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  1. I just came here to post the exact same thing. On the PDF for the one I am looking at doing (GCVWKR) the cache has numerous additional waypoints, but the PDF dispays a blank page instead. This is especially annoying when there are so many additional waypoints to consider.
  2. I am STUNNED that you posted this today. My girlfriend and I have spent the weekend geocaching and discussed this very idea. I just came to this section to post the idea, and here it was! After caching for a bit we started to recognize some of the local names and thought it would be neat to read about their adventures and what they were planning. The logs are nice, but hardly tell the whole story of a day of caching, or looking for a place to set up a new one. I would LOVE to have this feature - perhaps if cost is an issue for the site it could be available to premium members. I would even be willing to pay a little more for a premium package to make this function happen.
  3. Now that we have Google Maps, this is a great idea.
  4. YES! I am in Toronto, too, and noticed that Google Earth is off by about 100 meters for all the caches. I was wondering if it was because Google Earth uses a different default format than the one we use or something? Does anyone else notice this, or is it a Toronto thing?
  5. I thought it was a great idea until I saw the age range was 1-27. I'm 30 and thought I was part of the young crowd! Congrats, Bandgeek - I went to Ottawa U as well. I lived in Brooks res for a few years. Ottawa is a great school.
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