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  1. YES! Please GS disassociate FB!
  2. I wouldn't log a find here, i'd post a needs maintenance and email the CO. If you placed a cache in that state would it be ok to let everyone log as found? No i think, there was no log book and the contents are scattered. Think about it, the cache wasn't a cache, it was a bunch of stuff that used to be the cache, the cache wasn't in a findable state in my opinion. Just because you found the location doesn't mean you completed a find. The cache was out of action, so you didn't find it. But if that's a find to you then however you want to play the game is up to you i guess.
  3. That's not completely true. If it has a valid email it is until it is no longer validated. Or if the the find is of a cache where the CO is no longer active. From the Help Center (bolding mine): But as I said it's not completely true or I wouldn't be jellis I would still be jellis50. The name jellis was taken and used and I did not contact the owner of the name. Interesting....
  4. I am doing, thats why I didn't log it as found. I was just curious, thats why I was asking. Good form
  5. Nope, no signy no findy, c'mon , play the game, you find the cache, you sign the log, you report a find, simple. IMO. See this recent Log i made. Will return for a find.
  6. Actually that's not a bad point! For most people though i think it's just the way of things that they make finds first then are inspired to do a hide, that's how it happened with me anyway.
  7. Ooooohhh good question!!! Counting back i had 33 finds before i hid my first cache. I contacted a seasoned local geocacher for a few tips and hid an average sized traditional 1D/2T cache. It's not had any favourites but it's still out there and gets some good comments.
  8. With that bit more detail, I'm definitely leaning towards it being an Unknown (Puzzle) cache. A Multi-cache, from my perspective, doesn't get all that involved. It would be a "go here, get some more coords, go there, get more coords, find the final" sort of thing. Having to solve "field puzzles" and get an object takes it just that much past a regular multicache, and into "Puzzle" territory. Just my two cents. Your reviewer's opinion will count for a lot more. B. IMO it's not a "field puzzle", the answering questions bit was done from the listing. You know those offsets where you have to get some co-ords off a plaque or whatever? I've seen those listed as plain old multis many times and they have more than a "field" element than this for sure.
  9. why? Don't give these guys an inch by trying to understand them! It was outrageous what they did! Some people have no respect.
  10. I actually agree to some extent with the OP. Recently whilst sorting by favourites and looking at the placed date, the top favourite scorers were those of tested time, some new caches pick up favourites QUICK, and have a high find to favourite ratio. In these circumstances they obviously have something special. Obviously there must be systems in place to catch the "1 log / 1 favourite" phenomenon, but i think this could be done effectively, something along the lines of (and don't kill me for this) (favourites/finds)/time.
  11. Hi all, not sure if this is right place or whether this has been discussed before so please forgive and ignore if so. A feature i'd really like to see in the GS mobile app would be an actual direction pointer instead of just a blue dot showing where i am. I used to use C:Geo before and this was a great feature that allowed you to very quickly orient yourself and get on the trail to the cache.
  12. Swag placed in the cache after the hide is not the CO's fault. Why can't you take out the offending item? Exactly! Just take it out if you think it's unsuitable. Unless it's part of the cache of course, then you'd have to contact the CO if you disagreed.
  13. I can't agree with this, although i don't dispute that people may have different experiences. I use a phone as my primary device and i would say 95% of the time it puts me right on the cache (excluding bad co-ords). i have also placed all my caches with said phone and had no complaints about bad co-ords, in fact on the contrary, people have complimented on the "spot on co-ords". I just take multiple reading from different approaches and even sometimes on different days. All for the price of a geoapp and a premium membership, bargain
  14. I put small FTF congratulations cards in my caches which are big enough to acomodate them. Other than that a few nick nacks for the kids from hawkins bizzare. Regarding the OP's point: I personally don't care about swag, i used to a little when i first started but you quickly learn that that's probabaly the smallest atraction to the activity. However when i place a cache i try to stash average sized caches where i can because you still can't beat finding a decent sized cache, even if there's only a log book in it, it also gives room for a good sized log book which people area more likely to leave a few lines in. MO anyway
  15. Agree! Even if the last few feet make it unaccessible to a wheel chair, T=1.5 minimum.
  16. Really? Outrageous? This app allows me to geocache any time I want Because of this app I don't have to go out and buy an expensive gps thus allowing some people (such as you) to enter the game who previously couldn't This app hasn't increased in price in the 2.5 years I've had it, and receives constant support and upgrades. This app costs about 2 Starbucks. Think it's outrageous? Then don't buy it. Agree, it's not perfect but c'mon people, it's way less than a GPS!!
  17. Absolutely not, i've just had a micro published which i consider to be very amusing and unusual, which a lot of planning and effort went into. It's a shame though that some may miss it by mass-avoiding micros via PQ, but i don't blame them for that, it's an unfortunate consequence of all the trash micros out there.
  18. Yes absolutely, i love going over old logs. Both those i've written and those appended to my geocaches. They provide a valuable insight sometimes to help me re-rate a cache if i've rated it too easy, or if there is a lot of litter or foot tracks building up at the site, also just some good old fashioned feel good logs are good to read. I can also get a quick 'geofix' by reading logs and geocahe listings if i don't have time to go geocaching.
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