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  1. Is there a way of hiding my cache stats. I'm a rather casual cacher who would rather enjoy the experience of caching rather than see the number of caches done. People cache for lots of different reasons and I wouldn't want to change that. But I'd like to hide the quantity of caches I've done.
  2. Try the New Forest. We went last september. If the weather is good you can be on the coast. If not then head for the forest. Lots of proper caches. We stayed in a lodge at the Hoborne site in Bashley. Hope that helps.
  3. Another two pennyworth. Our signature item is a little wooden ladybird. I see them as additional items that can be swapped etc. i.e. If we swap a couple of items we will also add the sig item. Personally I see calling cards as litter. Assuming everyone leaves a calling card then what happens when the cache is full? (no answers required)
  4. YOSM was my first cache back in April 2002! If I come across it again I'd certainly log it although only while it's active. i.e if I happen to by where it was or have been to where it is now I wouldn't log it.
  5. Please come back soon. For downloading UK waypoints it's the best. Now if when downloading it could mix the cache type in the GCxxxx name......
  6. Slightly off topic but the best value I've had out of Tesco Clubcard Points was at Airkix in Milton Keynes. They work out at £4 for each £1 of voucher. Some of Team S-J can be seen flying at www.sayce-jones.co.uk/robin/video/airkixrobin.mpg (4MB) also www.sayce-jones.co.uk/jonathan/video/airkixjon.mpg (4MB) We can't wait to try it again.
  7. I know it's my choice what cache I do. Take for example a local cache "The Unfortunate Street Names Set: 1 (Pestilence) by mumbo jumbo (GCYF91)". Now do a search of all caches near this location. It's a fair way down this list before you find a cache that you can go out with the co-ords given and find and "cache". So anyone who just has co-ords of caches in the area in their GPS can't cache while out and about. Some people like to research caches before heading out. Some people like to spend the day doing multi's. Some people just want the numbers. I'll do most types given the time to prepare for a trip. Sometimes thoug hI'm in an area I haven't been to before and my MIO has all the UK caches listed but only as co-ords. I've now started saving them to my MIO under different catorgories so I know if it's worth that 5 mile detour off the Motorway. From a similar thread currently running there are plenty of people who filter out caches. All I was trying to get over was the difficulty in just having co-ords in your gps. I also mentioned my kids. The kids do like a proper cache. They may not do any swaps but the rummage is generally the thing. I wish I hadn't proffered an opinion now.
  8. Quality over quantity every time. It would also be a great improvement if the types were categorised more effectively. With the number of multi's ever increasing and having two kids with whom it's hard enough to get out for the walk the prospect of a multi fills everyone in our household with dread. It's also no longer the case of loading up the gps and going out as invariably once in the vicinity you find it's a multi and without the paper work or mobile internet it gets abandoned. I've started to filter out the caches so I only carry traditional caches and leave the multi's for specific visits. And don't get me started on micro caches.....
  9. Last weekend we found a cache on a wall 300m away from the co-ords. We think it was found by someone who decided to leave it rather than trash it, remove it or put it back. As the cache was complete we put it back. So it's not all bad news.
  10. I'd add all the different ways of caching. Caching for free i.e. no gps, caching on a shoestring, caching with more technology than you can carry, night caching, caching with non cachers, top ten reasons for explaining why you're ferreting around some bush somewhere, caching with kids, what to always have handy in the car for unexpected caching opportunities, lists of all the various types of mud, brambles, venomous insects. As for who'd be interested just google "Places to Hide Dixe Wills"
  11. I live at one mentioned Lickey End. However I do like Pink Green which isn't far away.
  12. Micros are generally geocaching without the caching bit. Being a location, location, contents kind of cacher I'd rather they had there own classification and were not listed. It's supposed to be geocaching not geosigning. So I vote against.
  13. Being the UK's slowest cacher I'd suggest the New Forest. Did 9 in one weekend with some fabulous walks.
  14. Don't worry most of them won't be worth visiting and those that are are probably micro's. Disillusioned of Bromsgrove
  15. Saw one a few years ago. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?LU...da-c3e484728d22 A debate raged over whether or not the cache was accessable with a snake on the rock but it slithered off in the opposite direction. So we were safe to stick our hand in the hidey hole. ;-)
  16. Thanks for the reassurances. Whenever I've cached with friends I nearly always let them sign the log on behalf of Team S-J. So in theory if they start caching they are entitled to log the find while I was merely a bystander. Just joking. I'll point him in the direction of these replies and let him log the finds without fear of guilt or being reprimanded. I get the feeling once they start on their own they will quickly pass my meagre find number.
  17. I've been caching on and off for a couple of years, either on my own up to 14 of us on one occasion. One of our friends who came with us last week, when we found three caches, has since joined in their own right. Is it the done thing for them to log those finds prior to having their own account. In fact they were present at some of my earlier caches so could probably log up to about 10 caches. It sort of seems like maybe they should start from scratch but on the other hand why not allow them to log finds as part of our team. Opinions?
  18. Me thinks on a recent caching expedition I found....an old cache. It appears the original cache was deemed to have gone AWOL. It was replaced by the owner in a slightly different location. For reasons I won't go into I had the new co-ords but the old clues. Having given up looking for something which was there but nothing nowhere near the clue we carried on walking to another cache nearby. On the way we saw what looked like a location that the first clue described and there we were. Looking at a cache that had been lost and is now found. I contacted the owner with the co-ords and hopefully it will be looked after in the correct manner. The TB I found in it was well happy to be moved on after 12 months in the wilderness. So the oddest thing I ever found while caching was a cache!
  19. Spelling, typo or grammar? Typo's are just life. I try to spell check first but as has been pointed out it's not easy to read ones own work. I have heard that reading stuff backwards helps as the brain doesn't fill in the gaps so much. Spelling only confuses if the message gets mistaken. It would be nice to be able to spell everything correctly but sometimes we err. Grammar. Firstly I'd like to say I went to a Comprehensive school in the 70’s so grammar wasn't seen as being a big issue. It is. I quite concur with some others here who really get riled by the lack of capital letters and the use of i rather than I. I don't know why it gets to me but it does. The language used in the UK has changed over the centuries and no doubt it will change again. But what happens when text-speak is the norm? When my 10 year old chats to his mates online I do wonder what is a spelling mistake and what is text-speak. I have come across another text point. If you sawp the mlddie lrettes of a scnetnee anuord the biarn can ullausy raed tgnihs qtiue qlkciuy. Tub fi ouy tsuj paws srettel dnuora ti si redrah ot daer. Go figure
  20. Much like golf, it's a good walk spoilt!
  21. Having looked at a few logs I'm surprised that there aren't many photos attached. With everyone seeming to have camera phones nowadays it's a shame there aren't more views from caches. Especially when the logs mention what a lovely spot it may be. I always like to see photos from my own cache as the view changes so much throughout the year. So come on everyone, snap away.
  22. I saw my kids playing this game the other day http://www.bbc.co.uk/cbbc/games/games/compass.shtml It's not very hard and only takes a few minutes but does show why a map and a compass help you find places.
  23. Write what you want but if you want to make caching an experience and not just a numbers thing then write something in the log book, swap something and write about the experience. We always have a quick look through the log book while we're at the site. Swap something. I've started, to my shame, TNLNing when I'm on my own but it wouldn't be called caching if there wesn't anything cached at the site. So again if you want to make the caching an experience rather than just a numbers thing then swap something. Preferrably trade up and no McD stuff please! Finally the log. I'm with the others who say the more interesting the location, the search or the cache itself then write about it. Especially if it involves brambles, nettles or just plain effort of finding the cache. Also log those DNF's. Apparently some don't log DNF's I can't understand that. With the amount of effort it takes to get 'er indoors and the kids out caching even if we don't find anything it's worth a mention. It also helps indicate to the owner if the cache may have been trashed. Although it makes you look pretty stupid when the next cacher finds it easy peasy.
  24. In fact you don't even need to be a premium member. That's the process I've been using. POI Handler allows you to either autosync with their web site and/or sync locally. Syncing locally is okay but why drive when you can fly. The only fly in the ointment is the number of caches that use quotes in their name which upsets the asc format needed for POIWarner on my MIO 269+.
  25. Hi, I've been using POI Handler in my MIO269+ for various POI's. One of which is the Geocaching POI's they have on their site. As of last night there were about 5500 Geocaching POI's listed out of a possible 10588(ish). As you can only upload 10 at a time without contacting POIHandler.com uploading 5000+ POI's isn't really a good option. The Geocaching POI's are also in a bit of a mess. There is a root directory of Geocaching POI's then more in various country names and another under geocaching.com. Now here's the crunch. Anyone using POIHandler and the geocaching option would probably be a cacher (duh!) and may monitor this forum. If so would anyone object to me contacting POIHandler and uploading the latest full list from geocacheuk and putting it in the root of the UK list of Geocaches. That way the list will be fairly complete and only some maintenance would be required. Although it may be better to just upload a full list each month as caches are archived etc. Of course if someone from geocacheuk would like to ......... Any opionions or suggestions? Robin of Team S-J
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