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  1. I believe Ohio has a trail in Ashland county (I have not done that yet) as well as a nicely maintained trail from Mansfield. Also it's not an official Geo trail, but the NWOGeo group has a trail along the Wabash Cannonball Trail. There aren't any rewards for these trails. Just getting out and experiencing some beautiful parts of Ohio-which to me is enough.
  2. I have the Explorist GC and like it. It us very easy to load the Caches if you have a premium membership to GC.com. I run a PQ of the Caches I have not found in the area, content the gps to the computer and drag the file to the unit. If I remember correctly, there is another way to load them too. I don't think I have ever loaded caches by route, so I can't answer that one. There is an option to find the next closest cache. The map took a little getting used to since I loved the satellite feature of my not so smart phone. In my area (NW Ohio mostly) the rivers and streams, cemetery, park, and school boundaries are marked. They are not the satellite view though. I ultimate use both my phone and the GC. My phone is usually used only to get me near gz since the GC does not do turn by turn directions. The battery life depends on the batteries. My mega pack from the discount store lasts a few hours, but the lithium energizer gets about 16 hours-well worth the extra money.
  3. I updated my gc just over a month ago. I wanted to get a feel for it before I said anything, but I don't think it's quite right. I have had a lot of problems with the receiver showing which direction I am heading. At first I called it up to power lines or being close enough to the cache. However, today I wasn't near any power lines, walking due west (or pretty darn close) and the unit showed me in every direction except. This wouldn't be too bad except the tracking, that I can't turn off his along with the jumping icon. So now after a few hundred feet of walking, I have a big blob on my map. I haven't gotten used to the dash board yet. And since it's all over the map is usually how I know where to go. I have to turn the tracking off after each find, and any time I go off the map. So if I set my route then check the details, I have to turn the tracks off again. My last 'major' issue is my PQ does not load completely. I was it today and 2 of the 4 caches I loaded to navigate on my phone, weren't in the GPS. I used the same PQ to load both devices. These are issues I didn't have with the unit before update. When I updated the GPS in March I had a few issues. Originally, after the update I had a white screen with words at the top. There were 4 words, but I can't remember what they were. After the fourth attempt to install the update, it worked. I don't know if that's my problem, or if I am doing something wrong. Anyone else have that problem? Oh, and how many waypoints are allowed now? It seems like I always have the limit.
  4. I have asked permission for every cache I have placed. I contacted our city park department. They have been great to work with. Now, I just give them a heads up on where I have a cache hidden. the other places I contact at a time that isn't a peak time. Usually when you give a brief explanation of what you want to do you'll find out who you have to talk to. I would rather ask permission and get denied than to have a negative effect on geocaching. I also have made my local police department aware of the new hides. I can't say that has always worked well for me, lol
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