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  1. I'm a newbie I have a question about TB's I know the idea is for them to travel somewhere specific (sometimes) my qustion is if i find one that has a specific location like California and I am in Michigan and we are going to North Carolina on vacation would it be wrong to take it with us since it's the opposite way of California? Isn't the purpose to have it travel as much as possible? I don't want anyone to get mad at me either. I want to do it right. Thaks for all these question's and answers I did learn alot.
  2. Shrink the mission statement within your "print preview" option before printing it. Any size you want! I do this for my travellers. This suggestion was not one for me, but for new geocachers. I am offering this is a suggestion for those people (and there are many) who may not be familiar or comfortable with altering their mission sheets themselves. Simple logic: offering a service like mission sheet printing isn't really a helpful service when your sheet is 20 times larger than your bug. Hence my suggestion for "cache reade" documentation.
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