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  1. I am one that plans for everything, if I can. I have already paid for my grave site and have a pre-payment savings plan in effect for services for me and my wife. Having struggled with organizing, paying for services, and helping out with after-death family and property issues I know the worth of pre-planning. When I order my stone, it is my hope that I can have the maker cut an opening in the back and place a small door in it where a small cache can be hidden. With Geocaching being such a big part of my life, and the closeness I have had with many geocaching friends I have made over the years, it would please me to know that some geo-footsteps were trotting around overhead enjoying the hunt. Perhaps you will hear my voice from beyond saying "Well done. You found it" Now I just have to get the cemetery and the stone maker to agree with it. But this is me.... and perhaps not everyone's cup of tea. Let the game continue.... forever and ever. Walt
  2. I had to read through your post several times to understand where you are going... it is a little confusing. In the first place, an event must have enough caches in the area to bring people there. So make sure there are other caches nearby, or make each of the planets a real cache. Without a cache of some sort you are talking about "Virtuals" which are no longer allowed. If this game is just part of an event then it sounds like great fun. But I would hand out all the coordinates first. I wanted to do the same thing in my home town but it is spread out over several miles and some of the planets are in elementary schools. Caches are forbidden there. Good luck with it.
  3. I don't really care or know who is avid about his cache maintenance and who is not, or for that matter what kind of cache it is... even those little nanos that I hate so much. I always have with me enough supplies to even replace an entire cache is needed, thin slips of paper with scissors for those nanos and several log books. It is what I do. It is who I am. Something about "do unto others..." I know I have several caches that are not easy for me to get to and I greatly appreciate it when someone else helps me out. I don't expect a "Thank You" but it is nice to get it when it comes. I will continue to do so, always.
  4. I am one of those who have actually had the police help me find the cache and were delighted to be asked to join the hunt. Every year when I organize a geocaching event I hand out slips of poster board with the following on it to be placed in the windshield. GEOCACHE RETRIEVAL VEHICLE The driver of this vehicle is involved in a Geocaching activity. This may include off-road retrieval of caches and locating USGS geodetic survey markers. This vehicle is parked here temporarily, and the driver is nearby. For more information on Geocaching, visit www.geocaching.com If you want the actual color file I will be glad to send it to you. I just don't now of any way to place it in this response. I also have an educational notice that I hand out to police and police stations that shows different kinds of caches that might be found by them and explains what they are for. Again, if you would like them, e-mail me.
  5. I agree with the original topic suggestion - start distant and work toward home. But for those of us who have been around for a while we have mostly done all the caches close to home. I know that is the case with me. The only way I do any caching now (and that is hardly ever any more) is if it is on the way to some location (great opportunity for new caches) or if I can grab a bunch of them in one trip. Although I love the more challenging ones with mountain top views, I can no longer afford to spend a day trip on one or two great caches. I will not give up, however, I just plan better.
  6. I have to agree with those who find these caches objectionable. If it had been just one cache it might be considered humorous. However, it is clear the the repeated use of these references is INTENTIONAL. This kind of thing does not belong in a family oriented sport.
  7. Another vote for CTReviewer. Not only does he take time to answer questions with real thought and suggestions, but watches the forums and makes HELPFUL comments there.
  8. I have had that happen repeatedly, and always with USPS and never with UPS or FedEx. My carrier likes to leave my packages on other peoples porches. In this case your mail carrier is incompetent. Make a formal complaint with the USPS. and do it every time it happens. With enough complaints you may be able to get this person fired and replaced with someone who reads English. This person has lied in that he/she reported it as delivered and it clearly was not. I would also, as others have suggested. report it to your vendor as they may want to change their shipping method. No wonder USPS is going broke. Who wants to use them anymore?
  9. I know your problem. I have repaired mine several times. Suggest you use a sturdy celephane tape like the kind used for sealing boxes. It might work for you. Wrap it completely around each post. Good luck Walt
  10. Why change something that works. The last change to the Geocaching.com web page has done nothing but created real problems. The zip code search no longer recognizes many zip codes The home page provides nothing of use But make it necessary to go to other pages to do a simple search. The pages will no longer print on any of my printers - only prints half the page without the coordinates or even the description that is readable. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE GO BACK TO WHAT YOU HAD.IT WORKED JUST FINE !
  11. The Crowne Plaza Hotel Has offered rooms, single or double, for $99/night. Mention Geo Jamboree when making your reservation.
  12. Just a quick note to let you know I am working on a special deal for geocachers at a local motel and should have some info in a day or two. Look for the post on the Cache Page. Walt
  13. I second the vote for Geo Jamboree (duh, of course) But I would also recommend White Memorial State Park for lots of water caches. use This link for a central location then click on Nearest Caches and you will find a bunch of them. However, due to changes in their rules on geocaches many of them have been archived. Do a last minute chek on availability before leaving.
  14. ...you have a series of large permanent bruises on your forehead from looking at your GPS and not where you are going.
  15. As a cacher with some caches not only hundreds of miles from home, but in some caces in other countries, I thought I should reply here. Some interesting points are being made. For one thing, I only set caches in locations where I frequently visit (meaning at least every few months or less). If I have a problem with one of my caches I post a note as to what the problem is and in some cases even ask for help from other cachers. The point is, I DO SOMETHING. Just recently I replaced one stage of a cache neareby my home because I knew the cacher was no longer active and I had read notes that there was a problem. I also replaced two caches in the caribbean near one of my other caches because I was going there and had read the notes. When I do this I usually send a personal note to the owner indicating that I can help if he wants me to. I have also had other cachers do the same for me. The cachers I know are always ready and willing to help each other out. (I keep an entire filled cache and log books in my swag bag just for that reason.) Again the point is, you must do something. And if you ask for help you will usually get it.
  16. 60 Left. When these are gone we will be miniting next year's coin.
  17. Thanks for your inquirery about the Jamboree. No, it is not a scouting event, however due to my backgraound as a scouter I chose the name. By usung techniques I learned from organizing scouting jamborees I have come up with outstanding committees that have turned this into a highly successful event. This last Jamboree had a campfire on Saturday night (no, they would not let me sing Kum-by-ya ) that was a big hit, with a band some some good old fachioned skits.
  18. Sorry for the delay on the image. Yes - generic icon Walt
  19. These coins were manufactured for the Geo Jamboree 5 in western Ct. There were only 250 made and these are those which are left over after the event. Proceeds from sales go to improve next year's Jamboree Antique Bronze 1 5/8" Dia. Trackable - standard icon Selling for $8 each plus $1.50 Shipping and handling. Outside US contact for shipping rates. Paypal - "Geojamboree@aol.com"
  20. I own the Magellan Sportrak Pro and love it. But I have had problems with customer support. I had a broken face plate and asked if I could buy a new one and install it myself. Void the warenty...who cares? It's already beyond warenty. But they would not sell me the part but insisted I send it in for repair ($50) I made a new faceplate myself and seald it up just fine. I just recently broke the battery holder. Same story. Send it in for repair but will not sell me the $2 part. ($60 this time) I fixed it myself. Fotrunately I can do these things. But let's face it, customer service stinks. But the unit itself is great. I have proven its accuracy down to perfection with a surveyor-installed monument. And its huge on-board memory lets me download many states at once. However, listening to all points of view, this year at the Geo Jamboree we will be giving away a Garmin and not the usual Magellan.
  21. Getting back to the base topic - cahces in National Parks - can someone offer some help with this problem? I have several caches in the Virgin Islands, one of which is in the National Park area of St. John. I, and several other cachers I know, have just received e-mails telling us that they will be removed. They have been there for several years. I called the number on the e-mail and spoke with a very pleasant ranger in the USVI. He sympathized with the problem, as his own father owns a cache here in CT, but was somewhat hand-tied as to what he could do. The rules say "no personal property shall be left on National Park property." However, he says he is open to discussion. I will personally be seeing him next year. OK, So what can we do about it? I would think that we, collectively, make up a pretty big lobby. I am sending him the forms and regulations used by NY State Parks that require us to register our caches with them and have its location and hiding style approved. That's fine. I have done that with one of mine in NY. I have also mentioned that MANY geocachers visit these parks solely for the purpose of finding a cache and usually leave comments like "What a great park." and " Glad you brought me here.". And isn't that what it is all about...getting people into the parks? I know there must be guidelines to protect our parks. I accept these willlingly. Someone mentioned that some park rangers have the right to approve caches on their own. Can you give references to that? I would really like to pursue this on behalf of all of us and I would appreciate some contacts or references that might help us all. Walt
  22. Campsite map is up. Be sure to visit the link above for latest campsite availability. We already own 30% of the camp. Don't wait too long.
  23. Geo Jamboree 5 has had the dates set at June 9-10, 2007 and campsites at Kettletown State Park are already filling up. Please check the New England forum http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=136318 for updates and campsite bookings and make your replies there. For those of you who are new to this event, please check GCT29Y for last year's event. See you there. Walt
  24. Just a reminder to check the New England forum for this topic to get the latest info on the Jamboree. Walt
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