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  1. It would make for a cool virtual cache. i.e. Log a find in the hotspot you're in. Legal open access hotspots only. No pay to surf spots. Wouldn't want to give McD any more of my hard earned.
  2. I use an iron for small id size laminates but for A4 it's not very reliable as the plastic crinkles up. Nice to know laminators are getting to be a good price though.
  3. When I'm with the kids I just say they chucked a tennis ball and we're looking for it. As for signing the log book I find a place to sit as though resting and taking in the view. What happens if someone finds a tennis ball I haven't thought about!
  4. It's a pity there can't be two levels of hints. The first being helpful but nothing too specific. Then another level when all hope is lost.
  5. I've finally uploaded the pictures from the cache cam. They can be found at gc60b8 page If you recognise yourself then send me some text and I'll ammend the page. Enjoy
  6. I've finally uploaded the pictures from the camera in Wanna Pinna's Cottage. They can be viewed at gc60b8 page If you recognise yourself then drop me a line and I'll ammend the text accordingly. Enjoy.
  7. I downloaded a suitable free font off the web. Printed what I wanted onto a transparency then cut the letters. I then sprayed a very small amount of photo adhesive on the back to "hold" it to the surface to be sprayed then sprayed the colour I wanted. The stencil gets a bit messy after one or two applications but can be wiped clear. As the layers builds up it gets stronger. The only problem I had was the cross bar in letter A's that are quite small so cut them to be bigger than printed. Oh, the other problem was over spray which resulted in the garden bench now having silver patches.
  8. Would it be possible to try and identify the type of cache from the reference. Rather than just use GCxxxx for any type of geocache use GYxxxx where the Y stands for the different type of cache. I ask as I sometimes arrive at a location and search for the nearest cache without any other detail than that loaded into my Garmin Legend. I have a search only to find when I get back to a computer that it was a virtual cache after all. That way I can download all caches in an area but ignore any while on the road that aren't what I'm looking for. GC = Traditional cache GV = Virtual cache GM = Multiple (with something at each point) GQ = Question type (multiple or single) GU = Micro cache GL = Locationless GF = Found Cache (dynamically generated on search) Any more ideas?
  9. I’ve just spent three weeks in Cornwall and have 11 logs to enter at some stage but have been requested by various members of TeamS-J to mention the quality or rather the lack in quality of some of the caches. Grandma S-J complains that the stuff I put in is far too good compared with the stuff the kids take out. I’m starting to see her point. One cache had a half a crab shell in it, or it would have been half a crab shell but by the time the lid was pressed down it was lots of bits of a crab shell. Another example was a series of post cards with a peg attached. I have also come across countless breakfast cereal plastic tat or half broken toys. On the other hand, another cache had a Mighty Bean in it, this was small cheap but oh so desirable to a six year old. It’s the “hidden (geo) treasure(cache)” that gets the kids out there, I just wish it didn’t involve so much tat. For tat also include broken, dirty, used, copied(tapes & cd’s), cheap, useless, pointless, out of date, contrary to guidelines.
  10. In line with our other great interest we always try to leave a Lego Key Ring. It used to be Johnny Thunder the Adventurer but I picked up a couple of the "Brickster" last time we went to Legoland. While finding Argal Lake during the summer we came across a Johnny Thunder that had been picked up from Zone Point. So there are about 6 Johnny Thunder Key Rings and just one Brickster out there at the moment. I was surprised to see that I could fit one of these into a micro cache! (just)
  11. I've a Honda Transalp. I got my gps for greenlaning then found out about geocaching. I used the handle bar mount for my Legend that sits by the left grip. It's at a bit of an angle but works fine. I have used it to geocache but I usually find wearing biker gear and hunting through bushes for caches looks rather odd!
  12. Why not do something like the www.confluence.org project and only have one log per trig point. That way it all comes under one virtual log with a single log for every trig point. As a first come first log process. I only suggest this as I had a first at Ye Ole Survey Monuments - Walton Hill. April 2 by Team S-J I even uploaded a photo. So that's me started! As to how to regulate having only one log per trig point is another matter. Any takers?
  13. Yup same problem different car. 'er indoors has a Vauxhall Sintra that has a metallised screen so reception is poor at the centre of the dash. The side windows are okay so I lock on at the side then move my eTrex Legend more centrally hoping not to loose too many sats. My Ford Cougar is okay. The Sintra is due to be replaced with a Galaxy so it would seem to be doomed to drop outs.
  14. "Scarfields Dingle" GC58D2 near Alvechurch is next to a canal and the boat yard is close that has just opened a pub! "Frank" GC29B6 north of Cambridge is just off the canal. Good Pub (The Bridge) just up the road. No idea what canals these are near but Alvechurch isn't that far from the Oxford area.
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