lighten up on Briansnat. I know him and he is a good cacher and somewhat of a jokester, so don't take him to seriously. But thanks for the support. See you all there. Oh yes, and I have just started production of a coin for all you collecters. Walt
  3. Please feel free to bring the kids. There are always a lot of kids there and our "Kids Games Committee" chairman 1NatureMon always does a great job of keeping them occupied. We also have some caches just meant for them. Walt
  4. I have to agree that there should be no purchase requirement for cache of any type. That makes it a commercial cache. Ju6613r hit the nail on the head with his suggestion on a remedy. We have a monthly event cache out her in CT that requires nothing of the participants. But of course, we all buy something. The owner appreciates getting the business on a weekday night. (timing is everything) There ia also another regular event at Chuck-e-cheese in upstate NY that operates the same way, and that is on a weekend when the place is jammed. It just depends on the management. I own a restaurant in NY and have had an event there, and am planning another one this summer. We require nothing of the participants and, for that matter, place a few trays of goodies and some pizzas on the tables free of charge. But of course I am a geocacher. We do however, have the event out on the patio and the lawn so as to not interfere with other dinner customers. There is usually a way to work it out with management if they are willing. Otherwise go somewhere else.
  5. As others have mentioned, I think approval time is purely related to work load. Some of my caches have taken a few days, yet my event cache just posted took only on day.
  6. I just wanted to bump this up and also let you folks know that the survey monument has been set at Kettletown. After discussions with admin, and reading your comments, this will become the first stage of a simple multi-cache and it will not be listed until the event. Since the main purpose of this cache is the check the accuracy of your equipment, I have no problem releasing the rough coordinates for those of you who want to check it out while your in the area. N.41-25.537 W.73-12.570 Remenber, the final computations for true accuracy have not yet been done, so this will just get you close. Walt
  7. OK, I know you all think my GPSr is out to lunch and can't locate an Accuracy Contest point to save its life. That's why I have a special solution for this year's Jamboree. I will be setting a concrete property marker somewhere in Kettletown with exact coordinates on it set by a surveyor using the latest Trimble equipment. They also plan to attend the Jamboree to let you see how the next level of geocaching equipment works. Although I don't think you would want to carry this stuff around with you. The monument will become a permanent cache called "This is a Test." You will be able to test your equipment against the best there is. I plan to test mine too, but I think I will do it when no-one else is around. I see that not many campsites have been reserved yet. Get your friends on line and grab those sites before they are all gone. Remember what happened last year. See you all there. Walt
  8. Connecticut A-Team will be in Site #15
  9. OK, the dates are set. The main event will be on Saturday, June 10, 2006. And there wiil still be lots of caching on Sunday too. I strongly recommend that you reserve your campsite early by calling RESERVE AMERICA at (877) 668-2267. Every year we run out of room so do it now. This way we can all be close together for all that hobnobbing. Spread the word.
  10. Yes, absolutely! However when making camping reservations you will want to consider Friday night the 9th and Saturday night the 10th. But you are right. The main event will be on Saturday, June 10th Thanks for your comment. Walt
  11. Tentative dates have been set for GEO JAMBOREE 4 JUNE 9-10, 2006 And as you have all requested, it will be held at Kettletown State Park in Connecticut. See last year's event page (GCN6ZT) for details on the location. New caches, new games, - with the imagination and enthusiasm of our committee members and cache setters in the past, it will surely be bigger and better than ever! I will watch this thread for a week or so to see response to the dates chosen, then will lock them in. Please do not start making reserevations until then. Walt
  12. There is no time like the present to start my preparations for Geo Jamboree 4. And I am hoping to avoid a big problem that we had at Geo Jamboree 3 - campsites! Everyone seems to want to go back to Kettletown. We occupied 25 sites and many were doubled up. It would not surprise me if we went to 35 or 40 sites next year. I am told that there is no way for me to reserve a block of campsites for all of us, but you can reserve your site 11 months in advance. I will be posting a new thread, or renew this one, as early as possible next year so we can all get a site. Jump when you see it. It would be really nice if we could all be together. I am already looking for new ideas to make it bigger and better. Walt
  13. I recently set a cache in a NY State Park and the permit process is simple and costs nothing. they just want to know what is in their park, that's all. Perhaps someone else might want to adopt them and go through the permit process. If the caches are worth it, and from what I read they are, it's worth the trouble. Walt
  14. As organizer of the "Geo Jamboree" that I saw mentioned a few times, I am all too aware of the need for support from our fellow cachers in order to run an event like this. I would therefore like to offer two things in order to help with this event. 1) I will make one of my big maps of the area with all the caches on it as I am accustomed to making for local events up here. 2) I will help with preparation of a group breakfast if you are planning that route (in a central location or in the dining hall if the kitchen will be available to us). My specialty is pancakes of all kinds. This is a great idea and I am anxious to see it become a reality. Walt
  15. Yes, I agree that locationless caches were a great addition to geocaching and their loss is our loss. I also believe it is a data base problem as their could be no other explanation. Glowstick had asked me the same question and while searching for caches by Anton (whose caches I enjoyed) I noticed that most of them have been archived. Does anyone know of some good ones that are left so we could both enjoy them? Walt
  16. Thank you CO_admin for your specific responce without emotional context. I do appreciate it. OK, I used the wrong term. (adopt) Since the only reason stated for not approving it was that I was not in a position to check on it, I would asume that another local cacher could take the information and list it as his own cache. I will certainly share any info on the site as I really do think it is worth it. Again, I ask if anyone would like to create this cache? I will clarify its location with CO_admin as he has a few questions about it.
  17. I recently returned home from a 2-week vacation out West. My wife and I did the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, Lake Powell, Zion, Las Vegas, Yosemite and Death Valley. What a fantastic trip! And on the whole trip we had our own personal tour guide - Geocaching. Although my wife sat in the car patiently at first, while I stumbled over rocks in the hot desert sun, she later came to appreciate the places that Geocaching was bringing us to - the unknown views, the secret little waterfalls, and the places of historical interest that are not in any tour books. I would like to thank all those cachers who take the extra time to place their caches at points of interest or great views that make the journey more than just an accumulation of numbers. I would also like to suggest that anyone going on a trip take time to download those caches along your route that look interesting, and that will ADD to your trip. Be careful, however, not to turn your vacation into a geocaching frenzie. Thanks again to all of you for being our tour guide. Walt & Irene
  18. I am truly surprised at the negative responces I have received on this topic. Apparently western cachers think a lot differenlty than we do here in the east. First of all, I did communicate with with CO_admin's superior and she told me that the only real issue on vacaction cache is that they must be removeable is requested by the land owner. Obviously, the frist geocacher who came upon the site and was not able to find it, would be reason enough to archive it. As far as Wow factor, you've got to be kidding me. Try standing on that spot and tell me it doesn't have wow factor. Let's please get some positive feedback on this. If you want to take over the cache, let me know. It is deffinately worth keeping as are all the other virtuals on the south rim.
  19. While on a recent visit to the Grand Canyon I found a number of caches along the South Rime that proved to be an excellent tour guide. I saw a need for one on the eastern end of the rim (none there) and created the virtual GCK6BK. However, the CO_admin, in all his questionable wisdom, feels he cannot approve it as the stone structure with the sign, or the Grand Canyon itself might move and I cannot check on it daly from CT. Where do they get these people? If a local cacher to the area would like to adopt this one I will gladly turn it over along with the answers to the verification questions. Walt
  20. Those of you who joined us last year know what a great event this can be - even in the pouring rain Hopefully the weather will be bertter this year. We are planning lots of games for everyone, lots of caches, and a special event. Be sure to check out GCHYJZ. I have been to a number of your out-of-CT events and met some great geocachers. I hope you will come up and join us.
  21. Thanks for the offers of help. We now have the Food Committee headed up by Planet and the Cache Committee headed by CT Trampers Ctgeocacher has also offered to be on the Training Committee. Fantastic! We are off to a great start. Walt
  22. Thanks, Briansnat for forwarding the message. Yes, your geography is correct. I was just trying to save space. Hmmm, time really. It gets a little cunfusing replying to both pages so I will do so by e-mail when I see a posting. Please remember to give you team name. And thanks for the early responces. It looks like we are off to a great start. Walt geojamboree@aol.com Walt
  23. Please see the posting for this event in the New England listings. Walt
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