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  1. Boy...people out in LA can be pretty touchy I guess we in Michigan have a thick skull because we can say trash and the owners hardly bat an eye. My advice is "whatever" and just forget about it
  2. no worry...just in over a year...been stopped 12 times. Reason... most of the time I was in cemetaries.... it is already suspicius for the cops to see a car with two guys in it way in the back with the car running my age...looks like a trouble maker half of the time...out of the state....for some cop...why would somebody from Michigan be way in the background in Kentucky doing nothing. I alway tells the truth and show the the gps or the cache if it is close by. Most of the time, they just nod and run down my licease....to see if I have a felon or something. Once...one guy had me get out of the car so he can search it (I think it was an illlegal search but did not want to complain because I did nothing wrong). It was because I was nearby a construction site and it was robbed the day before so they thought I was coming back for more things. My favorite comment from a cop... from Kentucky cop "what ya doing out here" me "walking my dog on the trail" while pointing at my dog in the seat next to me. cop "don't you have any places to walk in Michigan" good point.... so...what I'm saying is...GOOD that they asks...that show they are doing their job and if you did nothing wrong, what do you have to worry about.
  3. you might be a cacher... -you are known to drive hundreds of miles just to find a tubberware in a forest -you give people presents from thing you find in an ammo box -get up at crack at dawn to find something outside (but would not get up to go to work) -people ask direction to your house..."oh it is at North 42 53.888 West 085 12.677 -people ask for direction to a park..."oh it is at North 42 22.075 West 085 15.667 -if the only thing you talk about is tubberware...ammo box....a hole in tree...gps -you drive to your friend's house and make a detour because there is a nano nearby
  4. Yup...it got stolen after one more person found it after me...it had a great view of a baseball field.
  5. nope...it is same here. I never pay for it and rather put it somewhere else like my front yard.
  6. I'm a caver and my buddies calls me a cave-rat since me as a 6 footer can somehow fit in holes that are rat size.
  7. um...that is great. I'm deaf too and live in Michigan..um doubt that I'm the only deaf cacher from Michigan...maybe in my home town yes since I'm almost about the only cacher. However, I don't go around SCREAMING MY HEAD OFF like you. Even after finding a good number of caches. Also not only you ard deaf but also a bad speller.
  8. My opinion.... A popular cache can be a few different things....I know different part of the country geocachers has different idea of caches worthwhile In my area.....popular (it does not have to be that well-liked) -very close to exit of freeways tends to get many hits...rarely less than 1 a week...with 2 a day norm -reststops almost alway get a hit every day....people gotta go so they will stop there anyway -logs...some people like to read other people logs...if it has a lot of great storys....people tends to come by just so they know what people like about it -series tends to get hits a lot.... it give people a goal to reach..."complete the whole series" -sometime just the geocacher's reputation....some cacher here rarely put out caches but when they do....very clever and fun - also belive it or not...sudoku puzzle can be popular....it a fun game either as a muggle or a cacher ....just my opinion.
  9. Bingo!...That helps I know my enjoyment does. Take me to a crappy spot and I won't be a happy camper and the hider gets a short log. Take me to a great spot and I'll write a long appreciative log! amen!
  10. REALLY! For a while I thought it was my internet connection (it is DSL)....oh well, I figure the new DSL was faster than when I had the stupid dial-up---- thanks for bring this out....hope it will be faster
  11. amen...I'm with you... the only reason I would want to be a reviewer is to get the answer to those annoying puzzles caches ...in my area there is WAY too many...otherwise...no other reason...too busy
  12. Yawn. Pedestrian. Blasé Snorefest Quaint Tribble (as in from “the trouble with tribbles maybe spelled wrong but means ‘there are so freaking meany of these things we should round them up and kill them all). Nobody came up with DPM? did anybody say stupid.... idioty.... (I know that is not a word...but it sounds good)
  13. .5 miles for me, some of my cacher friends alway go for the closest from home, while I like virtuals, earthcaches, and getting all the counties of Michigan. Oh yeah also I search on the gps for the biggest clumps of caches...20 caches in one mile range.
  14. Ohhhh thousands of reason...just to get out of the house, learn more about my state of Michigan, meet new people (I'm normally shy) and my favorite is...I hate exercise and even hate the word "exercise" so geocaching my form of exercise with a bonus on the end...if you can find it of course...oh yeah I exercise by going caving and sailing. I have heard from some people that geocaching actually saved their marriage because the couples found a hobby that they BOTH loved doing together so they now take walks together (caching or not) and they work together without having to fight.
  15. My garmin 60cs is a tough workhorse. I tries hard to keep it in a good shape. Even still I once dropped it 50 feet onto a sidewalk when I was looking for a cache in a tree. The only thing it did was it turned itself off. AND I would like to hear more about somebody's gps getting....run over from truck and still was able to get a new one....in that case, I will go outside I put it under my truck JUST so I can have some thing "new" Just kidding!
  16. I love caching during the winter because the bugs, weeds, poison ivy, ticks, muggles, and anything we all hate to come across is gone. The downside around here is some caches can be covered in 5 feet of snow. Otherwise I also like fall because the leaf colors changes are very pretty.
  17. well I have to say...who I'm talking to- a scary looking kid or a nice granny or a cop. If it is a law enforcement, I alway tell the truth- in most case, they just say ok and drives on but other time they ask for my driver licease and they run it on their computer and just hand it back to me with a ok. But if it is a kid of any kind, I caches alone a lot so often I runs into kids in lonely area so it is best for me to walk away if I see kids since being alone with a gps and pocket pc- I can get muggled. But other times when people asks, I usually gives excuses like, - I'm just walking- what are you doing - what do you care - minding my own business - waiting for a friend - answering your stupid question - say "what" (they ask the same question) "I say "what" again ---usually after the second or third "what" they say "never mind" and walk away fast (it works best for me since I'm deaf and they can see my hearing aid) - I'm collecting (whatever is common in the area like rocks or leaf) for my school project if it is a kid, I just give him a cold serious stare, and say "do you REAAALLLY" want to know?" The BEST excuse for me is get on my cell and pretend to be talking to somebody while walking away
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